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  1. I too got rejected, haha, after the interview for HDS' MTS! I will finish my master's in one of my other top-choice and try HDS' MDiv path after that if learning ministry work will help my religious community. Currently, I just want to learn the methods of studying religion academically first.
  2. Thank you all very much for your suggestions!! Now after a while, I feel I was shocked by the way they deal with applications (they didn't do the service they promised...), rather than the rejection itself. It is a grace. The program is way too expensive for a master's, I applied to them because they have a faculty in another department that touches my subject deeply and I submitted early merely because I was too lazy to urge my mentor. I decided to let it go, and pay attention never turn in my application too early next time 😭 For anyone who may see this in the future, I hope it can save some pocket money.
  3. It's Columbia. The deadline is March 21, but they said we could submit the application earlier without all the recommendation letters, and they receive letters no later than two weeks after the deadline. The program needs three letters and at least two of them have to be academic. The two letters had been uploaded, one of them probably could not be academic because I asked it from my film major art faculty. It seems like now they are on a rolling basis. I submitted early because I checked their website and my advisor prefers to submit letters late at night. I was worried I would miss that. The school has a tiny note of some free-stranding masters that may be on a rolling basis but does not mention which ones, nor their religion program does. Geese. But if I knew that's how it works, I would not pay my $120 for this😂
  4. My third recommender, my undergraduate advisor, has not sent her letter yet......
  5. Find someone on dating app speaking the target language. Great, free, easy practice opportunity.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that I could help you in some ways 😆
  7. I feel 3.0-3.5 is still a decent gpa for divinity schools, plus you seem have clear motives and good SOP. It should be fine if your writing sample did not have much citations, they prefer the analysis part made by you because they just want to know your ability of thinking.
  8. Hi, Andyroo. How are your other materials? If they are not important, the schools won’t ask for them.
  9. I know I know, this process is SO stressful, yesterday I told my friend it's kinda like a reprieve...I saw your other posts, Boabdil, and I think you are doing great ;D
  10. Sure. There was an email titled "HDS Application Completed" on 1/16.
  11. Hi dear people! I got the invitation minutes ago. Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. IDK if they did this on purpose to someone who studies East Asian religions, but to be honest, after staying up all night for the festival and woke up seeing the invitation lying in the email box, I felt so blessed and almost wanted to cry… I know that it’s a hard time to hang on there for waiting, so, wish you all the best and please feel free to ask me if you need more information!
  12. Yes, it feels better to get an email like that. Now every day I am thinking probably I did not state my purpose clearly in the SOP or made some other mistakes...
  13. Congratulations, memoriah_7!!! Wishing you the best!
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