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  1. Does anyone have experience writing a research proposal for admission to Dphil or PhD program in the UK? I will be applying to Warwick and possibly Oxford. I have a supervisor lined up for Warwick, but I do not have a clear indication of what a sucessful proposal looks like. I would really apreciate a sample proposal if you have one!
  2. Yeah, your background is sort of proof that having a passion for the material (as opposed to any specific trainging) is key. Though, not everyone is as heavy duty continental as you, Sparks 😜
  3. I am at a heavy continental program. We have a number of people who went to predominantly analytic departments (Harvard, one of the UC schools, Amherst). As long as you are interested in the field, and you have a solid background, you should be fine. There are very few people that go into programs already "experts" on Husserl. Unlike, say, Kant or ancient philosophy, you probably won't need to have a strong background in Husserl to be successful.
  4. Thanks for the advice. This is really helpful in orienting my application.
  5. You are correct in interpreting my question as one about orientation. There is a big difference between Brandom/Sellarsians who read Kant and someone in the SPEP world. I prefer the former, hence my question. I also guess that the terms analytic/contiental are not really applied to history of philosophy outside of continental departments, so I should have made that clear. I plan to apply to places like Pitt, Georgetown, and Brown (if Guyer is still around, though is not quite so old). I want to make clear to these schools that I am interested in their approaches. Should I just prese
  6. Hey everyone, I am currently attending a MA program that is predominently continental/history of philosophy. My research interests, however, are geared towards the history of logical positivism and the Kantian/neo-Kantian tradition, as well as contemporary pragmatism. I have an analytic background from undergrad, and my writing sample will be on the First Critique. What would be the best way to market myself to departments who might be sceptical of my MA? Is this even something I should be worried about? I want to apply to some top-notch programs who have people working on ana
  7. Like many of you, I have been waitlisted by a few programs. I only applied to 4 programs, and have been rejected by 2 and waited by the others (Duquesne and Loyola Chicago). Is it the case that when an applicant is waitlisted for a PhD position they are automatically considered for an MA spot (assuming that the program offers a terminal MA)? I have received word from Duquesne's DGS that I will be extended a MA offer automatically after April 15th if I do not get off the waitlist. Is this common? Can I expect the same from Loyola, which does have a terminal MA? I hope some of the veteran m
  8. I was hoping another Loyola waitlister would post. I heard the same thing. Mine I am focused on German Idealism and analytic philosophy in general. You?
  9. No. He said there are multiple waitlist along side the "main waitlist"
  10. I had to email Dan. I am 7/12 on the "main waitlist"
  11. Applied to 4 schools, rejected by Penn State, Shortlisted then rejected by DePaul, Waited by Loyola and Duquesne... This is not my year I guess. At least I have the opportunity to go to Duq's MA program if I am not accepted to the PhD.
  12. Anyone else hear from DePaul? Only one acceptance out of the 6 of us who posted interview results... Odd
  13. So happy for you! I am glad that I had someone else to make it through the brutality of this interview process.
  14. I have not received one yet, which is strange. I also have heard nothing about interviews. How did they contact you?
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