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  1. Duns Eith

    Weak academic record. To continue or not continue

    Hey Watashi, see my PM. I will say this though: I got into a good MA program. My undergrad GPA was 3.74 (in phil: 3.96), and my grad GPA was 4.0. I applied to 18 programs and I placed in an unranked PhD program. It's fierce competition.
  2. Duns Eith

    Changes to the GradCafe

    Thanks, hector.
  3. Duns Eith

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    The anonymity!
  4. Duns Eith

    Overall/Cumulative GPA

  5. Duns Eith

    Website Certificate Error

    Thanks, admins, for fixing! (?)
  6. Hey all, While philosophy has had a reputation of not making progress, there are also trends in philosophy where particular topics get developed quickly. What research do you think it is a current or upcoming trend that you've been focused on? Epistemic injustice Experimental Philosophy Critical Race Theory Effective altruism Grounding Formal Epistemology Non-naturalist normative realism [insert your interest that is getting popular here] (most of this list came from Leiter's philosophical "fads" post, but read nothing negative into it) I have had interest in Grounding and, to some extent, Early Modern Women (Cavendish, Conway, Elisabeth of the Palatinate, Mary Shepherd, etc.). A lot of my friends have been into Formal Epistemology. What about you?
  7. Duns Eith


    Sorry to hear. You gonna apply next year?
  8. Duns Eith

    What age limit would you put on advisors, if any?

    It depends on how active they are. Your son should ask the grad students at those programs how often the profs of interest teach classes, take on dissertations adviser positions, etc.
  9. This. Last year I was stuck on a waitlist and had to accept, what I took to be, a lower quality program's offer. I was next in line on that waitlist. Declining any that you can has a cascading effect.
  10. Duns Eith

    Funded Philosophy MA at EMU

    Hey I just got this on PhilUpdates, and I thought I would pass it on to the broader audience. There are some here who might have struck out or who might have only un-funded offers. I’m writing to let you know about our MA program in Philosophy at Eastern Michigan University. If you have students interested in pursuing an MA in Philosophy in a pluralistic program with funding opportunities, I hope you will encourage them to apply. We have rolling admissions, so students can apply at any time to enter the program at the beginning of the upcoming semester. We have recently received new lines of funding that we can assign to incoming students beginning in Fall 2018. Students interested in such an opportunity would need to apply to the program by May 1, 2018. Currently in its fifth year, our young MA program has a lot to recommend it. Our faculty is pluralistic, giving students opportunities to engage in philosophical study in the Analytic, Continental, non-Western, and Feminist traditions. Students enroll in one of two tracks: Methodology or Social Justice. The Methodology Track allows students to explore questions about the nature of philosophy as a mode of inquiry, drawing from diverse philosophical traditions, with courses in Chinese Philosophy, Phenomenology, Comparative Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science. The Social Justice Track offers courses in Ethical Theory, Food Justice, Environmental Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Moral Psychology, and Feminist Philosophy. These courses examine a number of contemporary concerns, including the nature of just social structures, relations, and practices; theoretical and practical issues related to gender, race, class, and disability; challenges for individual and collective action; and conceptions of what it could mean to flourish in the midst of climate change and other forms of ecological upheaval. We are able to provide funding, in the form of Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships, to as many as eight graduate students. These Assistantships offer substantial tuition remissions and modest stipends to continuing and incoming students. These opportunities are available for Canadian and international students as well as for US students. The University also offers other funding opportunities for which students may apply. The email did not have a link, but it had a flyer. So, I think this link should be sufficient: https://www.emich.edu/historyphilosophy/philosophy/programs/graduate.php Oh, and the GRE is not required to apply.
  11. Duns Eith

    Leiter's ad hominem against critics

    Clarification: The PGR is not useless. I can see how someone might get that from my follow-up post. I think the PGR is very helpful, but the authors should be open and frank about legitimate criticisms. Instead of scholarly dispositions and honest acknowledgements of its limitations (in its method, or in its validity for assessing quality of program), we see Leiter's histrionic preoccupation with what people think of him and his persistent displays of winning over critics. The way he just posted his condescending Tweet exchange with a grad student reminds me of Mr. Orange Stubby Fingers's Twitter habits.
  12. Duns Eith

    Leiter's ad hominem against critics

    P.S. I forgot to mention another concern: that placement is highly correlated, but there are plenty of counter-examples, to the point that no one should make a decision between PhD offers by a mere difference of rank. The concrete data of these individual program placements should be considered while ignoring PGR ranking. This will give the applicant far more robust information.
  13. Breaking news: philosophers from unranked programs in their specialties think the PGR is... ..."unreliable," "weird," "misleading." I gather a team of crack psychologists is working on a study to try to explain what's going on here. It is mysterious. http://leiterreports.typepad.com/blog/2018/03/breaking-news-philosophers-from-unranked-programs-in-their-specialties-think-the-pgr-is.html Because no one could have legitimate concerns about methodology, bias, bootstrapping, data tossing, etc. Surely the best explanations for grievance is that critics are all sour grapes about PGR ranking, or that PGR ranking tracks some intelligence which would obviously recognize PGR's beauty and refinement. Leiter's arrogance is alone sufficient to justify the existence of a different blog that communicates useful data (faculty movement, say) without all the BS that BL spouts out.

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