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  1. For Canadian schools, I don't think they place as big of an emphasis on the quant GRE. My quant GRE was in the mid 50s and in the fall 2019 cycle I had 5 interviews, 1 offer & 1 wait-list. I ended up declining the offer & applied again for Fall 2020 with the same quant GRE score and ended up with 5 interviews again, 1 offer, 2 waitlists (UBC being one of them) & for the two other schools that I had interviewed, I had asked to be taken out of consideration prior to them making a decision since I accepted an offer from my top pick. In one of the posts here, I think someone had su
  2. I don't think it would hurt just sending them a quick update about new developments, assuming the first author paper has been accepted or at least submitted. It could potentially tip the scale in your favour if there is another candidate that is on an equal footing as you
  3. Fingers crossed! I am just so exhausted at this point lol. Hi there! Thank you for the update, I think I might also email to her inquire about my status, if I don't hear anything by the end of next week
  4. In the past few cycles, SFU has topped up their entrance scholarship for those have an offer(s) from other schools. It might be a good idea to wait, if you are still waiting to hear from other programs, to see if you get offers from other schools. If you do get another offer, it might be a good idea to email the grad coordinator to let them know that you are deciding between multiple offers and ask if they can match another offer.
  5. Has anyone heard back from York? Particularly from SF? The wait is killing me x.x
  6. Same thing happened when I first applied to UBC. I think they have like a B-list system. That year, I don't think I received a rejection until like late Feb despite not interviewing
  7. The clinical committee interview is something that they just started doing this cycle. I just received an email a couple of minutes ago for the clinical committee interview and they gave me two 20 min slots to choose from. I assuming that since the interview involves two clinical faculty, they are sending out the invites in waves given that the faculty probably have limited availability that match with one another. It doesn't hurt to ask but I would maybe give it a few more days
  8. I personally would email the school and express my excitement for the offer but am waiting to hear back from all schools before making any final decisions.
  9. I think these type of questions typically look more at how you responded to the obstacles and less so on the severity of the issue. Obviously, you wouldn't want to present any trivial obstacle but interpersonal situations are completely valid
  10. My POI informed me that the admissions committee will be meeting next week (or the week after) to make preliminary decisions. Applicants that move on to the next phase will be invited for another Skype interview to assess fit for clinical work (which will likely happen in the 1st or 2nd week of Feb)
  11. I just heard back from my POI who said that the admission committee for Queens will be meeting possibly next week to make preliminary decisions. Those who pass this phase will be invited to another skype interview (possible in the 1st or 2nd week of Feb) to assess fit with clinical work and then offers will be sent out after that
  12. First cycle I got zero interview 🙃 (GRE quant score was super low) and 2nd cycle I got 5 formal interviews, 1 offer, and 1 wait-list (improved GRE quant lol). Ended up declining the offer in the 2nd cycle due to fit with the program. Fingers crossed that I won't have to do a 4th cycle 😞
  13. Your frustration is definitely valid! I'm currently trying not to get too bogged down by not having as many interviews as I hoped for (I currently have 3 interviews and 2 preliminary ones). At the end of the day, it really is about getting an offer from a place you would like to go to rather than the sheer number of invites/offers. This is my 3rd cycle applying and talking to a few faculty and grad students, I realized that luck can play a huge factor in this process. The admitting faculty are human too and going through so many qualified applications, sometimes they have to rely on their gut
  14. Would the poster for University of Utah please dm your POIs initials? Thanks
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