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  1. Welcome aboard! I am glad that I am not alone in awaiting any news from BC, and oddly enough, we got turned down from the same two schools (Duke and Yale). Best wishes to you as we hit the home stretch!
  2. Thanks. I'm still waiting to hear from Boston College. I'd go for the idea that "no news is good news" at this point, basically to calm my nerves. The admissions office said that I should wait for the department, and I decided not to contact the department, because it might be counterproductive. We'll see.
  3. Congratulations on getting accepted! It does go down to funding for me, but I consider other things, like who I can work with and what resources are available at that institution to carry out research.
  4. Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear that.
  5. Yale indicated, when I sent in my application, that decisions will be out by the 15th. Hope this helps.
  6. Sorry to hear about that. Still stings, even if it is expected. It’s something I know all too well. Let’s see how soon Drew can close out its numbers this year. And, yes, it’s interesting how weird things are. Honestly, the cycle next year might also be weird, with reduced slots still in place for what I suspect will be a long while. When would it stabilize? Who knows!
  7. The Faculty of Theology at KU Leuven has a financial assistance program for those in its Research Master’s program which, if I’m approved for it, covers basic living costs and the otherwise minimal tuition. I agree that it is pretty limited, which is why I’m seeking additional support from other individuals or institutions. This will be true not only of Leuven, though; the two other institutions I’ve either been accepted or waitlisted for will require such funding. So far, i haven’t really made up my mind yet, but I am attracted by the prospect of living and studying in Toronto. Belgium
  8. I just received an offer of admission from the Toronto School of Theology. Financial aid information is forthcoming. Out of six applications, this means I got into two (Toronto and KU Leuven in Belgium) and was waitlisted in one (Drew).
  9. I am particularly fond of the park outside Marsh Chapel. Hanging out there was one of the highlights of my visit as a prospective doctoral student in 2019. Good luck to everyone! This is another week of getting through the struggle.
  10. I do hope you get off the waitlist! Good luck.
  11. My situation is that I'm waitlisted but with offers from other schools. It seems, though, that getting an answer to the question of where one is on a list may be more difficult than I thought. It is likely that the situation will be no different than before I even found out that I was waitlisted. Maybe they would consider bumping me down if I did, even if I assured them of my interest. I don't know if that's true across the board, but this process has had me on edge and distrustful of those on the other side sometimes. It will require a lot from me to be charitable and patient toward them
  12. A question for those who may or may not have experienced this: what could you do if you're wait-listed, apart from waiting?
  13. Congratulations again! I understand what you mean. I’m awaiting the results of two applications and one of them will be officially out by Friday. The other, I will definitely be waiting for that.
  14. Well, this just got quite exciting. I got a status update, went to check the portal, and the message began, "I regret to inform you that your application...was reviewed." I was baffled until Drew informed me that I was waitlisted. Now that was what I was not expecting. Still, better than being turned down outright! Whew.
  15. That’s what my friend, formerly a graduate admissions person, suggested. Since acceptances and rejections were sent out...fingers crossed! I just checked the BC portal and I still didn’t see anything. It’s already a little past 10 PM Eastern so I’ll wait till tomorrow.
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