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  1. Is it strange/rude to ask your supervisor for a paid RA position for the summer if you’re an incoming graduate student (with that supervisor)? Like if you and the supervisor agreed to get started on research prior to graduate school officially starting.
  2. Anyone heard from Calgary regarding open house invites? According to the results page, formal invites went out, but I think they may have come from the POI (instead of the program).
  3. For those of you who listed Dalhousie as one of their proposed institutions for the CGS-M, did you list the Psychology and Neuroscience for department and Science for Faculty? Thanks!
  4. Likewise. My biggest dread are the GREs if they come back for the 2022 cycle. I studied for them this year only to have them be cancelled and then waived. I do not want to study for them again.
  5. This is my first time applying, but this whole process has been very stressful: the preparation, waiting, interviews, and waiting again. How do people do this year after year? That’s some tremendous resilience and persistence..
  6. Can any current clinical students at McMasters PM me? I have some questions regarding the program, if you wouldn't mind
  7. For Calgary, is anyone else seeing the 'Final Official Transcript' icon listed on their 'To-Do' List in their application portal? I had my institution send them the transcript via mail and email well before the application deadline, so I'm not sure why I'm seeing this. I've completed and awarded my degree before sending the transcript, so the checklist shouldn't be showing up as incomplete...
  8. I've had one 'formal' set of interviews at Dal: two structured one-on-one interviews with clinical program committee members and a casual interview with my prospective supervisors. Both were via zoom. I think the supervisors then rank their short-listed interviewees and confer with the clinical program committee to finalize offers.
  9. Anyone else having a tough time with waiting to hear back from schools? It's basically all I think about
  10. Ah that’s rough. I agree, Dal’s system is very antiquated, and I’m sorry you’ve had some trouble. Please do let us know if you end up hearing back from Dal!
  11. Dal interviews will be held by the program on the 14th and 16th. I got an invite to interview only a few hours ago, so I would give them some time to contact you. Good luck!
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