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  1. same here, decision science. I don't want to open the result page T^T...
  2. it makes a lot sense to me since many school waive GRE scores... besides the cost issue, as an international student, I feel lucky that many programs do not require GRE this year (remembering GRE vocab is not enjoyable at all T^T)
  3. now I feel very appreciated and lucky that I have a good offer in hand now...
  4. I agree with @FDawg, I don't think next year will be easier. Many excellent people with good stats would have been admitted to their dream programs if there was no COVID. But now, maybe they'll decide to try again... But maybe less people will make deferment this year...
  5. on the same boat... although I assume I am already out, but i just want to have full information before I accept an offer...
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question that is bothering me for a while... I already received admission from program A (which is a very good program). My current advisor suggests that I will have a more competitive research background next year (because I’ll have 1-2 first-author pubs. For now, I do not have any pubs). Thus, he strongly recommends me to try for another year if it ends up that program A is my only choice. However, from my perspective, I am not sure whether 1-2 pubs can be a big addition to my background. If considering my boyfriend's workplace, program A is already an excellent choice
  7. 🤕 sorry to hear that.. I know it really sucks to get rej after interviews.
  8. thank you soooo much for your words! I'll make my decision carefully!! Also wish best luck to your applications!
  9. thank you for this update! hoping you hear back positive news soon!!
  10. wish the best luck for you!! I am aiming for decision science and I know they do interview people (sigh..)
  11. aww thanks!! your words really make me feel better!! you're right, we should be really careful about our decisions. I'll take the offer if I do not receive the offer from my top school🙂
  12. what if they don't email you until ~ mid March 😂 If I accept an offer sent to me one month ago, it feels like I am saying 'hey, you are not my top choice' 😅
  13. Harvard HP... I actually assume i am already out because I saw some threads here said they got interview invites.
  14. wondering whether people really make their decisions on 4/15.. I received an offer from my second-choice school, but is still waiting for my top school (but i know the chance is low, because I didn't receive interview invites). One of my previous professor suggests me to make decision ASAP... because there are students on the waitlist..
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