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  1. Thank you so much! From what I've heard, HGSE seems to like having a well-rounded group of individuals in the cohorts (perhaps an alum or two can confirm this). Your stats look impressive and competitive to me. Hope to see you in the fall on campus! 🙂
  2. Sure thing. I applied for the Human Development and Education Program (and the Higher Education Concentration). I posted a month or so ago in this thread all my stats (just checked....posted it on December 8, 2020). Would love to hear your thoughts after you read it. 🙂
  3. As a fellow applicant....fingers crossed for us both (and everyone else here)! Good luck!
  4. Thank you for confirming this! Glad they'll have a similar number of accepted Ed.M. students. 🙂
  5. I am curious about this too. I imagine (hope?) they will stay about the same....but haven't heard anything concrete about this.
  6. Good luck to everyone! Proud of each and every one of us brave enough to apply! Fingers crossed for us all.
  7. Hello again all! Been meaning to post my stats for some time (like others, I'm hoping to help pay it forward regardless of how the process goes for me). Any thoughts, suggestions, and/or critiques are welcome. Concentration/Program: Ed.M. in Human Development and Education (planning to take the concentration "Higher Education")GRE: V: 158, Q: 156, AW: 4.0 (Took it last year, not planning to re-take)Work experience: Several years working research (some in biomedical, some in education). Previously worked as an editorial assistant on an academic journal. Also previously worked as a dat
  8. Hey @Yoobo! I'm planning to apply to the HDE program (with a higher ed. concentration). Nice to see someone else looking to apply to the same program. To me, sounds like you'll be an excellent applicant! Happy to chat more if you like. 🙂
  9. Hey everyone! Glad to be jumping in with this group! Found the groups very helpful in previous years when I applied. I worked with @graciasadios to update the admissions data file he created to include the most recent 5 years of data from what people have posted in various threads in GradCafe. Hopefully people find it useful. Definitely saw some interesting data as I was going through the different threads and filling out this sheet as best I could (in terms of admitted students, students that were not admitted, and financial aid awards). I'm planning to apply again this upcoming cyc
  10. One option might be to see who has published in journals focusing on this area. Off-hand, I am aware of at least one journal that focuses on veterans (Journal of Veterans Studies). Looking at who has previously published in this journal could be a good start to identifying who is doing this work (or similar work). One other point to consider it to echo what others have said here and to slightly broaden your search in terms of departments/Ph.D. programs. Student affairs administration and social work are a couple of fields that come to mind for me as places that would likely have faculty w
  11. mjsmith

    HGSE 2020

    Thank you very much for the compliments! I appreciate them. Obviously disappointed with the decision I received, but I'll keep trucking along. Perhaps HGSE is meant to be down the road as opposed to now. We'll have to just wait and see.
  12. mjsmith

    HGSE 2020

    It was a no for me. Bummer. Congrats to all that got in!
  13. mjsmith

    HGSE 2020

    Just logged into mine and not seeing anything that wasn't there before...….😬 Just to check....is this the same application login where we all applied? Or is it another portal?
  14. mjsmith

    HGSE 2020

    When I applied a few years ago, they sent all notifications at the same time. Doubt this has changed, but perhaps a more recent applicant can confirm this?
  15. mjsmith

    HGSE 2020

    That would be AMAZING! If anyone does happen to hear early....please please PLEASE share it here!
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