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  1. Just a quick note about GREs since there are some additional reasons school request them. 1) after talking with a number of folks at various universities in the process of putting together the spreadsheet, an often stated reason for keeping the GRE is "the grad school requires it" or they need it for fellowship opportunities. 2) There are robust concerns that they aren't really objective. The worry is that much like the SAT they test your ability to take the test more than, well, a lot of things they are supposed to test and tend to reflect class/SES and access to preparatory programs to some extent (which is one reason a number of schools are ditching them in toto at this point). This isn't to say that what you said is incorrect per se (someone wanting to do phil math who scores badly on the Q section may be flagged as a less than ideal candidate, places do compare them to courses/GPA to see both if someone may have had an inflated GPA and also to see if maybe the GPA is reflective of capability, etc.). It is a bit more complex though fwiw and schools have different reasons that aren't easy to lump into one analysis 😐
  2. You've posted the same question in a few other places , but I'll throw in my two cents here. Grad admissions are never a given--things can change drastically depending on who in the department wants new graduate students this cycle, if there are folks in the department that *don't* want graduate students or everyone knows they can never keep a student more than a year (this isn't always common knowledge), if the person who liked your file doesn't show up to a meeting (I actually know a case where this happened--the applicant was obviously quite annoyed after they found out), if a less than optimal person gets tasked with reading your sample, if there are worries that the people you might want to work with are going to leave/retire, if the committee woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, etc. I know someone who got into Stanford just because a faculty member liked that they had a high GRE score in math and were interested in logic (and the prof hadn't had a grad student in a while). They were rejected from everywhere else and the only reason they got in other then merit (which others also had of equal quality) is because the person reading the file liked their file for an arbitraryish reason. I've known folks who get shut out one cycle but apply again with the same sample (though maybe they polished it up a bit) and same letters (with some tweaks) and then get into top 25 programs. No one on this forum can really chance your likelihood given just how many factors there are that go into admissions decisions each year. A number of the factors have nothing to do with GRE, GPA, or even writing sample and they aren't the sorts of things we can predict in this forum as we aren't on the committees looking at your file.
  3. FB has confirmed all four. Based on past histories of releases, they are all within the plausible range of acceptance release dates (the estimates on the spreadsheet can easily hop off by a week depending on when schools start back for their next quarter/semester)
  4. It has changed over the years a bit, but at some points Rutgers, Purdue, Cornell, USC, UNC, Texas @ Austin, Notre Dame (at first), University of Kentucky, and Stony Brook have all had hidden waitlists. Some of them, along with other schools I haven't kept track of explicitly, have a second waitlist that they will pull from if the initial set declines fwiw.
  5. It was confirmed via the facebook group but I think even over there that was the only person who has made a report (doesn't seem like a fellowship offer but who knows)
  6. UNC acceptances are rolling out via phone calls today and into tomorrow/later depending on how long they take (confirmed both on FB and from individual sources). L
  7. Back on track and finally updated. On Sunday 2/9- Monday 2/10 the spreadsheet suffered an outage. It has been returned to working order and (finally) I've gone through and updated a ton of things based on comments and messages I got last week. Thanks for your patience (I'll be update it once a day now that I have qualification paper things figured out) L
  8. There was a claim over on the FB group (or rather a friend of the person told the group about it)
  9. It looks like it's around the correct time for them (I mistyped the estimate as Jan 27 on the spreadsheet, but it would have been around the 24th based on past years so they're right on time). Past years 2015-2018 (last year was on the 23rd as well): February 4 W January 23 S January 28 S January 23 T
  10. UC Irvine (LPS) has sent out interview invitations. Confirmed both by a student at my university and from another person on FB.
  11. One school has released interview invitations today and several schools have switched to using interviews in recent years (Baylor, Boston, DePaul, Penn State, Chicago, Iowa, UC Irvine, Villanova). Since last year folks wanted to talk with one another about what questions to ask and get advice, here is a thread for that! See also this post from @directingdirections(who in turn was sharing information from a previous year) with potential questions to ask.
  12. I commented on the FB page, but I'll be linking the sheet I've been used by the end of the week. The sheet folks have in mind is https://philosophyadmissions.wordpress.com/. Interview invitations just came out for Irvine (LPS) so I want to get predictions up soon for everything else. (I haven't been checking this as often, apologies for missing the questions)
  13. If you see any other errors feel free to make a comment on the spreadsheet! Unfortunately since things are crowdsourced errors can slip through 😕 I did an audit in late November and thought I double checked the deadlines, but I must have missed that one. I'll do another audit for the remaining schools today to see if any other errors didn't get fixed! Update: found one error (Feb 2 instead of Feb 1 for one school) and everything else looked on accurate for the PhD program list.
  14. For the last two years I've used the spreadsheet to track acceptances, waitlists, and rejections after folks applied. This year I want it to be useful as folks apply rather than after all the applications are in. Here's the new spreadsheet: Philosophy Admissions 2020 Spreadsheet It has a list of schools (100ish PhDs and 30ish MAs) along with their respective deadlines, application fees (and fee waiver information), transcript type required (official/unofficial), GREs (yes/no/sometimes), and other info. You can also sort it by using a personal filter to look at only the schools you care about. If folks want to share the spreadsheet, feel free to do so using bit.ly/PhilAdm (this is so I can see how many folks access it but I just see a #). -L
  15. Would you be able to find out what day that was by chance? It's one of the last PhD schools I don't have info for yet wrt/ the spreadsheet
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