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  1. Thanks for that. I hope my chances of getting into a PhD in theology won't be affected if I take courses from Psychology department. I have not yet decided whether I want a PhD in theology or psychology. So I want to leave no stone unturned.
  2. Having said that the job prospects of divinity school graduates are very dull nowadays, what are the chances of finding a spot into other disciplines after taking MTS from any one of the top divinity schools? Are there many graduates who navigate through this background? If so which are those streams which can easily align with theological studies? I'm putting this up here because I'm currently doing my undergrad in psychology and I'm interested in neurological aspects of spirituality. Is there any chance for me to do a masters in psychology or neuroscience after MTS if I prepare some the
  3. Thanks for that. I was not aware of that. I'll apply in various schools to find one with really good aid.
  4. Glad to hear that there financial aids for international students. I thought it's only for residents of US and int'l students had to get any separate scholarship to fund their degrees. I'll research about others schools also. I could think about others only if they are able to offer me a fully funded degree. Once again, thanks for your response. It really encourages me to hope for the best.
  5. Thanks for your guidance. I come from a Pentecostal background but I am also open-minded to other sects. But still, as you mentioned, top tier schools will surely be challenging to anyone. And that's what I'm looking for since I've not got much opportunity to know more about other faiths. This April I'll get into the third year of my degree. In India, we have only three-year degrees. So, that would be my final year at undergrad university. But I've done many extra electives to gain as many credits as possible so that it can be equivalent to a four year degree in the USA. It is valid
  6. How many students get a full tuition fee waiver at Duke Divinity School for M.Div? I am asking this question because while searching on web, the cost after financial aid is showing in negative numbers. Does that mean that most of the students get aids as well as stipends along with it? I'm an international candidate and hence I'll consider a school only if I get a full ride scholarship. What are the chances? Is it solely based on GPA?
  7. It would be a great help if you could suggest few books or journals from where I could gain an in-depth knowledge of the basics of different beanches across the spectrum of theology. I also wanted to know which are the best divinity schools in terms of funding scholarships and grants. Looking forward to your answers.
  8. I'm an Indian pursuing my undergraduate degree, BA in triple majors (Journalism, Psychology, English). I was born in a Christian missionary family. This has influenced me a lot and it's my dream to pursue a degree in theology from the ivy league schools. The diversity and course structure of divinity schools in the US really attracted me. I was blessed to be a part of four mission trips across the length and breadth of my country. The exposure I gained through it is something which not everyone is fortunate to have. It really moved my heart and inspired me to contribute to the society.
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