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  1. Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone knows of any profs doing research focusing on child/adolescent mental health who may be accepting volunteer RA's from other universities? I don't have any opportunities in my current city, so I'm hoping I can find a lab that I can volunteer with online! Thanks
  2. Just wondering about Guelph, does anyone know if they will be reaching out to us to our Guelph email? I keep forgetting to login and check it
  3. Is there anywhere that you recommend looking for these positions? I've been looking around, but haven't seen any postings. Do you just email the labs to ask, or do they typically post somewhere?
  4. A few people have posted about interviews at Ryerson on this forum or on the results page
  5. Also freaking out! It is so hard to stay patient, I was really hoping to hear back from at least one program this past week. Hopefully some of the programs will start sending out more interview invitations next week!
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts on sending thank-you emails after an initial interview? Not sure if I should do it
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