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  1. Hello, everyone. I'm starting the MDiv degree at Harvard this fall, but I'm also interested being dual enrolled in the Kennedy school with an MPP. If anyone has any insight on how to pursue this or what opportunities it may bring, I would really appreciate it!
  2. There was no email, I just check the portal and saw a status update
  3. @sambam🥶🥶 Wow, that's really cutting it close!
  4. @sambam Did they give a reason why its so late or just speculation on your part? That's pretty unusual on their end.
  5. For those who applied to HDS, is there supposed to be a red X alongside your awaiting status?
  6. Anyone hear anything from the UChicago MA/MDiv programs?
  7. I think it will be either tomorrow or next week because acceptances for their MA/MDiv came out on the 19th last year and the 27th in 2018.
  8. Does this also apply for the Divinity School and their Masters programs?
  9. So, I'm looking at potential PhD programs and noticed that Princeton's Religion, Ethics, and Politics PhD program is seldom mentioned on this site. For those who know, what are the logistics among this program in terms of reputation or teaching style? For specifically, are the professors more analytic or continental when it comes to their approach of studying Religion? My MDiv concentration would be in this field and I want to know what classes I should take to best prepare for PhD programs such as this.
  10. Gotcha. Just for future reference, do you know of any PhD programs within the humanities that are more receptive or have certain negative basis when it comes to a MTS or Mdiv? Also, how is the acceptance rate of the PhD program at Harvard compared to the MTS or Mdiv?
  11. Oh, I apologize I should have been more clear. I actually considered applying to the MDiv to most of the divinity schools that you listed. If I get an MDiv with a concentration in Philosophy of Religion, would that help me when Ph.D. application season in Religion comes along in my final year of the masters? My main interests are Philosophy of Religion. Mythology, and Religious Studies.
  12. Thanks for the honest feedback. I'm drawn to go towards Divinity School since I feel that it is more of my field that Philosophy, anyway. If I were to graduate from Divinity School (HDS for example) with good grades, what are the chances of getting accepted into a top PhD in Religion? Also, what are your thoughts about HDS as a school?
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