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  1. Gotcha. Just for future reference, do you know of any PhD programs within the humanities that are more receptive or have certain negative basis when it comes to a MTS or Mdiv? Also, how is the acceptance rate of the PhD program at Harvard compared to the MTS or Mdiv?
  2. Oh, I apologize I should have been more clear. I actually considered applying to the MDiv to most of the divinity schools that you listed. If I get an MDiv with a concentration in Philosophy of Religion, would that help me when Ph.D. application season in Religion comes along in my final year of the masters? My main interests are Philosophy of Religion. Mythology, and Religious Studies.
  3. Thanks for the honest feedback. I'm drawn to go towards Divinity School since I feel that it is more of my field that Philosophy, anyway. If I were to graduate from Divinity School (HDS for example) with good grades, what are the chances of getting accepted into a top PhD in Religion? Also, what are your thoughts about HDS as a school?
  4. Hello, everyone. I am struggling to decide if I should go towards an MTS at schools like Harvard and Yale or go straight into a Ph.D. program. For context, I have a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have done very well in my Philosophy classes. Yet I think that if I go straight into a Ph.D. program, I would be missing out on the education that Divinity school offers. Age matters as well, since I plan to be on the tenure track. Going into a Ph.D. at 22 vs 24 could make a lot of difference in the long run. Since I want to get a Ph.D. in Philosophy, I am wary of how an MTS is seen in the eyes of the Philosophy department's admissions teams. There is the sentiment that if I decline an acceptance from HDS, I would be forfeiting a one in a lifetime opportunity. If any Philosophy PhDs or HDS alums can chime in, I would greatly appreciate it.
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