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  1. I would definitely fill it out! I know it is redundant but from the school’s perspective, these forms allow for standardization and easy reviewing whereas each individual’s CV has different formatting. I think of these sections as - same information, different way of presenting it. It’s ok to copy and paste here too!
  2. Thank you so much @HopingForGoodNews for sharing your experiences with verification! I had a similar timeline although my first deadline was in November. So SOPHAS seems to be super fast! I have applied to 5 programs and am hoping for the best. There is one more I may submit for. It’s tough to navigate this uncertainty over the next few months, but I am telling myself that I have given my absolute best and I cannot control COVID’s influence on the application cycle. Anyone have tips on navigating the waiting game? Hope that everyone gets in where they want to!
  3. Yes you definitely can submit before - (I wanted to make sure I was giving you correct info so I confirmed this info here too). I would recommend submitting as soon as you can, just in case there are any issues with your transcripts that could hold you up.
  4. I would focus on asking as soon as possible rather than wording it perfectly. It sounds like this would be a pleasant surprise if she says yes (given what she said) but you never know, people do change their minds! I would acknowledge that you haven’t been in contact, apologize if you want but no excuses, and that you completely understand if she is not comfortable doing it. Do you have a backup plan if she does not respond? (How long are you willing to wait for a reply before asking a backup?) otherwise it may get even more down to the wire! good luck!!
  5. Good luck IAAJ! Your work sounds really interesting and important.
  6. I only have experience with US apps but I think it’s similar in Canada. I don’t think it matters at all when you submit, except that you want to leave a bit of time to make sure everything is in, which it sounds like you are already doing! As for following up, definitely no need to let them know. However, if you want to email them to touch base to confirm all of your letters of rec, transcripts, GRE, etc have been received by the school and you have a complete application, I think that’s totally fine and actually I’m doing that myself. good luck!
  7. Bump- I’m curious too! Especially for a day in the life of a PhD student during COVID.
  8. Awesome, DrunkenDuck! 🦆 Others may have different opinions than me, but that is what I would do if I were in your shoes. Good luck on finishing up your applications - keep me posted on how things go with UTH!
  9. Also, which campus are you applying to? - I am applying to Austin!
  10. Hey Drunken Duck (amazing username btw!). I'm applying here too, so I have some familiarity with the program (how cool if we ended up at the same school!). 2/3 of your scores are really strong. Math scores are the most important section in my opinion. Therefore, I think the math section would harm your application more than your strong verbal and writing would strengthen it. I would take the waived scores as a blessing! That being said, you may have a very good reason for wanting to submit it. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on why you want to submit them - if you want to u
  11. Yes - 3 for 3 have responded to set up a meeting. I set up meetings with students first, perhaps that helped me.
  12. I have 2 questions regarding SOPHAS that I could not find online. Thanks in advance! For the "Achievements" section, the 2 categories are "Awards" and "Honors." I wanted to list publications here but it does not fall under "Awards" or "Honors," so I thought perhaps they don't belong here. What are others putting in the "Achievements" section? For the "Experience" section, it asks for # of weeks worked. Let's say you worked for 1 calendar year but were given 15 work days off (the equivalent of 3 work weeks) for Holidays/Leave combined. Would you put 52 weeks or 49 weeks?
  13. Your background looks really strong to me. I think 6th author publication is worth something, too!! If you can work that first author pub into your CV (eg if you submit soon) that’s even better. You got this!
  14. Thank you so much for this kind offer! I would love to know: Do most professors prefer you contact them ahead of time, or do they generally want you to apply formally? That's excellent you are submitting your scores. I would be really proud of them if I were you, it shows you are well rounded and strong in all areas!
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