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  1. HGSE 2016

    It is a rejection for me. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. HGSE 2016

    Just got new update in the portal! Opening it now........
  3. HGSE 2016

    I vaguely remember reading in one of the old threads that people saw it in their portal before they got the e-mail.
  4. HGSE 2016

    Keep believing, everyone! I'm sure they are waiting to do it right as they are leaving, so they don't get bombarded with phone calls.
  5. HGSE 2016

    Thanks for the insight, @nicolemae!
  6. HGSE 2016

    You'll make it!
  7. HGSE 2016

    I'm out of likes to give, but I totally agree! @elveintiocho,
  8. HGSE 2016

    Thank you very much for this information, @elveintiocho!
  9. HGSE 2016

    That is what I've been going with. Any others want to confirm that?
  10. HGSE 2016

    @Shlee467, Thank you very much!
  11. HGSE 2016

    @Shlee467, Was the letter posted as a link on your application portal, or was open on the portal when you logged in?
  12. HGSE 2016

    My productivity is down the tubes today. I'm sure I'll be refreshing websites and email often throughout the day. Oh well, at least we're all in this together!
  13. HGSE 2016

    Good morning everyone! Just posting a different apt song for us all today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw Enjoy as we all wait for the announcement to come!
  14. HGSE 2016

    Just wanted to wish good luck to us all! I'd also like to echo what @KaySsaem said, and thank everyone here for the caring, the support, and everything else as we've all gone through this long, exciting, amazing journey together. I wouldn't have made it this far without all y'all!
  15. HGSE 2016

    Welcome @sunrothko! The more the merrier as we all wait things out for tomorrow.