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  1. Thank you. Best wishes from me.
  2. Thank you! That is great news. I will keep you updated on my application as well, and whether or not I get an interview. I got that email on the 17th.
  3. Thank you! Out of curiosity, I was wondering, would you be willing to share with me when you received the email that your application was under review? I just want to see if an earlier date makes a difference. Thank you!
  4. That's wonderful! Congratulations. I'm very happy for you. Good luck!
  5. Yes, I got it as well. Glad to know that they will continue sending interview requests until the first week of March.
  6. Sounds great! Good luck with the interview, I'm certain you'll do very well.
  7. Thank you for the assurances. I am glad that you got an interview, and reading about it made me happy. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how the next week plays out. Congrats again, and I hope you get into the program. How was the interview? Is there anything in particular look forward to? Thank you, and best wishes from me. I appreciated your reply.
  8. I was wondering, in what university did you complete your undergraduate education? Also, how much previous language training do you have? I have two degrees from a top 20 global university, with GPAs above 3.9, and yet, I have not received any interview request. I am wondering what the criteria is, and what is required. I received the notification that my application is ready on the 17th, and I probably did not make a the cut for whatever reason, since I have not yet received an interview request. I've known of people with zero background in religion who've gotten into the program in years past, so I find no notification very surprising. Would you also be willing to share when you submitted your application? Very disheartening overall, but I am hoping that I receive some notification soon. I am glad that you started this thread. Thank you!
  9. Yeah, try telling that to Harvard law buddy. I have a solid GPA throughout, but I am not going around this site bragging about it.
  10. 4.0 last two years is not as impressive as 4.0 throughout. Don't try to brag about your grades if you hide half of your undergraduate career.
  11. Not again! I remember reading your posts from last year... This is unfortunate to say the least. Good luck at Cambridge!
  12. Are you a gifted student? Graduating from university at the age of 19 is remarkable! Well done! You must be a genius lol. What was your cGPA if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Nice, mine is 3.92, but I've not heard back yet. I applied to the Late Antique and Byzantine Studies program (MSt). Hopefully I hear back soon. I love Oxford and would love to attend. You should be fine. Although, Oxford is very competitive, and you might be waitlisted. A rejection is also possible, but unlikely as long as you had excellent letters of recommendation and writing samples. I don't think they would care much about the mistakes, but they may think that you are not very professional. Good luck!
  14. Congrats... What was your cGPA if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Lol, okay! That was quite silly of me. I guess I need to know my birds. Anyway, that is great to hear! I hope you get admitted.
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