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  1. You clearly have the credentials to go far regardless of the decision you make. Even just on the merit of being a University of Chicago undergraduate you will do well (where one does their undergraduate degree matters more than one might think - i.e. while most Top Tier Divinity Schools have high admissions rates, the same is not true of those same schools at the undergraduate level, so it will speak to your ability). For you, I think the question will be where you want to do your PhD. If you want to go to Notre Dame, they have a strong propensity to prefer their own internal candidates,
  2. I cannot say for sure, though the Admissions Committee Chair reached out to me personally last night via email to let me know about my status. I guess my rationale for assuming that acceptances have also gone out is that most schools do not let waitlisted applicants know before their admitted applicants, or at the very least, they let both groups know at the same time. That could be a flawed line of thinking though! It's hard to say this year because CSR probably only took ~4 people, so there is a good chance that the accepted students did not post their results.
  3. Many congratulations to those who were accepted to Harvard yesterday! Out of courtesy for those on the waitlist, if you know for sure already where you will attend—whether it be Harvard or a comprobable institution (The University of Chicago, Stanford, Northwestern, Yale, Duke, etc.)—if you could make that decision as soon as you know and have peace about your decision it would greatly help those of us in limbo 🙂 No pressure of course, and congratulations again!!
  4. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well during this intermediate period. I know how difficult this process can be, and the worst part is when there is nothing left that you can do—except wait (are we not conditioned to do everything we possibly can to increase our chances of admittance?). Indeed, what is even worse is when schools keep you in the dark until the last minute, especially when they have already made decisions behind the scenes. It is also not helpful that Grad Cafe has incomplete data, meaning that not everybody who gets an interview or offer of acceptance posts it. E
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