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  1. Staying in touch, especially as we inch closer to April, isn't a bad idea. I'd phrase it something like this: Hi Dr. XYZ, I just wanted to follow up with you regarding any movement on the waitlist for the MA program at [University of My Dreams name]. The program is my first choice and as we head into April, I just wanted to reaffirm my interest in attending the program at [Dream School Name]. Keep it succinct; they can always follow up with you if they have more questions, but you'll be more likely to have someone read and respond to a short email. Good
  2. Hey everyone! I'm mostly in philosophy (bioethics) but I'm wondering if anyone has any intel on Toronto's SBHS program. I applied in November and still haven't heard anything.
  3. Accepted to Western Ontario and Guelph PhDs.
  4. No worries! I 100% get it. I feel p lucky that this season is over as soon as it's begun for me, but I was a wreck last year. Try to not spend too much time here (but I get that it's tough!) and keep in mind that results aren't a reflection on you and your value in the field.
  5. I get the stress but it's not necessarily a bad thing! Lots of schools won't start releasing decisions until mid-Feb or March. Hang in there!
  6. Thanks! Last year it was mid-Feb for philosophy
  7. Posted on the results page already, but in at Toronto HPS. They're apparently taking 2 domestic students this year so flagging that for reduced admissions.
  8. Describe exactly what you mean when you write. Avoid phrases like "that is to say" "as well as" etc. Most people have at least some of that kind of fluff in their writing. Look for places where you're not actually saying anything and chop out those words. Same goes for summaries of others' work. Is each sentence/paragraph contributing to your overall paper, or is it just there to fulfill a summary/review requirement? In terms of editing papers down, I find I can get distracted when words start moving around on the page so I set up an "operating table" which is a blank doc where I copy-pa
  9. It's a little early in the season to be asking this, but does anyone have any insight on disclosing disabilities in any of those check-the-box parts of an app? I have a condition that I don't mind disclosing for the purposes of a program's general data collection but it doesn't really affect my philosophical work (nor is it related to the work I hope to do). This is incoherent but anyway! Insight would be appreciated.
  10. Not me personally but that's a p common path for people in my program.
  11. Not so much a vent, but if anyone has an offer at Toronto they are planning to decline, I would be very grateful! Currently somewhere on their waitlist.
  12. There were two acceptances claimed in the group last night.
  13. I declined an offer from IHPST last week. Not sure if that helps you but I thought I'd let ya know.
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