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  1. Would you be able to find out what day that was by chance? It's one of the last PhD schools I don't have info for yet wrt/ the spreadsheet
  2. "All of the students who have been accepted with full funding (our highest-ranked applicants) have been informed of the positive decision in their case. However, it is still relatively early in the process, and the deadline for acceptance of offers is not until April 15th. In the meantime, whether or not other applicants to the program will be offered admission will depend on how many outstanding offers are accepted. As I hear back from these applicants, especially those who have declined an offer from us, I will inform applicants ranked lower on the list for funding."
  3. I'm emailing them now <muzak plays> Do note that there was a discrepancy on their website this year as to when applications were due, so that may have slowed things down.
  4. MtnDuck


    I know that some California schools (at least Davis) supposedly ran into funding problems last year and had more restrictions on admitting folks so, if true and if applicable to UCLA then it could be that they have to admit a few fewer. But that would be the worse case scenario. My bet would be for at least 5 folks being admitted (one year it looked like 9ish?) but so far there just aren't enough reports this year to guess anything with any certainty 😕
  5. MtnDuck


    I've only seen one claimed acceptance in the group (that was via messenger). On the group there were 4 claimed WL spots (which doesn't help you gauge things I know). For past years based on reporting it looks like the average is somewhere between 5-7 people offered acceptances (not counting any later offers from the WL)
  6. MtnDuck


    I took a quick look at the admissions sheet and it looks like there was a direct claim on acceptances over in the FB chat/FB group (not everyone is on TGC and FB, so there probably is some disconnect if/when info gets shared across the platforms 😕 )
  7. It has been my pleasure to edit/fix the spreadsheet for this cycle--and I'm already planning some tweaks for the future based on the feedback I've gotten over the past two years For next year's cycle, be on the lookout for a tab/spreadsheet (currently the "work in progress tab") that will have deadlines, application fees/fee waivers, info on GREs (needed or not), unofficial vs official transcript requirements, and the like for most of the universities that have been flagged for inclusion on the spreadsheet.
  8. Hi there again (I remember responding to you last year as well)--current UW student here. I don't know info about the waitlist (and from past years it is unclear if they admit off of it based on AOI or just go down a list. Last year only one person was admitted off of it so I don't have a lot to extrapolate from). For class size, last year they were initially restricted to 4 but managed to get the number up to 5 after someone qualified for a university fellowship (or so the rumor mills goes). For this year I know two of the folks who were offered admission and I would suspect that the class size will be between 4-6 with the lower end being more likely based on financial restrictions that probably haven't changed since last year 😕 This is just a guess though since this isn't the type of info they tell current students either.
  9. There have been a few explicit UVA acceptances claimed over on FB, so it doesn't look like they only have the WL out.
  10. There was one report of a ND acceptance earlier this evening on the FB chat. That was the only one I've seen reported so far
  11. Just to double check: you're claiming Indiana (and it's regular not HPS)?
  12. I would say that it sounds like you are waitlisted for funding. In general, it is not recommended to pay for a MA in philosophy (there are other people on here who have spoken at length about that, so I'd recommend finding their posts!). At my previous MA institution, I don't believe any unfunded student finished while I was there. To be honest, I'm not quite tracking the relevancy of mentioning the TA? Would it have an impact on you in some sense? (This is meant as a legitimate question, not a sarcastic one. Also, since I don't want to clutter this feed I'm PMing you some info about that situation since there are a lot of distorted narratives going around and we as a discipline need to be mindful of such things)
  13. It has been confirmed in the FB message group.
  14. I would also like to add-- if you know you're not going to attend an institution, please don't wait until April 15th to tell the department that you are going elsewhere. This also goes for waitlists--if you can take yourself off of them the department can go to the next person if a spot opens up and not wait to hear back from you first! I know this may seem (very) obvious, but I've had a few previous colleagues wait until the 15th deadline to tell all/most of the schools they would be going elsewhere including the ones that they had already ruled out as live possibilities. Sometimes folks will have very little time when they receive a last minute offer to decide on whether or not to say yes or no and to figure out how it compares to any other offers they already have. The earlier the waitlists get moving, the better off everyone is (and sometimes previously rejected folks can receive an offer--e.g. UVA last year).
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