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  1. To note, I took an extra year in my undergrad (5 years vs. 4). I first applied to a clinical psychology MSc/PhD program at 23 and was rejected. I applied a second time at 24 years old and was accepted. I officially started my MSc when I was 25 and now I'm entering my PhD this September at 27 years old! Canadian programs are different from the US, but I've been fully funded since I entered from both funding agencies and TA stipends from the university. But finances were a big thing I was considering when applying as well, in addition to my age. In my experience, I've have peers who ar
  2. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. It is never easy taking care of a sick parent and especially so when pursuing higher education. I was in a bit of a similar situation when I was in my final year of undergrad - my father's cancer came back from remission and was terminal. I too struggled with deciding if I should push myself through or if it might be better to take a semester/year off. Personally, I decided to take a semester off: for me, although it was difficult to delay my graduation and application, I knew I would have opportunities in the future to make up for
  3. I definitely second what @Mickey26 has suggested. Generally, in my experience my referees have asked for 2 weeks notice but I personally like to ask/give them a heads-up about a month in advance out of courtesy. Additionally, you have possibly already had this conversation with your referees but sometimes they may request you write your own letter which they will submit (with edits as necessary), or ask you to provide specific examples of what you would like to be discussed in your reference letter. In those cases, it's helpful for you to have as much time as necessary then!
  4. I have personally had a wonderful experience on being co-supervised! Personally, I don't think it's an issue of the particular program but rather the supervisors you would be co-supervised by, their supervision styles, their relationship and willingness to work together, and of course, your own research interests. I have had friends in both clinical and other psych programs that have had great and terrible experiences - the experience was dictated by all the factors I just outlined. For that reason, I would more so query the supervisors you would be interested being co-supervised by and in par
  5. If you're referring to external awards such as CGS-M, the answer is no - they have their own separate deadlines (e.g., the deadline for CGS-M is Dec 1). However if you are applying for internal awards, then it may be possible but you should check that on an institution basis.
  6. Hi all! I am a current clinical psych student at Queen's - I thought I would post here in case anybody was looking to get some advice. I recognize that this year is a bit weird with the pandemic on top of an already very competitive application process. So feel free to reach out to me privately or ask question directly on this forum. I see somebody has already posted the Excel document regarding GRE scores this year. This document has also been floating around on Twitter and thought I would share it for those who may need some help with their personal statement: https://docs.google.c
  7. Queen's student here: I received an OGS offer on Monday. Weirdly enough, when I inquired about it about a month ago, I was told that all successful recipients were already contacted. Wondering if I was possibly waitlisted or if there was maybe a delay? Regardless, just wanted to share if anyone was still waiting to hear or know what was happening.
  8. First of all, congrats! Second - I would email the POI with this information. Although nothing is guaranteed, it could increase your chances of being accepted.
  9. Hi all. Current first year student at Queens here and past applicant who had an open house interview from UBC and an offer from OISE SCCP. I definitely remember all the stress during this waiting period and prepping for interviews. Feel free to ask me questions here or privately message me, if you’d like. Best of luck to everyone!
  10. Just accepted my offer from Queen’s and releasing my offer from OISE SCCP! I hope this opens up a spot to someone on the waitlist.
  11. Thank you! I was quite surprised myself but very grateful. I was rejected March 20th and contacted by my POI on March 22nd. Rejection was formal - email via SGS that status had changed along with official rejection letter. As @chopper.wife has mentioned, he is a new faculty member so I don’t have a way of getting any feedback from current grad students. This is also the case at Queen’s as the POI is a new faculty member also. But I appreciate you taking the time to suggest advice!
  12. Hi all - long-time lurker here. I know this is super late in the game but I'm hoping that I could give some people (future applicants) peace of mind. After being initially rejected and waitlisted, I've landed two acceptances! Acceptance 1 School: University of Toronto (OISE) Concentration: School and Clinical Child Psychology (SCCP) Type: MA Date of acceptance: March 29, 2019 Notified by: Email from both SGS that my status had changed on March 27, 2019, which included an official offer letter and funding; Also was notified by my POI via email the same day Note: Was initially rejecte
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