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  1. Closing my time in applying by saying that I’m heading to Europe after Drew Theological School finally gave my application a boot. best wishes to everyone in their academic journey.
  2. While I haven't heard from Drew where I am on the waiting list, I am now seriously considering KU Leuven in Belgium. This is because the university nominated me as one of 20 incoming students for the Flemish regional government Master Mind scholarship. I hope to get the scholarship, so I am currently working on uploading my documents for the scholarship program. Who knew that getting an Acrobat license would help me assemble a transcript portfolio? (Not an ad.) I think that devoting my energies to applying for this scholarship is better than anxiously waiting for the Drew outcome at the m
  3. It's terrible. I even heard advice from a member of my country's legislature saying that I might be better off getting my shot abroad rather than here. I think, in Belgium, any resident can get a shot after June/July, and by "resident," any registered international student could get it. The only concern I do have is whether people will be required to get a shot even before leaving. Ah well...
  4. The one reason keeping me from returning to the US for a doctoral program (assuming I get into the last waitlisted one) is probably the degree to which anti-AAPI hate crimes have increased over the last year, especially since the pandemic began. I was in the US at the beginning of the pandemic and did not personally experience anything, but I was in Berkeley, which is mostly tolerant. However, I did get to hear an unfortunate racist slur from a homeless man shortly before I left. All this is to say that the risk of being attacked for being Asian and Pacific Islander is there, but with what one
  5. I am moved to reply, but I think it's best that some of what I am about to share has to be in a private message. Do check your inbox in a few minutes.
  6. Congratulations and best of luck! Where else were you accepted by the way? I’m definitely on a waitlist somewhere, so thanks for the best wishes!
  7. I found this very entertaining. As someone who went to the Graduate Theological Union, the comments about four of the member schools mentioned there (CDSP, SFTS, SKSM, and PSR) are somewhat accurate. 🤣
  8. Oh dear! In that case, I’m just glad that one school is making the effort and I’m not too sure about the other, given what you told me. Good luck with your decision.
  9. Yeah, every rejection does sting. But at least you’ve got two pretty good choices! Congratulations.
  10. I was contacted by BC just 20 minutes ago. Under consideration for their joint MA with the philosophy department, but not accepted for the Ph.D. I’ve asked to remain in consideration as acceptance for that might be a foot in the door. Rejection for the doctorate was inevitable, however. At least I got to know directly rather than wait for the form letter that usually comes with being turned down. So that’s a 50/50 record for me. Half of my six applications this cycle were turned down. Also, there is a local theology school here which has, by regional standards, a reputable theology progr
  11. I see...I wonder why they haven't gotten back to you yet. By the way, it has been a challenging time for me as well, but I'm managing to hang in there. I do hope everyone else is, too. I look forward to reading what you publish (since I might be outside of North America and might not easily get to conferences).
  12. Good question. I’ve been seeing a lot of rejections and one waitlisted entry, but no one indicated acceptance. Maybe those who accepted have not uploaded their results?
  13. You may wish to post your query to the Ph.D. forum. I think there are quite a few applicants reading that thread. But in case you're wondering, Ph.D. results from the Harvard Committee of the Study of Religion program are out. Yep, since they abolished the Th.D. many years ago. I was supposed to apply in the 2019 cycle, but was not too sure.
  14. Well, I think it might be the case. From my experience of being turned down by BC in 2020, it happened to be the same time as yours, so I guess being made an alternate isn’t a bad deal! That’s an optimistic way of looking at it. Either way, I have been seeing this delay as a case of “no news is good news.” That keeps me grounded and less stressful about this.
  15. From what I’ve seen in the results survey in past years, they do reply in waves: accepted students initially, then rejected ones. To my knowledge, BC does not let people know that they are on a waiting list, so that is another possibility. I’ve read the department’s manual and it mentions an internal list of alternates that their admissions committee also prepares. These recent events, combined possibly with the number of applicants BC got this year, may have changed things, but honestly, until I hear from them, I wouldn’t know.
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