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  1. A few people have posted about interviews at Ryerson on this forum or on the results page
  2. Also freaking out! It is so hard to stay patient, I was really hoping to hear back from at least one program this past week. Hopefully some of the programs will start sending out more interview invitations next week!
  3. Do you think I should be sending one right away, or waiting a few days? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts on sending thank-you emails after an initial interview? Not sure if I should do it
  5. I cannot believe the subject was "Please respond: University of Guelph application..." just for an anonymous survey 🤣
  6. Did anyone else get an email from Guelph about doing a survey? The subject line got me all excited for nothing lol
  7. Does anyone know how they decide which profs take priority to take on a student? I always just assumed that all the profs who are listed as "accepting a student" are able to accept a new student
  8. 2. I would say to go for it! Might as well apply where you can. You can always decide later on to not attend the school (if the research fit turns out to not be good).
  9. Does anyone know if OGS applications require separate references from the actual application to the program? Like if my reference already submitted reference letters to Waterloo, would they have to submit new references for my OGS application?
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