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  1. Got into Chicago this morning too. So excited! Will probably accept. However, more funding would be appreciated. Does anyone with funding know if they will end up declining the offer? I'm not sure if the money spreads when people decline admission, but maybe? Also - is anyone worried about schools going online next year again?
  2. Does anyone know if they've send PhD acceptances for HDS or Chicago Div? Don't see any...
  3. Waiting for HDS and Chicago Divinity... I have lots of other work to do but the days are dragging. Can't help but check my application status 87 x a day. Anyone have any advice about how to distract yourself? 😩
  4. Also - have other admissions results been timely? I'm wondering if some results will come in late due to COVID.
  5. In the past, it seems Chicago has released results in both late February and March 😩 does anyone have any knowledge about this? I know on their website it says mid-March... but I'm impatient. 😆 Hoping it could possibly happen tomorrow or next week? I'm also waiting on HDS...
  6. at which convent did you intern? i had a similar experience!
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