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  1. Rejected from Stanford Health Policy
  2. Harvard Health Pol rejection today as well
  3. Thank you! Yes, I did. The interview was in the last week of Jan
  4. Thanks so much ❤️ LOL JHU is still in my top choices! But yes, you are right! The universe works in mysterious ways. Literally called my dad this morning and cried. I've gotten so many rejections in the past 3 years, but kept pushing and continued to believe in myself and improve myself. DREAMS COME TRUE. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
  5. Thank you!! Unfortunately, no departmental funding. But i'm eligible for some scholarships which I will find out about later
  6. Just received an acceptance to the University of Oxford for a DPhil in Population Health! I'm shook! I was rejected for the past 3 years from numerous schools. KEEP PUSHING GUYS!
  7. Just got rejected from Harvard PHS (email to check portal). Not surprised (no interview).
  8. Sorry to hear that! Hope other schools work out! When did you receive the rejection?
  9. Well, I applied to Oxford and Cambridge, and they don't always provide funding. They may provide partial funding, but not always. Either way, I'm okay with it. Additionally, I intend to also apply for external scholarships during my studies. I definitely see your point though. But I would be willing take the hit if it means I get into a program that I think is the best fit for me, and will provide me with the tools to succeed in my future.
  10. Great advice - thank you! The AdComs were quite transparent about how the waitlist works. Basically there are two ways for movement to occur on the waitlist: 1) someone declines their offer, and/or 2) the program is currently competing for additional funding sources for which they will find out in late Feb. If they get this, then another spot(s) may potentially open up. I was a bit hesitant to ask about my rank/position on the waitlist, so I didn't bother and simply said thank you and said I was excited and honoured be on the waitlist. I'm not sure if they would disclose the rank + I don
  11. Thanks for the great input guys! Would it be weird to email the school (for which i'm on the waitlist) and tell them I am willing to fund myself? Is it not allowed? Forgive me as I am not familiar with the US system. Any insight is much appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone. I'm a non-US applicant, so this might be a stupid question: why do some schools limit number of seats according to available funding packages? I've been waitlisted at a school, and it is primarily due to lack of $$ available. Why can't students bring in their own funding source? For instance, my family can support me, which I am very grateful for. I know this is the case a lot of the times in the UK, where you don't receive funding or receive partial funding. Same situation for some Canadian schools. Basically, why can't students offer to fund themselves, and thus open up more spo
  13. Hi everyone. I noticed there is no waitlist thread for this year, so I decided to make one. I think it will be a good way to support each other. Let me start: I am currently waitlisted for the PhD in Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins. I have no idea what my rank is, but they are taking about ~5 students this year. If anyone has further information about movement over the years, I would greatly appreciate it! Fellow waitlisters, please share!
  14. Do you guys think the GRE will be mandatory next cycle? I haven't written it lol
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