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  1. Hey everyone! Congrats on your acceptances I am an incoming student in the RCT program at McMaster as well^ — reach out if you are too!
  2. Does anyone have any insight on what next year's application cycle will look like? Less competitive? More competitive? Do you think the GRE is gone for good at most schools?
  3. Does anyone know what kind of questions I can expect in an official interview with a panel of faculty? I have already met with my POI a couple times and she hinted at the questions being more general with the panel. The questions I’m seeing online seem more relevant to one-on-one meetings (related to specific research ideas, structure of the lab, PI personal work style, etc.) Pls share any insight on this! I’m happy to chat through DM if you prefer
  4. Anyone know if the summary of the proposal for CGSM application is like an abstract? I'm a little confused about this.
  5. Anyone applying to York U also applying to OGS? I am considering not listing them for CGS-M, but then in order to apply to OGS I have to ask my references to complete an assessment form... Does anyone know if they will have to mail it or email it? I'm confused about this process.
  6. Curious about how you guys have structured your statements: Are you structuring your statements 1) in terms of skills you have for the program or 2) discussing things in chronological order? For example 1) Research paragraph, academics paragraph, clinical paragraph 2) First did research in this lab and then in this lab, then I did clinical while I did this...xyz
  7. Anyone know if on the "Identification" page of CGS-M, under "Proposed Host" and "Faculty", do we have to specify the supervisors we want to work with at each school? Or do they mean the faculty name for each school (like Faculty of Science/Faculty of Psych)
  8. Hey everyone! I'm wondering what your thoughts are on adding GRE scores to your CV? Should I do this for all schools? I just want to point more attention to it because I did well on it. Is it redundant to add it to the CV if we already choose to submit scores? Also, do you think it might negatively impact my application if I list it on my CV when the school is no longer accepting/requiring GRE scores?
  9. For any current clin psy students, did you list the school you're currently at when you applied for funding? As per the recommendations on this forum, I am trying to be strategic and list my top picks, but also where I am most likely to get accepted to. For example, at one school, I have more PIs that I can list who's research interests align with mine. This school is not necessarily my top pick (b/c of reasons like funding, length of program, location), but I think I'm more likely to get accepted there. Is it a better idea to list this school when I apply for tri-council funding?
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