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  1. Anyone applying to York U also applying to OGS? I am considering not listing them for CGS-M, but then in order to apply to OGS I have to ask my references to complete an assessment form... Does anyone know if they will have to mail it or email it? I'm confused about this process.
  2. Curious about how you guys have structured your statements: Are you structuring your statements 1) in terms of skills you have for the program or 2) discussing things in chronological order? For example 1) Research paragraph, academics paragraph, clinical paragraph 2) First did research in this lab and then in this lab, then I did clinical while I did this...xyz
  3. Anyone know if on the "Identification" page of CGS-M, under "Proposed Host" and "Faculty", do we have to specify the supervisors we want to work with at each school? Or do they mean the faculty name for each school (like Faculty of Science/Faculty of Psych)
  4. Hey everyone! I'm wondering what your thoughts are on adding GRE scores to your CV? Should I do this for all schools? I just want to point more attention to it because I did well on it. Is it redundant to add it to the CV if we already choose to submit scores? Also, do you think it might negatively impact my application if I list it on my CV when the school is no longer accepting/requiring GRE scores?
  5. For any current clin psy students, did you list the school you're currently at when you applied for funding? As per the recommendations on this forum, I am trying to be strategic and list my top picks, but also where I am most likely to get accepted to. For example, at one school, I have more PIs that I can list who's research interests align with mine. This school is not necessarily my top pick (b/c of reasons like funding, length of program, location), but I think I'm more likely to get accepted there. Is it a better idea to list this school when I apply for tri-council funding?
  6. Does this mean they will not consider any scores sent to them? Or just that it's not required?
  7. Does anyone know if the below schools are accepting GRE scores? I know it says "not required" but will they be considered at all? And what is considered a competitive score for verbal and quant (also if anyone knows, what is a good score for York?) UTSC Ottawa McMaster Western U
  8. Hi guys! What do you suggest saying in a follow-up email after a virtual meeting with a prospective supervisor? I just want to thank them for chatting with me and re-express my interest. Also, I'm planning on reaching out again once after I submit my application or if I have specific questions. For the current clin psy students, I'm curious to hear what you think of this and if it's necessary or overkill. I'm trying to treat this like a job application but I'm not sure if it's necessary to continue to do this.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you, starting up a new position in October! You can include it on your CV and personal statement in time, and by the time interviews come around you will have more experience to discuss. New or not, I think it's very valuable as I'm hearing from profs and clin psy students to stay as active as possible in research.
  10. When do you suggest sending your references a heads up about letters? My references know I'm applying to grad school, but I want to give them a gooooood amount of time to write my letters because I know they are incredibly busy.
  11. Does OGS also place a limit on how many schools you can list? Can you apply for OGS and CGS-M for the same school? Also, how do you recommend distributing funding apps for schools you are applying to? For example, should you list top 3 picks be listed for CGS as the funding amount is larger? Which one is less competitive?
  12. ALSO: anyone reaching out to profs at York, Ryerson, or UTSC successfully getting a meeting (virtually) with them?
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