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  1. My supervisor is expecting me to move to the city where I'm accepted into the program although all classes will be online for the first semester. Is ayone else expected to move? I thought I would be staying put and relocating for next seemester, if thing with Covid have settled down.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Any chance of getting in somewhere else?
  3. So excited. I got an email this morning saying I will be getting an offer from Concordia.
  4. Did you get notifed that you were "very high on the list of alternates"?
  5. I would be curious to know as well, perhaps the vast majority who received the email applied because offers had not gone out yet.
  6. Sorry to hear you got waitlisted. Out of curiosity any idea how many clinicial students they were taking? I interviewed was not selected.
  7. I was just at Concordia Tuesday for my final interview.
  8. I would think so. You'll never know if you don't try.
  9. I'm considering it. My POI at Ryerson is TG and I've only had one interview with him so I'm not sure if he is interested in me or not. Who is your POI and how many interviews did you have?
  10. Did your email use the term waitlisted? I got an email saying "you are very high up on our list of alternates' . So disappointed.
  11. Hi, I see you were accepted last year but I'm wondering when you received your offer. I've had 3 interviews and have my fingers crossed
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