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  1. Kantattheairport


    Also just got the Arizona email!
  2. Kantattheairport

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Similar to what @lurkingfaculty said, when I had to withdraw some of my apps last year I just emailed the DoA with an explanation. One of the places also had an online thing I had to fill out for the records, but if that's the case then they'll email you anyway with a reminder; the important thing I think is to let the DoA know that you won't be attending.
  3. Kantattheairport


    I have nine to hear back from still (without presuming rejections). Sounds like we both have a lot yet to look forward to then - onwards and upwards, hopefully!
  4. Kantattheairport


    Do you have many decisions yet to come?
  5. Kantattheairport


    Just received an extremely well-formatted rejection letter from Oxford. My whole address and right-justified date and everything!
  6. Kantattheairport


    Welcome, and congratulations on your offer! Ayy, congrats!
  7. It sounds like you have some good reasons for wanting to attend Rice over some of those other programmes; I certainly think that the particular people you want to work with should be a big factor in your decision-making. One thing I would note about placements, though, is that it's probably not just about the academic resources you're afforded at these different places, but also the networking resources. I've seen a lot of job-seeking philosophers note how, apart from your academic records, your proximity to networks, people skills, and luck, all play a part in your likelihood of getting a job. So that's something that 'prestigious' institutions might be much better-able to offer than lower-ranked ones.
  8. Kantattheairport


  9. Kantattheairport


    Just got an email -> portal -> rejection letter from Yale.
  10. Kantattheairport


    (Happened to see on social media that at least one acceptance for the Oxford BPhil seems to have gone out. ) EDIT: Congratulations!
  11. Kantattheairport

    Waiting it out for Canadian Universities

    I think a couple of Canadian programmes have issued some decisions already, going by the Acceptances thread here. Just to be sure, these are Philosophy programmes you're applying to, yes? (Asking since it says under your profile that you're in Computer Science!)
  12. Kantattheairport

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Yay, latecomers to philosophy club! Congratulations on your acceptance, very nice to hear your story. Your areas of interest sound really fascinating as well; I started out reading 'continental' stuff before becoming interested in the analytic side of things. I've been meaning to go back and re-read some things though, and Foucault (and some Derrida) in particular! Hope the funding process goes smoothly for you. Ah yes, I can imagine the fees at LSE are very high - not to mention the cost of living in London! Back in the day I had applied to do an undergraduate degree there (not in philosophy) and even though I got an offer it was completely untenable because of the costs. I hope you get into one of the other two as well, then! My interests are in moral & political philosophy (plus some social metaphysics), the history of philosophy (including some non-'Western' stuff), and some philosophy of science (especially the philosophy of biology, and within that especially topics that bear upon social issues). The BPhil is my only UK application, but I applied to a bunch of places in the US; happy to give you a list in PMs if you like.
  13. Kantattheairport


    Thank you so much, and I'm very glad it lifted your spirits!
  14. Kantattheairport

    Piercing and Professionalism

    Somehow I was hoping this thread was about C. S. Peirce. (My intuition is that you needn't worry too much!)
  15. Kantattheairport

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Hello! I'm a fellow applicant for the BPhil, and right there with you on the 'not especially confident' boat! 😅 I see from your signature that you've had an offer at the LSE though; congratulations!

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