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  1. Sadly a rejection for me. Congrats to everyone that got in! Happy for each and every one of you!
  2. Just wanting to concur with everything others have said above. It has truly been a joy and honor to be on this journey with you all these last few months (and in a few cases like me, even longer than a few months). Whatever happens, whatever decisions are made by HGSE, by other schools, and by us individually, I have great faith in us individually and collectively. I eagerly look forward to seeing all that we can and will accomplish!
  3. Reading this reminded me of the lyrics from this song.... "Hoping for the best but expecting the worst" Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video - YouTube Enjoy a little music as we wait. Good luck to us all!
  4. Echoing all this....really hoping we hear today!
  5. Thank you for doing this! Makes me smile and gives me hope that there will be news today!
  6. Just logged in to check and see if anything is posted there. Don't see a decision letter....guessing later this weekend some time then. Passing along the info for all here.
  7. One reason that comes to mind is that is when they have the automatic email system set up to send it so they don't have to worry about it. Though Also sending it it the middle of the night keeps all of us from calling their office at the same time since they won't be there. 🙃 Either way, hoping they decide to send it out tonight.
  8. Welcome! Glad you're here with us! Fingers crossed for good news and to see you at HGSE in the fall! 🙂
  9. Exciting to hear this! Thank you for the inside info! As an aside, in past years HGSE will post the decisions on the application portal before the emails are sent out. Usually only by a few minutes, but it will be up that way so all decisions will be posted when the emails go out. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Also would be curious to hear this, if they are willing to share.
  11. Awesome! Looks like a great list of folks there! I haven't looked at them all, but Dr. Anthony Jack, Dr. Francesca Purcell, Dr. Mandy Savtiz-Romer, Dr. Richard Weissbourd, and Dr. Ola Ozernov-Palchik all are interesting to me! I also would love to be in the class with the do-be announced President-In-Residence for the Higher Ed Concentration. So many amazing faculty, hard to pick even a handful!
  12. That sounds awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! Love hearing someone has a similar interest, with a slightly different twist on it! Any particular professors you're hoping to take a class from, @penguinvibes?
  13. I applied to HDE with a concentration in Higher Education. I'm interested in how students in higher education environments learn/grow/develop outside of the formal classroom setting. I also have an interest in social class identity development in college students. What kinds of things are you interested in, @penguinvibes?
  14. I applied to HDE! There are definitely a few of us around here. 🙂
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