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  1. That's awesome! Congrats! I might mention it in my next Skype meeting and see what they say. Best of luck to you!
  2. Hi there! If you don't mind sharing, I am wondering how you were able to get a POI to help you with the CGS application? I was thinking of asking a few POI's if they would be willing to provide input on my CGS proposal, but I felt it was a lot to ask of them. Thanks!
  3. Awesome, congrats!! I hope it works out
  4. Thank you for this advice! And congrats on being accepted and starting your program!! Did you have a research idea prepared for your initial Skype meeting? And do you mind me asking which school? Also... how competitive were your GRE scores? I've heard it's really POI/department dependant how much they weight them, but I'm just curious if you are open to sharing. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your reply! Was that this application cycle or last years? I just don't want to be taken off guard with a really hard question that I'm not prepared for lol
  6. Hi! Thank you for your reply! Based on the previous years thread, this is one of the few schools that sends out invites in December/does super early interviews. Not saying that this is what that is, but maybe this department likes to meet and talk as soon as possible with potential students to have an idea of what they're like before they actually view the full application materials. I sent him my CV and quite a detailed email outlining my experience and interests. Also, this is a child development lab, and I work with children with serious neurodevelopmental disorders. I think maybe it was a combination of my email, CV and experience that prompted him to ask for a Skype meeting. Honestly, I didn't think it was that unusual for a POI to set up a call/Skype meeting. There are two other profs who emailed me back saying they would like to do a call in late October when they are not so busy... so I thought it was kind of common to talk via Skype before the application deadline? I'm a bit nervous though because I think my application is strong besides my GRE scores (terrible quant scores, like the worst ever), I'm retaking soon to up my score. Hopefully it goes well! As exciting as it is to receive interest, I'm reminding myself that there are so many other aspects of an application that go into the decision making process besides research fit/experience. Edit: Thank you for your advice, it was very helpful!
  7. Hi everyone! I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with meetings via Skype with POI's? I have my first one next week and I'm not sure what to expect. I emailed this professor a few weeks ago to express interest in their lab and the program and he responded by asking to meet via skype. Should I prepare as if this was a preliminary interview? I am leaning more towards yes, I'd rather be over prepared than under. If anyone has any specific advice, that would be awesome! Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone! I wanted to let anyone know who applied to UBCO that all invitations have gone out for the interview day on Feb. 15th. If you have not received an email, that is an indication that you have not been invited. Some POI's send out rejection emails to applicants who have indicated them as a potential supervisors and some do not. Also, just to clarify, this pertains to UBCO only, not UBCV. Hope this helps anyone who feels like they've been left hanging!
  9. Hi everyone! I am wondering if invites are sent to everyone on the same day for the same school or if they are sent out on different days? Also, has anyone heard back from UBCO? Thanks!
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