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  1. I would also love to know what others have to say about this - I'll be in a similar situation. I would also like to know whether languages (similar to the GRE) every improve your application in terms of competitiveness. Or are they only used to eliminate applicants who don't meet the requirements?
  2. I'm currently an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary and a bit of a homer at that. It isn't the right school for everyone, but it might have some things of interest to you. The number one advantage is the ability to take graduate level courses for credit at Princeton University (the two schools have reciprocity but are not formally related). This means you could take public policy classes, graduate level german classes, or whatever else you can convince the registrar to allow (which in my experience is almost anything). Additionally, you might be interested in the National Capital S
  3. No, not sure if that is possible in any of the programs mentioned. Generally concentrations are offered in MA(TS) or ThM programs.”
  4. As I have been told many times, your chances of getting into the MA vs. the MDiv at the programs you mentioned are very different. (MDiv programs tend to be significantly less competitive in admissions.) That said, I think you have a good chance of getting into any of the MDiv programs listed. If you want to become an Episcopal priest, there are very specific requirements you will want to keep in mind from the outset. There are others on this forum who can speak to the specifics more directly, but at the very least I can say that any non episcopal seminary/divinity school you attend s
  5. @betsymercury I think you would have a decent chance of being accepted into the M.Div program at any of the schools you mentioned. If you're looking at MA programs, it will be more difficult - as these programs focus on creating scholars, not pastors. Moreover, your GPA could hurt your chances of getting large scholarships - which may or may not matter. I can't speak to whether undergrad GPA plays a large role in PhD applications - especially in light of the fact that you will have a more recent (M*) academic transcript. That said, you might have multiple masters degrees before you a
  6. FYI - The deadline for Princeton has already passed and every class appears to be filled.
  7. This thread is cracking me up because, if it were possible to post this same thread topic 60 years ago - “is Harvard safe for Catholics?” - I assume you would get the same answers but for completely different reasons. Some things never change? My two cents: I agree with what everyone (especially @sacklunch) has said already. If you go academic - and want to do seriously catholic political thought, BC is better. And if you go non-academic and want to do something in the, let’s call it ‘religious’ as opposed to distinctly secular, political world then your team would probably prefer BC than
  8. @sktlab PTS is in a bit of a lockdown as everything is switching to an online format for the rest of the semester. I’ve also heard that non essential staff have been asked to work from home - all of which could delay admissions decisions.
  9. I am assuming ThD - I will try to find out.
  10. I know of one Duke NT phd acceptance who is waiting to hear back from another program - in case someone here is on the waitlist for that sub field. My understanding is that if they are accepted at another program, they will decline the Duke offer.
  11. @NTGal If you are on the waitlist, you should hear back pretty soon (1 week or so).
  12. Yes, but not at the same time. Also, not sure if every concentration is required.
  13. This is a nit picky question: is it more likely that they check your social media before or after an interview? As in, does the social media screening process affect your ability to get an interview? Or would it come after the interview? I ask because, with such a common name, I don’t know how they would determine which social profile is mine without first seeing me in person/on skype.
  14. @xypathos What if your name is "ungoogleable" - as in, it is so common, they would have great difficulty determining whether they have found the right person? Is this good/bad? Before graduate school, I worked in digital marketing where one's personal brand/online presence was heavily scrutinized - one of many reasons I fled that industry - so I'm hoping I don't have to begin the work of creating an online persona in order to get into a PhD program.
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