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  1. Yo facts. Also what about people who were scheduled to write the GRE but pulled out once they saw all these unis waiving it, are we supposed to get penalized for wanting to save money and time (and stress of studying)? Mad ting
  2. Probs don't submit them then imo. It won't be something that will hurt your application I don't think, because there'll be a fair few applicants without GRE scores submitted either (guilty as charged!)
  3. 50s in quant is kinda broad, like if its 59 thats probs competitive at a fair few schools but 51 might be a bit on the lower end. But also don't quote me bc I havent looked through statistics for GRE's for any schools due to it getting waived I see what you mean, those things still matter even if you want to only do therapy too. I mean I'm not gonna sign away the next 7 yrs of my life without being well-informed right? So it has nothing to do with increasing chances of admission hey? Like contacting POIs
  4. Do you guys think (thought I should ask with all this talk going on) that it's not a good idea to send an email asking oh are you taking students for next fall and leave it at that? Kinda wanna focus all my energy on applications and not on talking to POI who might not even see my application if there are a lot of other competitive applicants if that makes sense. What do you guys think of this approach?/What benefits are there to talking to POI (outside of the obvious - i.e. learning abt their more current research & figuring out research fit)?
  5. General advice - send them if very competitive for that school, keep it on the DL if theyre not. i.e. only use it to aid you not to hurt you
  6. Thank you for the helpful info! I feel like this gets me a decent little start, is it only the big 3 that provide funding? What about provincial level stuff? & does anyone else reading this have any info/tips of where to look?
  7. I've heard a two week period is good for follow up, me personally I haven't emailed anyone yet
  8. I was actually just logging on to ask about this - so with this whole grad school application process I've always heard people talk about funding funding funding. But where do we even look for funding, and what would we even say in these research proposals, etc.? I'm completely clueless to the applying for funding process so anyone who reads this post feel free to go ham on your explanation the more info the better lol
  9. I see what you're saying! Makes sense makes sense. I guess I should take it with a grain of salt then when the MA in Clinical Psychology webpage from any specific university says that "entry to the PhD is not guaranteed" (ex. Lakehead - which is kind of one of my schools of choice!) You're right about me mentioning Ontario (re: Lakehead being appealing to me), my bad for being confusing! I'm planning to apply pretty broadly (maybe not 10-15 programs as I said in an earlier post, but I have narrowed it down to 4-6 right now) so I wanted to understand each of the circumstances I'd be facing s
  10. Ah okay interesting point. So basically just taking a few more courses nothing crazy, that's good to hear And yeah I'm fairly certain those 2in1s accelerate you to the PhD pretty much after the first year of the Masters (so you pretty much have to stay on it's not like it's a choice). I don't think any of the programs that I'm currently looking at are 2in1s just because those tend to be more competitive and I don't match up atm (re: GPA and research exp.)
  11. Wait, why would it be frowned upon to only complete the Masters if there are jobs specifically looking for people with a Masters? (again, not including the provinces where you need a PhD to register as a psychologist - namely BC, Ontario, Manitoba, PEI) For example at UofA one could theoretically go to get their MA in Clinical Psyc and just work with that in Alberta after Idk I have heard that it is frowned upon (and lots of uni's outright state it), I just find it weird that it is frowned upon when there are jobs for those with a Masters + entry to a PhD isn't even guaranteed once you're d
  12. Does anyone have stories/information regarding province-to-province hiring mobility of these degrees? For example, if accepted to a Clinical Psyc MA in Ontario, is it impossible to use this MA to apply for clinical psychologist positions in Alberta (where only an MA is required to work as a clinical psychologist and not a PhD, unlike in Ontario where the full PhD is needed)? I understand that I'd need to pursue registration as a psychologist in Alberta in the above hypothetical, but I'm just wondering if there are factors literally impeding this sort of thing from happening. It would mak
  13. Is it unwise to email the program coordinator for clinical psyc programs to ask which supervisors are accepting students? Just wondering because for some uni's they want you to indicate up to 3 potential supervisors so I'm not sure how appropriate it would be to actually email 3 profs from the same uni. Surely they talk amongst themselves and they'll see that oh they've been contacted by the same student - that might not reflect well on an applicant, would it? Or would it not matter?
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