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  1. I received an email from Walter Ott just now saying it was likely I would receive an offer this afternoon. Thank. You. So. Much. @Xia1.
  2. Also, if you post about it here afterward, it'll let you feel the all-natural high that comes with people acting like you saved their first-born child. ??
  3. May I ask where you were on the wait list initially?
  4. Congratulations, and best of luck!
  5. In a surprising twist of fate, we'll be able to see who really has the dopest marble collection! (o:
  6. At noon on Sunday I intend to accept FSU's MA offer (with great jubilation). I do think I would accept the wait list offers if they were to come through; however, I have at least some reason to believe I'm not high on the list at any of those programs, so I expect I'll be in Tallahassee come August.
  7. Heard back from all the schools I applied to this cycle, so my final tally, such as it is: UC-Riverside; Notre Dame; SLU; IN-Bloomington; UVA; FSU (MA). Best of luck to everyone still waiting until Sunday. It would have been much more difficult without all of you here.
  8. I see on the Facebook group that someone was accepted off of the UVA wait list and subsequently declined the offer.
  9. May I ask what number on the wait list you were originally? Edit: Also, congratulations!
  10. Should we plan to accept offers before a certain time on the 15th?
  11. I just received that "there's a non-trivial chance we can accept you," "don't accept other offers without consulting us first" email from UVA. I know that UVA this year seemed to have a gigantic wait list. I take it this is the canned email sent to everyone on the list?
  12. I stand corrected! To whom did you write? I might inquire myself now that we're down to brass tacks. Also, congratulations on your acceptance at GSU! I remember that you had been placed on the wait list. It must have been a wonderful feeling when you received that acceptance letter!
  13. UC Riverside for me. I haven't contacted them, but a few others here have (repeatedly) attempted contact with no luck. If past records are any indication, some of these schools (Riverside for sure) send out rejections well after April 15th (very helpful -- thanks guys!). I suspect others never notify rejectees at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. To celebrate our being down to single-digit days before the 15th, I would like to invite you all to share your worst/best philosophy jokes. What do you call a bug that exists in all possible worlds? Highlight ---> A necessary weevil!! <---
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