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  1. higaisha

    CV/Resume & Cover Letter Thread

    Also applying for postbaccs atm, went through a few CL revisions before I found 2 or so formats that I basically used for all the jobs with slight tweaks. Good luck, we're in this together, also thanks to the other posters for sharing their knowledge Sorry to hijack the thread, but does anyone have an idea of the time frame for the positions? It seems postings that go through HR are slower than others, I'm curious as to the average time that elapsed from application to initial interview.
  2. 5/5 down for rejections, who wants to have a misery party? See y'all next cycle Jokes aside, I'm happy I made it as far as I did, applying to the top POIs at the top schools in Canada straight out of undergrad and still getting a few interviews. My GREs were pretty crap, none of my refs were even clinical psychologists and I had 0 connections to most of my PIs. Gonna take this time to retake GREs, build up my research, and smash the next cycle next year (or just wait two years depending on my job). I said I'd be upfront about rejections, so if you're feeling down about yours, just know everything happens for a reason and now wasn't your time--but next year/two years might be. LOVE U CANADA THREADDDD
  3. There isn't much a difference depending on the school, some counselling depts i.e., McGill, UBC push into quasi clinical territory, York's clinical department for sure pushes into counselling, and this is fair to say of most of the older clinical departments. That said, some places like UTSC, Ryerson and Queens are much more hardcore clinical and wont be confused for a counselling program anytime soon lol (likely because of their CBT focus), but you can still acquire counselling type external practica from a clinical program (and vice versa, as @gillis_55 mentioned).
  4. I wanna get CGS-M just so I can rub it in the faces of the schools I got rejected at while also crying because they still won't take me (3/3 LOL--wish I could have moved one of my choices over to the one school I actually have a chance at).
  5. higaisha

    New interest area after acceptance to PsyD program

    NSSI and BPD aren't too far off, at one point they were thought to be concordant (i.e., all people engaging in NSSI were borderline). That said, its likely your supervisors doing NSSI stuff in college students might not have the same ties to BPD txt research usually run out of psych wards. I'm guessing there's a chance to do clinical work with that population through external practica, so while you might not be able to get your research fix, you can get that need met elsewhere.
  6. Finally an official rejection from Queens [4] lmao thank god
  7. higaisha

    Cold-emailing PIs for research?

    I love cold emailing tbh, I attach my CV, try to keep it brief, and always make some comment as to a recent paper they've published to show I've read it and how it relates to my interest--showing rather than telling. At the least its lite-networking, even if you don't get a position out of it.
  8. higaisha

    When do faculty at universities decide to take new students?

    I emailed all the way from April-October, no right time to do it really, but I think the sweet spot was definitely early August, as faculty were winding down from summer and preparing to move into the fall term so they were 1) more responsive and 2) had an idea of whether they would take a student. Some departments this isn't the case, and POIs wont know until much later, but I got some definitive answers in August.
  9. higaisha

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    applying for clinical sucked the soul out of me bruh how some people managed to do 4 cycles is insane
  10. I didn't really care. I reached out to my POI to see if I was still in the running, as I had interviewed and was rejected by someone else in the program and wanted to double check if I was rejected from the program or just from that POI since it was unclear. This was a few weeks ago, haven't heard back since and interviews are next week so no miracles there. Did it help? Not really, no. Did it give me peace of mind? Hell yeah, assumed I was rejected and went on to do other things with my life.
  11. higaisha

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Would love to see these numbers! From what I've been observing in clinical, the same strong Clinical Science/R1 schools are pretty much taking up all the new tt hires.
  12. Say we get an offer now, when should we expect funding specs?
  13. Thats why I want it--it'd be so good for applying next round and will sit so beautifully on my CV with the declined in italics
  14. Current mood, I'd be so happy to get CGS even though I got declined by all 3 and it'd be totally useless at this point LOL
  15. Don't do Adler, those professional schools for clinical psychology are sketchy.

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