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  1. I personally and unfortunately think the time for interviews have ended because based on previous years, there’s a high chance the decision will come out on either tomorrow or Tuesday.
  2. Judging past years, HDS seems to release decision on the second Mondays of March, with it ranging from 15-16th depending on which one is the Monday and the earliest being the 12th. Theres was one year (2019?) where the 11th fell on a Monday, but they released it on the 12th instead of Monday the 11th. So im guessing theyre releasing everything either next Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Congratulations! there are so many duplicate threads Im not sure which one to follow. Theres the Mdiv master thread, and the general 2024 M* thread which seems similar to this one
  4. Im glad HDS sent out that email. It confirms they will probably still be sending out more interviews.
  5. Thank you, it’s scheduled for next week so I will let you know after
  6. I went to a State School, nothing fancy. I described my background in the very first post I made if you go to my profile. Places like HDS are very finicky tbh, there’s no guarantee and it’s very much out of your control. I wish there was consistency but there isn’t. Also judging by previous years’ threads, they should still send out more interview invites. And they said they will continue to do so early March. To answer your Q, I submitted my application an hour before the deadline lol. Inshallah you will receive something soon.
  7. I received an interview invitation Alhamdulillah, the slots were available all through next week only. But according to their website they’ll continue doing interviews throughout all of February
  8. I haven’t. Maybe it’s because I haven’t filled out the financial aid form and submitted the fafsa yet? I’m already starting to lose hope lol
  9. Ohhh interesting. This week is probably going to be the biggest indicator. Thank you for letting me know.
  10. Thank you for clarifying. I am probably overthinking at this point.
  11. It’s worth asking if MTS candidates will be interviewed this year. In my “your application is completed” email it made no mention of an interview timeline, as has been done last year or the year before. Did anyone else receive a message abt an interview process this year, or perhaps I missed it in one of the webinars?
  12. I received that e-mail on the 24th
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