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  1. Has anyone received acceptance phone calls (not emails) over the weekend? Just trying to see if I should expect anything either today or tomorrow!
  2. I'm still waiting! My POI said they would let me know if I was waitlisted if I didn't receive an offer and I haven't heard anything yet. They did say decisions were going to be made by Friday (yesterday). I'm not sure if that was pushed back for whatever reason.
  3. I leave for an in-person Open House tomorrow. I am printing off my CV just in case anyone asks for it. I want to print it double sided for enviro-friendly reasons. Google says it's a no go, but I'm really passionate about eco-friendly initiatives so I am leaning towards double-sided despite the warnings not to. Thoughts? Thanks! Edit: my CV is 6 pages 😬
  4. Thank you! Would you happen to remember any specific questions that were asked?
  5. I would also be interested in hearing any experience people have had. I have an in-person group interview coming up!
  6. That's amazing! Happy it is working out for you and you are able to make most of them. You should do a blog post or something on what you did this time around compared to previous cycles. It might help out a few people. And again, congrats!! Haha I am also running on coffee and cliff bars.
  7. I did as well. I agree with @ClinPsyc20 in following up.
  8. Congrats on all your interviews!!! Out of the curiosity of pure pragmatics ... are you attending/interviewing at all of them??
  9. Hi! So just curious, for those who posted they were waitlisted by UBC, did you have interviews before you were waitlisted? And how did you receive that news? Also to confirm, this is UBC V not O right?
  10. Thank you! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who over thought this haha.
  11. I have a question about replying to interview invites. I was emailed by the graduate coordinator and my POI, the DCT, and another prof were CC'd. Should I "reply all" to my response? I know this seems trivial and I'm over thinking it, but I just wanted to see what others did in the same situation.
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