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  1. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I can understand your sentiment for sure. That said, I think different strokes for different folks applies here. There are some schools that on the surface appear very "diploma mill" ish but with proper connections and/or niches are fine. As an illustrative example, I'm applying to William James - notorious for lower internship match rates, an embedded internship consortium, and lack of financial aid. That said, for folks who are interested in working with lower SES populations in the Boston area, that particular institution has good connections with agencies in the area and can place you there easily starting in Y1. I know colleagues who knew exactly the niche they wanted to work with, and after graduating from that institution, were able to network their way into great jobs in the field. The EPPP is also not that difficult and, assuming the individual is competent, the institution should not have too large of a bearing on pass rates. Perhaps postdoc hours are the greater issue there, I wouldn't know yet. Perhaps the end goal needs to be clarified. Sure, if you want to be a psychologist at Mount Sinai and TT at an R1, then by no means should you attend a partially funded and/or PsyD program. But if you're content working at a standard PHP in the city and having a little PP on the side, the circumstances definitely change. I guess I should also specify that I have a licensable masters, a job offer that will support me through my first few doc years, and a fiance about to finish med school, so my financial circumstances are much different than the straight-out-of-undergrad applicant.
  2. dancedementia

    Best psyd programs in New England?

    Hi! I did my undergrad, started a masters in Boston, and worked a few years in MA. First off, what are your reasons for PsyD vs. PhD? Secondly, why Clinical vs. Counseling? William James - well established in the area, suuuuuper large cohorts (we're talking 100+), has an internship consortium, good practica/externship experiences, VERY pricey with little to no financial support Antioch - good for folks who are working full time already in the mental health field and need a doctorate to progress; classes are only on Mon/Tues each week so people work the rest of the time and/or attend externship. The drive from Worcester to Keene is probably like... 2 hours? Not that bad. Hartford - also respected in the area (many of McLean's PsyDs are from here), not as many options for externships unless you want to commute into larger cities. Don't know too much about this program. If you're not picky on Clinical vs. Counseling you might want to look into Springfield as well, they have a PsyD in Counseling Psych which is very near you.
  3. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I really appreciate your sentiment, but I also would hesitate to write off every program that isn't fully funded. Try as we might, some of us have life circumstances that just do not make us competitive for those R1/R2 universities. Me personally, I had a shit GPA in my undergrad AND I got into some.... shall we say, trouble. Like, morally. I also have financial and family hardships that make it impossible for me to do things like volunteer a lot for research, work a year as a research assistant, etc. I got into a partially-funded masters program and that was the best I could do, because in addition to school I also work 40-50 hours a week to earn enough money to caretake a dying family member and handle my own medical bullshit. So I know that I am NOT going to be competitive for the Harvards and UPenns and UNC Chapel Hills of the world. And that's okay. You'll see in my signature most of the programs are only partially funded and/or are PsyD "mills" because I'm not interested in punching above my weight class and getting 0 acceptances.
  4. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    School: Chestnut Hill College Type: PsyD Date of invite: Dec. 6, 2018 Type of invite: Mass email Interview date(s): Jan. 15, 2019
  5. dancedementia

    Trying to Switch from PhD to PsyD

    Yep, I caught that right as I posted it and edited my post accordingly haha.
  6. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I currently work as a career counselor, and every time someone asks me how to write a CV I always direct them to this lovely page https://theprofessorisin.com/2016/08/19/dr-karens-rules-of-the-academic-cv/ She's a little nitpicky, but I find the advice is pretty on point all around. Obviously if you're early career / not in a PhD program yet you won't have some of these items (e.g. professional appointments and university service), so you can leave those items out. To everyone asking about # of apps, I applied to 12. I've had my apps submitted since early November and am just sitting here chewing on my nails every day. I know interview invites will probably not even go out until mid-December or early January (depending on deadlines), but that doesn't stop me from having mini panic attacks whenever I get a new email. Good luck, everyone!
  7. dancedementia

    Trying to Switch from PhD to PsyD

    Do a respecialization program. Most fully-funded PhD programs will not accept you if you already have a PhD (they don't want to fund you again, lol). PsyDs might be more lenient, but respecialization will get you there faster. https://www.apa.org/ed/graduate/respecialization.aspx EDIT: WAIT sorry I screwed up. I thought you already had your PhD in I/O. If you only have an MS then you should apply to PhD programs the "usual" way and have a very clear reason for wanting to switch. Their primary worry will be, "Well, this girl started another PhD program and quit halfway through, so how can we trust that she won't pull the same thing on us?" Depending on your current program, it may be obvious or not whether you quit after masters, so they will definitely be wary. I would look into getting some clinical exp (volunteering, teching) so that you can testify to why you want to do clinical work. Find some way to link your current research to what you might want to research in a clinical psych program.
  8. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hey folks! Has anyone applied "early decision" at any of your schools? I did it at Antioch and William James and am wondering how that changes how they evaluate your application.
  9. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hey folks just checking in. All my apps are submitted. Now we wait. *crosses fingers* Good luck to everyone!!
  10. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hi folks, just checking in. I've submitted most of my apps at this point, except for WJC and U Hartford (the latter of which needs to calm down with all the essays it requires). Took the GRE a week and a half ago and scores just came in - 168V, 160Q, 5.5 AW. I'm not super happy about the Q score, but it is what it is. Hopefully the nice V will make up for it. Now we sit and wait patiently for the LOR writers to get their act together xD
  11. dancedementia

    Master’s in Counseling w/ Mindfulness Training?

    Very few masters programs will have a focus on any particular orientation - there simply isn't enough time to devote to developing a theoretical orientation in depth. If you are interested in learning more about DBT/ACT, I suggest just getting books and reading on your own time (PM me if you want a few samples). You might also want to search for programs who have practicum/internship affiliations with sites that would be more open to using DBT/ACT/MBCT.
  12. dancedementia

    GRE 2nd time around...

    Magoosh, hands down. They have a test bank of 700 questions, each with a detailed explanation (in both video and written form), along with instructional lectures. Grind grind grind. You got this!!
  13. dancedementia

    NYU or TC Master

    Go for TC. They have a great record of graduates who go on to PhD/PsyD programs (which is what I assume you're after). In the event that you don't get in, you can always apply for both the following year.
  14. dancedementia

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Y'all have time! I would start panicking around the end of October The reason I'm trying to get all of my stuff in ASAP is b/c I'm also juggling a major research project and taking my masters-level licensing exam (which also counts as our exit exams) next month (ugh).
  15. dancedementia

    Best Psyd Schools

    The best thing to do is go to the APA accredited programs list and look at all the PsyD programs' student outcomes sheets. With the way psychology is going right now, you probably want programs that have 80%+ internship match rates. Also, what is considered "favorably viewed by leaders in the field" really depends on what field you're trying to get into. As a personal anecdote, when I was working at McLean Hospital, quite a few PsyDs there had their degrees from University of Hartford or MSPP. Neither of those schools are gold standard, but they placed a lot of students for externships at McLean because of the geographical closeness; those students were then able to knock it out of the park at their externships and when they later applied, got offers to work there. Similarly, if you're looking for programs that focus on specific populations, specific theoretical training (e.g. La Salle is known as the top CBT program in the Philly area; don't apply there if you're psychodynamic), or have access to specific cities/hospitals, that is another thing to consider. I'm assuming if you're looking at PsyD programs, the clinical placements matter a lot more to you than being an uber-productive researcher; that's why you should consider strength of practica/externships and internship placement heavily (that said, make sure you are interested in at least one faculty member's research because yes, you'll have to do some). Also be wary of any PsyD program that makes you wait too long to get in the field. The good programs will send you to in-house clinics and practica no later than Y2; I remember looking at one program (can't remember which) where practica was only required in Y4, which is way too late for a scholar-practitioner model (for any model, really....)

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