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  1. Same, this is my 3rd round too. Applying to 14 x.x
  2. This year, I am applying to 6 schools--all of which are to specific supervisors that I really want to work with. Last cycle, I applied to roughly the same number of schools but included some back up schools--ended up declining the one offer I got (which was from a back up school). So I guess it depends on whether you just want to get into a clinical program or if you have a specific area of research/training you want. Sometimes you might find that your interests match better with a back up school, so it might be worth the extra money
  3. That is stressful. I remember for the last cycle, one of my referees sent their letter on the day that it was due lol. Although I did appreciate her telling me that was her plan, it was still stressful. I feel like a lot of these profs have their own timeline of deadlines given the amount of work that they do, especially if they are super established within their field
  4. A few of the POIs I am applying to indicated in their email that applicants are expected to apply for CGS-M. All of the Canadian application portals that I have an application in asks me if I applied to external funding and a few specifically asks about the CGSM. Although it doesn't ask if I listed them down, I assume that that is also what they are asking? Since CGSM changed it to let us put down only 3 schools rather than 5, is everyone indicating that they did not apply for CGSM on the application portals of the schools that they did not list down on the CGSM? x.x
  5. If you sent the score to them, I would briefly mention it in your SOP. Many applications also have a part where they ask the applicants if there are any considerations that they would like the admin committee to know when reviewing their application, if your app had this option, it would be a good idea to say it there instead. I would also call/email ETS and let them know. GRE requires a high degree of attentional focus to do well, I definitely would not be able to focus too.
  6. I emailed the grad admin in the psyc department at Rutgers and she said they will count my uploaded transcript as completed. I would send her an email for your peace of mind, she seems really nice Note: I uploaded my official rather than sending a hard copy. They will likely require a hard copy of you accept an offer, though
  7. Thanks! You too! Edit: I called the program administrator and she said putting down "please see attached CV" would be sufficient!
  8. Is anyone here applying to University of Utah (not USU)? I'm trying to complete the application portal and they have a box (max 250 characters) for you to list your pubs & conferences poster and another one with the same character limit for volunteer activities.. If you submitted an application already, did just say "x number of publication & X number of conference posters" without writing the title/citation? 250 characters is ridiculously restrictive lol.
  9. Can I ask which schools have a Nov 15th deadline, that seems really early? I have a few that are Dec 15th and am now 2nd guessing it lol..
  10. Are you looking to apply to Canadian programs as well? I hear Windsor has a high density of refugees
  11. Yup, I did get formal interviews after for both schools. Was waitlisted for one and rejected for the other 😢
  12. Yup! Last around, I had a few profs ask for Skype interviews prior to giving a formal invite to the interview day
  13. Hmm I was in the same dilemma and ended up asking my supervisor about his thoughts. He said it might be good to include a very very brief section on past work experience as sometimes people going into graduate school have never worked outside the university setting (e.g., focusing solely on school), so it's good to know that the applicant has held down a job (especially while going to school) and may speak to their work ethic. That being said, many will may disagree with my supervisor
  14. From my understanding, more and more schools (at least in Canada) are starting to place less of an emphasis on the GRE, although many still use it as an initial filtering tool. There are a few clinical programs that don't require the GRE in the US: https://www.gradschools.com/get-informed/before-you-apply/graduate-school-testing/psychology-graduate-programs-no-gre-required I don't think this is an exhaustive list but it's a good starting point to see if there are any researchers in these school's that would be a good fit for you. I have also heard of people getting into programs with low GRE scores, perhaps you can ask your reference letter writers to comment that your GRE scores are not an accurate reflection of your ability (some people just tend to perform worst on standardized/large timed tests due to anxiety and etc) I hope this helps! Don't lose hope :), the fact that you have 4 first author publications will put you ahead many of us
  15. I recommend that you give this document a read: http://mitch.web.unc.edu/files/2017/02/MitchGradSchoolAdvice.pdf He talks about SOP and answers several of your questions posted here!
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