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  1. 1.) starting my own lab for sure and everything that comes with it, I fucking love science and would love to learn non-stop for a living 2.) teaching cool seminars on my area of interest 3.) helping with program admin (i.e., developing undergraduate/graduate curriculums and training opportunities) 4.) helping with undergraduate research, I'd love to arrange senior thesis stuff I tend to get bored doing repetitive things and I like having my hand in a few different things at once, so I feel like TT academic work is a good idea for me at the moment. I understand its not glamorous, lots of hard work and its probably too much work for how little you're paid. That said, I'd still rather be stimulated in a challenging environment thats constantly shifting than to be stuck in complacency.
  2. Echoing everyone else's sentiments, Western are very much committee-driven, they decide slots and who is assigned to who as a group.
  3. higaisha

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    LEGENDS ONLY!!!!!!
  4. Mass email, subject was personalized tho (i.e., my name). I'm guessing they shot it out en masse, so if you haven't gotten it yet, you might still be in the running.
  5. Thanks you too! Don't stress it, my POI was just quick I think, other people are going a bit slower. I've yet to hear back from my second choice there, so not sure whats gonna happen with that either.
  6. Speak of the devil, just got desk rejected from UBC via email from admin! Darn it lol.
  7. FRICKITY FRACK IS MY MOOD ALL JANUARY Btw y'all, I got rejected after Skype interview by 1 POI at Rye and 1 POI at Queen's. Normalizing rejection! It's nothing to be afraid of, and I encourage people to share their rejections as well as their acceptances and interviews here. Being turned down is part of the process, but you gotta dust yourself off and try again.
  8. what the frickity FRACK man, I knew their short-short list was tight but damn seems no one on gradcafe even got a prelim. I think my POI is going slower than others, just my hunch.
  9. CLEX was different, no? From what I understood, it served as a bridge to clinical practise for people with mainly experimental degrees who wanted to get assessment/treatment skills. I wonder... Guessing it's mostly mac people applying for their RCT thing, can't be much else that they can do outside of like, in-house practica and internships or whatever. Looked it up and there's some cool people there, maybe its worth it if someone's hellbent on a McMaster POI.
  10. I think that user had a PI that reached out very early, no one else has heard anything.
  11. LOLOL Its okay thanks a lot! Mostly just empty venting, last year they were a bit slow to the game and only sent out invites after the 15th so I think I'll have the patience to wait until the end of the week
  12. Howdy smart folks of the psych forum. I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands, and I'd like to get your thoughts on it. Basically, I'm wondering if it is unprofessional/in poor taste to apply for a post-bacc position under someone I have applied to work with in PhD admissions while my application is in review. I'll break down some of the facts Me and the POI have been in correspondence, so i'm not really cold-calling I have no clue at what point of the review process my app is in I am highly unlikely to be accepted in to the school anyway, so its just a matter of asking sooner rather than later for a backup I feel the opportunity is time-sensitive, so I don't want to wait until I'm formally rejected to reach out In the odd chance I'm in the running, I don't want to come across as someone who's kind of accepting defeat WWYD? Thanks!
  13. the REAL burning question is wtf is going on at UBC
  14. Hmm less coursework...are they trying to get accredited by PCSAS?

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