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  1. Just notified that I am accepted with full funding at Arizona. Nice email from Michael Mckenna with the news. I am waitlisted at several other programs, so this was a big relief. Woohoo!
  2. It appears that my application was thrown out by UC-Boulder without being evaluated. I suspect that this is because one of my letters arrived late, but my application was submitted well before the deadline. I emailed the graduate director (who was very nice) asking what happened, and she basically said that my application was probably tossed. I thought I was a very good fit for Boulder, and my results so far show that I am competitive at equally-ranked (and better) schools, so this stings a bit harder than a simple rejection. Really unsure how I feel about this. Oh well.
  3. Received a kind email from Thomas Hofweber saying I am on a short waitlist at UNC Chapel-Hill. This is my fourth waitlist this cycle, and I am feeling a bit like a perpetual bridesmaid, but this sounds very promising. Exciting stuff!
  4. I think I am going to ask Prof. Pincock some of these questions in an email tomorrow. I will post something here when I receive a response. Here's hoping that I see you in Columbus!
  5. Waitlisted at Madison, Hopkins, and OSU. No rejections yet. Hoping one of these works out in my favor...
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