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  1. If anyone interviewed at Ryerson with AF can you please PM me? I would really appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Could the person who just posted about receiving a Ryerson interview on the results page please PM me? I would really appreciate it, thanks!
  3. I also applied to Windsor (child clinical) and I know two others who applied to Windsor clinical as well and none of us have heard back yet either!
  4. Hey guys! What are your thoughts on submitting GRE scores to schools where it's optional? (i.e., Mcmaster, and a school psychology program at McGill). Do you think you're at a disadvantage if you don't submit scores?
  5. Hey! Looking to get some advice here. I wrote the GRE's and scored 93rd percentile verbal, 45th quant, and 92nd essay. I am wondering if you guys think I should rewrite it to boost my quant score, to at least above 50th. I am also wondering if you guys think that schools have cut-offs for the GRE even if they don't explicitly state that on their websites, and that there's potential my applications didn't get looked at last year because I scored in the 45th percentile for quant. Thanks!!
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