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  1. I haven't heard a peep. My POI said to be patient but gave no timeline. I was thinking it would be some weeks before we heard anything about the next step. Yours said Monday latest?
  2. Had two Zoom pre-interviews this week- completely nerve wracking and I don't have the slightest clue how I did. I actually hate this whole process!! Feel free to dm for details but I have limited info. School: Queen's Program: Clinical MSc Interview type: 30-min Zoom chat with PI Date of Invite: Jan 14, had pre-interview yesterday School: Calgary Program: Clinical MSc Interview type: 30-min Zoom chat with PI Date of Invite: Jan 14, had pre-interview today School: Western Program: (NOT CLINICAL) Cog, Dev, Brain Sciences MSc program
  3. I applied to the CDBS MSc program as a back-up this year and received an invitation from my POI last week (non-clinical faculty) to the formal interview day on Feb 5. I haven't received a formal invitation from the department yet but apparently this is to come soon.
  4. Most schools haven't sent out invitations yet! Don't start getting down on yourself. I've personally found that focusing on things that are productive has really kept me from spiralling. For instance, instead of constantly scanning the forum or re-checking application portals, I signed up for stats class, I do some interview prep, I review GRE vocab, or I watch online lectures about my field on interest etc. These are all great activities that will be relevant for my future if I need to reapply or will be helpful for starting school in the fall and also keep me from focusing on the negative. A
  5. School: University of Western Ontario- Cognitive, Developmental and Brain Sciences Type: MSc Date of invite: Jan 13 Type of invite: Email from PI to expect official interview invite from department Interview date(s): Feb 5, not sure how long interview will be?
  6. Hey just writing to assuage some application anxiety on the forum. I had a brief correspondence today from my POI at Queen's and they mentioned that they haven't even begun looking at applications yet. I know someone on here had a prelim interview at Queen's, but it sounds like we shouldn't be freaking out yet haha. I don't want to share my POI right now as its very early days and I don't want to get ahead of myself! If I hear anything conclusive (interview/waitlist/rejection) I'll post my POI initials
  7. Always always Dr. X (in my opinion). I don't use first names until I join a lab or develop a closer relationship. Shows you can maintain professionalism. You'll have plenty of time to be more familiar once you work directly with a PI. Mind if I ask which school?
  8. From when I applied two years ago, places I didn't get an interview at sent out final rejections around March/April. Although if you don't get an interview by end of Feb/early March for a particular school I think it's safe to check that school off. Unfortunately the final word doesn't come until later in the spring
  9. There's something I've been mulling over and I could use some advice. I did not include my GRE scores in any of my applications because I was worried about my quant score. I took the GRE twice. The first time I scored a (V/Q/A) 163/153/5.0 and the second time a 164/154/4.5. While my GPA in my final two years is an A-, my cumulative GPA isn't the best...I'm wondering if, given my below average cGPA, I should have included my GRE scores to offset my cGPA. Does anyone think I should have included my GRE scores? Or is my average quant score a red flag for admissions committees? I've been consideri
  10. @broski @jacob847_23 @clinical_psyc_hopeful check out stipend: https://www.lakeheadu.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/95/PubDis-Table1-4 and notes F2020.pdf
  11. 1. Some of the schools I applied to explicitly asked for the grading legend to be included, others didn't. I don't think its a deal breaker, especially if you went to a more common undergrad university where they see these transcripts all the time. I wouldn't sweat it if I were you. 2. Not having applied for external funding won't automatically exclude you from most, if any, schools. I don't think not applying for external funding is a reason to not apply. Iffy fit is perhaps a more legitimate problem but honestly what do you have to lose by applying? Also, take a look at Lakehead's guara
  12. It depends on the school. Some will use your admission application ref letters (Queen's) and others ask you to submit additional reference letters (Windsor). IDK about Waterloo but I'd write to the funding department to ask.
  13. 1. Windsor- Clinical Neuropsych 2. Queens 3. Victoria- Clinical Neuropsych 4. Lakehead 5. York- Clinical Neuropsych 6. Calgary
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