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  1. Thank you!! And yes, I did with two faculty members.
  2. I completely understand. I was rejected from all my top programs and was only accepted to Claremont's DrPH program last year.
  3. Hello, from what I heard the program isn't doing so well. This is coming from professors who have connections to other professors in that program. I applied last year as well and was also accepted to their DrPH program but chose to not attend just because I wasn't excited about it. They also don't support students with a good scholarship or funding so I didn't want to go in debt for a program I wasn't sure about. I would recommend asking about funding and reaching out to professors to try to understand their perspectives of the program and gain some insight. Best of luck on your decision!
  4. Hi everyone, I don't know how to process emotions well and I am still in shock but I just received notice of my acceptance from Johns Hopkins into their Mental Health PhD program. For the past week I have been feeling so much anxiety waiting for their response to the point where each time I slept, I had a dream that I received a response (both good and bad) from them. I'm happy to say I can finally sleep in peace after this! Lol Anyways, before I tell the rest of my friends, I felt the need to come on here and share this news with you all. I just want you all to know how grateful I am to have
  5. Congratulations!! You're going to LOVE UCI's public health department. I earned my MPH there and the faculty was just amazing. I had some classes with the PhD students and I heard really great things about the program. I hope you have a great experience there!
  6. Thank you for sharing this information! By chance, was the Biostats department present as well? I haven't seen much activity from NYU's Biostats PhD on the results section.
  7. I believe they're talking about the results page on grad cafe. You can search results by school or program
  8. Hello, I did a follow-up two weeks after my interview with one of the faculty who interviewed me and she said we would hear back this week. Best of luck!
  9. Ok... Anyways, wishing you all the best of luck, online community friends! I know we're all applying to relatively the same programs but I'm rooting for you all and hoping you receive exactly what you need in your life. Trust the universe and the process.
  10. Hello, I emailed admissions regarding their "congratulations and welcome to Columbia public health" glitch on their portal and they said no decisions have been given. We can expect to hear back by March 1st.
  11. I got the same message... I think it might be a glitch because many others received the same display???
  12. Hello, cisgender male here. I just wore a black turtleneck and cleaned up my room. I had two interviews and they were both very informal. I think whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in will do the trick. Best of luck on your apps!
  13. Hi everyone, A bit late but I applied to a handful of PhD programs. So far, I've heard back from Hopkins for Mental Health (interview this Friday), UMichigan for Epi (interview in mid-Jan), UTHeath, Houston for Epi (accepted) and UWashington for Epi (rejected).
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