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  1. dancedementia

    Advice on securing post-bacc paid RA opportunities?

    There is also this tried and true job board. It's full of spam, but you can easily pick out the legitimate posts by how many views there are. http://post-bacc-ra-opportunities.1115000.n5.nabble.com/
  2. dancedementia

    PhD Final Decision Thread Fall 2018

    Tough one to get into and one of my reach schools for next year. Congrats!!
  3. Way on the other end of the spectrum Finishing my masters at 28, and hopefully will be starting a doctoral program at 29! Age is no factor either way!
  4. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    APA has a time limit as to when they can apply, which is why UHCL and KCUMB (among others) haven't gotten accredited yet. They need (I think) 3 years of student data in order to put forth the proposal. So the fact that they are unaccredited doesn't necessarily mean they're shit programs, it just means they haven't been open long enough. I know UHCL in particular has very strong ties with agencies and extern/practica placements in the area, and the school in general is fairly good. When you hear folks say not to go unaccredited, it is because of the difficulty you will have 1) getting internship placement in your 5th year, and 2) getting licensed in some states. Assuming your school gets to the application and/or contingency phase before your 5th year, you should be fine. I definitely get the concern, but I would be much more willing to attend an unaccredited program like UHCL vs. something sketchy like Cal Southern (which purposefully refuses to apply for APA accreditation... probably because they know they wouldn't get it =P)
  5. This is not necessarily true - it depends on your state. I'm going to assume based on your schools in your signature that you're in New York, one state where it is absolutely true that LMHCs are a terrible choice, and LCSWs have all the power. California, however, gives all the power to the MFTs and LMHC/LPC wasn't even a license choice until 2009!
  6. dancedementia

    How much research is enough research?!?!

    Thanks for this - and I mean it. Having a stranger on the internet give good advice is rarer than it sounds. I am really, really bad about hiding behind my imposter syndrome. I'm actually terrified that it will come out during interviews and I'll essentially shoot myself in the foot. I might have to take a taste of my own medicine and get some counseling to help work through this so I'm not a ball of anxiety throughout the interview process.
  7. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Thanks for sharing this! It definitely gives me hope (and also confirms my interests in ED research). I also really appreciate you breaking down your research/match schools as it gives me some sense of where to target my apps. Who is your prof/POI at Yeshiva? I wouldn't paint it so black and white. UHCL has good reputation in the area (and many of the other programs - MFT, etc.) are accredited. They will be applying for APA probably this or next year, and I expect that by the time a student is up for internship match, the program will probably be accredited. I was considering the UHCL program for a while before I decided I really didn't want to stay in Texas. KCUMB is another unaccredited program that seems like it will pass accreditation fairly easily, and I'm considering it as one of my safeties. @liznlex: if you're okay with taking a chance on programs in the initial stages of accreditation, here's a list: http://www.apa.org/ed/accreditation/programs/initial-accred.aspx
  8. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    This is hilarious - I'm currently living in Texas (my home state) but desperately want to get back to Boston (where I did my undergrad). We should just switch ?
  9. dancedementia

    How much research is enough research?!?!

    Honestly, I think hanging around SDN has really skewed my perception of how much research a person actually needs to attend a graduate degree program. Quick background: I'm in an MA in Counseling program right now and am interested primarily in practice over academia. I'm applying to several well-known PsyD and practice-oriented PhD programs and - thanks to fiance's good earning potential - am not too (keyword) concerned about price. My masters in counseling is also license eligible and I plan to work part-time with that while pursuing the PsyD (and have selected programs that are okay with that). My research experience: 2 years in a behavioral economics group (at a top tier busines school - I was an aspiring economist in undergrad, but it was actually very psychologically inclined) 1 year in a state department of health analyzing public health data 1 year in a multicultural counseling lab (resulted in 3 posters, no papers) 1 year in a personality lab (resulted in 1 poster) 2 years in an anxiety disorders lab (might result in a paper) It sounds like a lot on paper, but I haven't been productive at all. 3 posters seems like child's play when I see other applicants with multiple papers, some with first author status. There is no thesis option in my master's program. My Plan B if I don't get into a program is to spend a year working part-time as a research coordinator and part-time as a therapist (to get both research/clinical balance). But still, I don't know how much a year of research coordinator work is going to improve on my lackluster application. tl;dr - NO RESEARCH EXP. PANICKING HARDCORE. HALP.
  10. dancedementia

    GRE Psychology Subject Test_Prep Group

    Are you studying for the April or the Sept/Oct exams?
  11. dancedementia

    It's almost over...lessons learned 2018

    How were you tastefully able to include your ED experience in your statement? I have a similar background (it's the reason I got into psychology and I want to do research in the area) but I don't want it to come across as if I don't have an identity beyond "recovered anorexic" .___.
  12. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Okay I'm jumping the gun a little, but I'm starting to narrow down my application list and wanted to connect with anyone who is planning on applying for fall 2019 matriculation! My focus is in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, with a primary research interest in eating disorders. The list thus far: Top choices: UNT (PhD Counseling), Rutgers (PsyD Clinical), Northeastern (PhD Counseling), Springfield (PsyD Counseling), Yeshiva (PsyD Clinical), LIU Brooklyn (PhD Clinical), Adelphi (PhD Clinical) Mid-level choices: Xavier (PsyD Clinical), CCNY (PhD Clinical), Suffolk (PhD Clinical), IUP (PsyD Clinical), UHartford (PsyD Clinical), UIndy (PsyD Clinical), Fairleigh Dickinson (PhD Clinical), Drexel (PhD Clinical) Safeties: KCUMB (PsyD Clinical - new program, not APA yet), Chestnut Hill College (PsyD Clinical), Immaculata (PsyD Clinical), PCOM (PsyD Clinical) Reeeeeach: UNC-Chapel Hill (PhD Clinical), Emory (PhD Clinical), Temple (PhD Clinical), Univ of Kansas (PhD Clinical), Miami University of Ohio (PhD Clinical), UNC-Charlotte (PhD Clinical) Still a long list, but I'm taking my time chipping away at it. I'm hoping to apply to ~15 programs and choose based on practicum experiences (I want at least 2-3 full years in community clinics) and research match. What are y'all thinking?
  13. dancedementia

    Fun Post: Best and Craziest Backup Plans

    A "crazy" proposition that I actually heavily considered several years ago: Spend a year traveling around East Asia, taking class at all the top dance schools, auditioning to become a K-pop or J-pop star and/or backup dancer, and generally honing my dance skills. As you can see, that didn't pan out too well. Another backup plan I had for a while was to enlist in the military...........
  14. dancedementia

    I'm so intimidated by my advisor.

    I worked in corporate getting torn to shreds before academia and never batted an eye (investment banking... literally had books thrown in my face before). For some reason it was a lot easier to shrug and say, "Ah, that's how it is" when I was dealing with a bunch of fratty men. But for some reason there's something about my advisor that rubs me the wrong way I appreciate the rest of your post though. I like your bit about trying to reframe it into a more positive light. Ironic, as I tell my clinical patients to do that all the livelong day and I can barely do it myself haha!
  15. dancedementia

    I'm so intimidated by my advisor.

    I know she means well. I know she came from Russia, where a more blunt approach and sharp tone is common (I had a Russian piano teacher growing up, maybe it's unresolved trauma haha). I know she just wants me to succeed. But damn, it sucks that every time I walk into her office to go over progress, she essentially invalidates everything that I've done. I know I'm not making sufficient progress on my thesis, but dammit I'm trying. I didn't have research experience coming into the program, nor did I major in psychology, so a lot of concepts are still new to me (effect size? what's that?) I came in today with a proposal revision I was so proud of and I feel like she ripped it to shreds in front of my eyes. It's causing me a great deal of anxiety but I don't know how to bring it up with her, because she has very legitimate points and I know I suck. I guess I'm just feeling intimidated and ashamed that I'm not doing better. Sorry, just needed to rant

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