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  1. The above two replies from faculty seem kind of unsportsmanlike in light of waived requirements. Not really fair for programs to say "its optional" but if you don't submit then it implies you have something to hide/coverup, even in light of good stats marks/etc. Oh well, guess faculty are entitled to weigh the GRE however they like.
  2. +1 on this. Didn't get in, but I wasted so much time coming up with the ~perfect~ email to send POIs and I cringe now bc 1.) they were way too long, 2.) weren't worth the often copy-pasted or very brief responses I got and 3.) didn't count for anything--POIs I didn't email interviewed me and POIs who I had pleasant back and forth with didn't interview me. I admittedly wasn't too strong a candidate back then, so maybe thats why (lol). Also, it's fun to get responses from people you admire a lot, which was validating for me at the time, but it definitely doesn't count for much (if at all) in the greater scheme of things.
  3. Thinking of applying to law this cycle too. Anyone else considering that as a backup?
  4. I'm also kinda dreading this cycle, especially as a Canadian applying to American schools. Second time applying (almost my third but decided to work that cycle instead) and it'll be my last time. My first attempt was in 2018/2019--feels like EEEONS ago lol. Sending everyone good vibes!!
  5. Preparing early is a good idea, but schools don't review apps until they're all submitted, so submitting early doesn't really help (though 2 years ago some folks got interviews before apps were due, but thats rare).
  6. If im not mistaken, they had only 1/2 faculty admitting clinical students last year too.
  7. Taking its a matter of time now 'till everyone jumps ship...I think that I will not end up re-writing now, and focus on research instead.
  8. awesome! i wanna get a hang on time-series analysis and machine learning at some point--really cool methods to answer pretty pressing qs.
  9. So excited to get my app thrown in the trash!
  10. harvard made it optional! wooohooo
  11. most people I knew of first hand applied to like 3-5 at most, I think the 10-12 estimate is more of an american thing. I think focusing on a few places where you're a strong fit might fare better than applying everywhere for the sake of applying (sounds like a $$$ drain).
  12. I think those are all arguments for making it optional and not banning it outright, and the fact that those arguments are helping programs justify making it mandatory is unfair. The evidence i've seen for the predictive utility of the GRE was weak, and weak/mixed validity is seen across disciplines (bio, physics). The most it can (almost) do is predict grad GPA, which is basically irrelevant in the greater scheme of academic accomplishment. Tbh even if it was free, people should only take the GRE if they want to, and it makes perfect sense to supplement a lower GPA/etc. Can you tell I hate this exam? LOL
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