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  1. Hey! I was definitely confused about this too. I spoke to a graduate student and from my understanding, if you select the English stream, then you still must fulfill some second language requirement throughout your degree. I believe this could be fulfilled by taking a French language course (or there are other options as well).
  2. I have a question for any grad student who was accepted after reapplying to the same prof. Specifically, if I interviewed with a prof last year and am planning on reapplying to them, do I need to write a completely new personal statement?
  3. In addition to the above comments, I thought this UTSC tip sheet is helpful in deciding if being a psychotherapist is of interest (the page lists typical program requirements, differences between similar professions, etc.). https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/aacc/counselling-and-psychotherapy
  4. Just as a side note, your GRE scores are excellent (and much higher than many applicants)!
  5. Yes, you're correct. The only thing is you have to send the quant, verbal and writing scores from the same test. You're not allowed to pick and choose (e.g., if your quant score was higher on the first test, but your verbal was higher on the second).
  6. I was wondering whether anyone would recommend still writing that you were offered CGSM on your CV but declined the offer (because I was not admitted to the actual school/program)? Is there a certain way to word this? Thanks!
  7. Hey! I checked before and the warning was there prior to your email.
  8. Has anyone received an acceptance to OISE's SCCP program? Or has anyone been in contact with a POI or admissions regarding when decisions will be made and sent out? Thanks!
  9. Hey! Regardless, that is hopeful and exciting news! What school/program?
  10. Very sorry to hear! Did you receive an email?
  11. To whoever posted on the results page regarding OISE SCCP interviews, can you please message me! Thanks
  12. To whoever posted in the results section about Guelph's CCAP program, would you be willing to dm me your POI's initials please.
  13. Hey guys! Has anyone heard from Guelph CCAP? (after the interview day)
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