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  1. I just thought about Kamala Harris saying "We did it, Joe. We submitted all our applications" Hehehehe
  2. Thanks. No wonder I reached out to some professors about research assistant/coordinator positions and only 1 got back to me.
  3. What's the scenario like regarding funding in your department? Any funding freezes etc?
  4. Sending love and healing to you and yours
  5. My interview with my top school was amazing. I loved the school even more than when I applied. Now I want to get in even more and that makes me petrified. I'm afraid of the crash if I don't get in. Fadalud! 😭
  6. I get it, the job thing and I'm also looking at starting another job asap if this doesn't work out. Other people won't understand it, though and that's okay. They will be fine. Let them judge away, it's better you tried than not at all. Hope you get in. xx
  7. No news could be good news. I think you should bite the bullet and email the DCT.
  8. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired tbh. My country does not have enough resources to treat non-serious mental illnesses. Traumatic events were viewed as 'one of those things' and violence against women was taken with levity. As a woman, I was tired of feeling sorry for other women.It wasn't enough. I knew I wanted to bring a skillset that would improve recovery and outcomes. I wanted to be able to have resources, interventions and treatment options on trauma that were specific to the average woman in my country especially because of the effects of culture and the patriarchy on traum
  9. You don't have anything to be sorry for. This person either misunderstood or is just crabby
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