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  1. I think this is exactly the issue though. Your dreams haven't been denied. You still get to pursue your chosen academic career, even if it's not at your top choice of department. Getting into any PhD program, especially a funded one, is a massive privilege. Some of us only get one chance to apply, and getting shut out means our dreams are actually denied.
  2. To the person who posted the CU Boulder rejection on the results page: Did they notify you? Or did you just check your portal and there was a rejection there?
  3. Turns out that starting the Acceptance thread when you don't know whether you'll get any acceptances isn't such a good idea! I'm 0/12 right now with only a few waitlists. It's not over until it's over, but it doesn't look good for me!
  4. Can anyone claim the Penn State interviews posted in the results?
  5. I've seen these threads in past years but no one has started one for this cycle yet. So, post here for acceptances!
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