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  1. if other people have questions about this program feel free to DM me
  2. One extra benefit is that let's be honest, Clinical PhDs are superbly competitive, and you can do all the right things and still not have it work out. With a MHC you can at least move on with your career if the Clinical PhD is not in the cards for you. If you want to do counseling that is, and if you don't then obviously you shouldn't pursue this.
  3. I emailed them and they said they were just delayed and have not extended interviews yet
  4. Looks like all GRE subject tests are cancelled for 2020 by the ETS.
  5. You might want to let the Prof know you'll be taking your time in case the Prof is trying to communicate back to their waitlisted students
  6. Looking at the complete picture might help in deciding. While POI is super important, lots of things are super important. The lab work, the location, the POI, the degree you want, etc. You should weigh these (and other) variables as you want and decide how much you think it will matter to you. Sounds like the POI is hands off but like others have said, maybe they could be more hands on if requested too. It might also give you some freedom to apply some of your own spins on to your research. Like you said if you want to practice, this might be useful if you can research the client base you are
  7. I guess appropriately I was doing homework.... I celebrated by watching The Lion King!
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