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  1. Only provincial! CGSM has a lifetime maximum of one year! You could then apply at the end of second year for the CGS-D award.
  2. I released my offer to the SACP program at Western University a couple weeks ago. I hope this helps someone out!
  3. MSW is a great option for clinical work. There is also a lot of opportunity in the field right now!
  4. As a graduate of this program (UWO) and currently working in the field - I agree. Feel free to message me!
  5. Supervisor relationship - 100%! This can make or break the graduate school experience.
  6. Is this the one where we need to select all the different scholarships? Last time I applied it was a lot more general.
  7. Could the person who posted on the forum regarding their acceptance to Guelph's CCAP program message me the initials of their POI? Thanks!
  8. I am a current MA Counselling Student at Western University. if you would like to talk more about the program just let me know!
  9. I also got this email! When I open my portal though nothing has changed except the time stamp! Anyone else experiencing something similar?
  10. For anyone who applied to Regina, first round acceptances have been made. Made the short list, but I am currently waitlisted at this school and 2 others. Not hopefully as POI's pick has accepted.
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