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  1. Kantattheairport

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Aaaand... first application sent. And so it begins!
  2. Kantattheairport

    Assessing qualification/readiness for an MA

    Hiya! This is from a while ago (I'm popping back into TGC after a bit of a break) but just in case you haven't nailed down a list of places you're applying to yet, I'd just like to encourage you not to let your background deter you from applying to a couple of top-PhD programmes as well. I was similarly a latecomer to analytic philosophy as an undergraduate, and I was waitlisted at NYU and MIT last year. And your situation sounds better than mine in any case: you've done grad-level courses, you have a pertinent publication, you have at least two philosophy recommendations, and a much higher GPA! So it's probably worth at least having a chat with your recommenders about whether applying to some top programmes might be a good idea.
  3. Kantattheairport

    2019 Writing Sample Discussion Thread

    For what it's worth, I don't think this is too important. I've been told to just write whatever I think would be the best possible paper, whether or not it closely aligns with my listed interests.
  4. Kantattheairport

    Total Number of PhD Applicants per year?

    I was told NYU had ~380 last cycle, and that this was 'particularly competitive'. So perhaps it has slowed down a bit, as maxhgns says!
  5. Kantattheairport

    Scholarly Track-Record vs. Prior GPA (Grad)

    ^ Tbh, I don't think these specific details are particularly important, especially for us. It's only important that CMS's letter-writers are able to assure the programmes that his performance in the MA does not represent his true (i) academic capability, and (ii) does not reflect some inability to get along with people in general. As long as the letter-writers know you (CMS) well enough (I assume they've met you as well as seen your work), they should be able to do this (especially if they're the one's recommending you get back into the grad school game).
  6. Kantattheairport

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    L. A. Paul off to Yale then. Interesting - she was one of my main POI at UNC.
  7. Kantattheairport

    Scholarly Track-Record vs. Prior GPA (Grad)

    It's good that they're aware of it and think you're good to keep going in philosophy; I think Hector's suggestion (which I agree with) is make sure they're addressing this in their letters! :)
  8. Kantattheairport

    Overall/Cumulative GPA

    If your concern is just the overall GPA, then I can tell you I applied with a significantly lower GPA last cycle and came pretty close to being admitted to NYU. Sample + letters > everything else by some distance! (Of course, maybe if I had a higher GPA, I might have gotten in, etc etc etc - my point is just that having a lower GPA apparently doesn't preclude you from getting into top programmes. )
  9. Kantattheairport

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    I'll be (re)applying. Interests in moral and political philosophy, philosophy of science (especially philosophy of biology), and the history of philosophy (especially 20th-century and non-Western). Still in early stages of planning for a writing sample (not sure whether I'll polish up last year's or start anew) and list of places (applied to eight PhD programmes last year, will likely apply to more this time around).
  10. Kantattheairport

    Riding the Wave - Trends in Philosophy you're following

    Epistemic injustice is definitely one that I've been interested in. I'm also pretty interested in (though not a big fan of) effective altruism. 'Ameliorative' projects on philosophical concepts, in the sense of Sally Haslanger, is something I'm quite taken by and that seems to be becoming a bit of a trend. I'm currently reading Kate Manne's Down Girl, where she does this with regards to misogyny, and it's also been employed in interesting ways with regard to race and gender. Does thinking about transformative experiences, in the sense of L. A. Paul, count as a trend? It's certainly had a fair bit of attention over the past couple of years, and my writing sample last cycle was related to it. I don't know if being interested in non-'Western' philosophy counts as a trend, since it's been ticking away in the background of anglophone philosophy for a while now. But there seems to me to be a bit of a resurgence of interest, especially in Africana philosophy (and, to a lesser extent, on Native American and Latin American philosophy), and I find this very exciting. Both x-phil and Early Modern Women are areas I've been meaning to get into at some point, but have not gotten around to.
  11. Kantattheairport

    Hi. I'm in first year and sort of lost?

    Having a good GPA is desirable, but (1) your GPA is fine lol, and (2) not having a less-than-perfect GPA won't disqualify you from admissions decisions. I have a GPA that's a lot lower than the sort of thing you usually see around here, and when I applied this cycle, I got waitlists at some very well-regarded PhD programmes, and was offered admission into a very well-regarded MA programme. Of course, we can speculate that if I had had a higher overall GPA, I might have gotten in, rather than be waitlisted. But I did come close, which would lead me to believe that other factors (especially your writing sample and your letters) are more important. Also worth noting that my philosophy GPA was much better than my overall; keep in mind that the former is more important. Also, how you want to spend your time as an undergraduate obviously depends on what kind of things you value, but in general, I'd suggest that you should take the time - especially early on - to go ahead and branch out and do things you enjoy, as well as things you're unfamiliar with/outside of your comfort zone. Don't worry about not being able to do philosophy at all later on. :)
  12. Kantattheairport


    Thanks friends. I won't pretend to not be disappointed, but I Skyped in with NYU the day before the deadline, and even though I didn't get in in the end, it was very encouraging (apparently I'd had a much better chance of getting in off the waitlist than I had realized, and was very much in the running at that point). So my inclination is to apply again next cycle, though of course I will first want to inform and consult with my letter-writers.
  13. Kantattheairport


    Hi, sorry, I forgot to respond to this - unfortunately not, so I won't be going anywhere this cycle.
  14. And on the subject of philosophy of language in the 20th century, Jason Stanley has a pretty good summary of intellectual events and why the field gained such importance, here.
  15. Kantattheairport


    All of the places I applied to this year asked for all transcripts of higher learning, so I think usually yes.

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