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  1. When I visited WUSTL, it seems that there were several admitted prospects that were planning on declining their offer. But of course I can't say for sure, and I don't even know how many were admitted.
  2. Accepted WUSTL's offer. What a relief! Good luck to everyone still deciding.
  3. Email. Solicited from Forbes. He told me that I was in the middle of a very short wait-list.
  4. A bit strange. I solicited a response from CU Boulder on March 12 and was told "decisions on applications have not yet been made." Maybe I should assume rejection then.
  5. Shoot----that would be a big loss to SLU! First I'm hearing about it. Not that I'm doubting you. But now I'm going to have to contact some peeps to confirm that this is in fact true.
  6. I'm planning on accepting WUSTL's offer, and thus will be able to take classes at SLU as well---and I think I could have Haybron on my dissertation committee if I end up doing something on well-being. But yes, Haybron's great.
  7. Declined Purdue and OSU. Will be declining or taken off the wait-list at FSU, ND, MN, and SLU over the next few days.
  8. Even if ND were to make an offer, I'm going with WUSTL. Better fit. Because I didn't really consider NYU a genuine possibility, WUSTL was my number one choice going into this process.
  9. Same. As soon as I get that NYU rejection, I'll make my decision.
  10. Guess they're not planning on allowing for campus visits.
  11. Where the heck are CU-Boulder's offers? Too much weed. Smh.
  12. He didn't say. But I imagine he'll give that information later today when he contacts the rest of the wait-listed applicants.
  13. So I'm one of those who haven't heard anything back from ND. I sent the DGS there a short email asking about the status of my application and he responded confirming that I was on the waitlist. He also mentioned that he would be sending out information later today about the details of the waitlist and that he would be in constant communication with all the waitlisted applicants as the dynamics of admission unfold over the coming weeks.
  14. Rejections from Duke are out. I would have turned down the offer if they had made one. I would expect most decisions to have been released by this time next week. So. Ready.
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