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  1. Thanks for your opinion. That's sort of what I was thinking. I have a decent relationship with two of the PIs at two different schools I am still in the running at so I figure at this point I am all in and it can't hurt me. Let's see if I can get up the nerve haha... Thoughts with everyone at this phase of the process. ❤️
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you are hanging in this week. I need your thoughts...I know it can be a good idea to update programs when we get certain scholarships. What about new work experience specific in clinical psychology and being bumped to primary author on a paper including a conference presentation. This has all happened since I submitted my application. I am still in the running for a few programs and wondering if its worth updating my PI? Help! Thanks!
  3. Also got my Manitoba rejection this morning. Jeez. But still waiting to hear from lots of programs--so keeping the hope alive. Appreciate the sentiment "a display name" because this is round two for me. Good game plan in place to go for round 3 if I need it, but lets hope not. Congratulations on your spot at Windsor!! SO AWESOME!
  4. No surprise I misread that--going crazy at this stage haha. All good! Thanks for the quick reply and letting me know. Might check in with the PI as I did have an informal interview there earlier in the process. Just good to be in the know regardless.
  5. Hi all! Can the person who just posted in the results that they have just been offered an interview at Concordia let me know the POI. Glad to hear there is still stuff happening there. My hopes and dreams live on hahaha.
  6. Hi all. Emailed UVic for an update today. Just wanted to let you know that the grad secretary let me know that PIs only rank their first one and two applicants generally. From there, no one is rejected until April when the whole process is complete and offers accepted. It helped me to manage my expectations so thought I would share. If you haven't heard, it doesn't necessarily mean you are waitlisted, sorry. Grad secretary seemed nice though and willing to provide info if you want to touch base with the program directly. Good luck to everyone still!
  7. Hi all! Seeing some University of Manitoba news coming up. Can anyone share details of how they are receiving communications or PM me POI? Much appreciated! Stay strong friends!
  8. @gradladyI would also love a PM of the PI initials at Concordia if you have them! I had an informal interview there in November so I am really hoping hard. Would love to know which PIs have reached out so far. Thanks!
  9. For the person asking--heard from a faculty at UBCO that she would be reviewing application files this past weekend. That's all the info I've got though. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. Thanks...did I see that you accepted somewhere in the feed?? If so, congratulations!! Have you (or anyone out there in the cyber-verse) heard of any official UVIC rejections or wait list notices going out? And/or know of any other colleagues who have committed for sure? I am thinking of emailing next week for some sort of status update because I have some interesting job and research offers on the table right now, and any information whatsoever would be helpful in my decision making for whether to commit to these other things or not.
  11. Hi all! Hope everyone is doing okay today. Stay strong wherever you are in the process. Anyone heard from UVIC lately? From the looks of things in previous years they seem to move a bit slower than the other schools, but just thought I would send feelers out. Thanks!
  12. Agreed...This is brutal. Collective positive thoughts going out to every single candidate!
  13. Yes! I talked to a colleague who had no problem doing her PhD from Counselling background. From my understanding it is much harder to get in (if at all) with a MEd but very possible with an MA in Counselling.
  14. Oh sorry! I see that now. I am so nervous to email. Sometimes staying in the dark can be blissful haha. Thanks for responding anyways!
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