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  1. This thread is cracking me up because, if it were possible to post this same thread topic 60 years ago - “is Harvard safe for Catholics?” - I assume you would get the same answers but for completely different reasons. Some things never change? My two cents: I agree with what everyone (especially @sacklunch) has said already. If you go academic - and want to do seriously catholic political thought, BC is better. And if you go non-academic and want to do something in the, let’s call it ‘religious’ as opposed to distinctly secular, political world then your team would probably prefer BC than Harvard. As previously mentioned, those who know religious higher education know HDS is not Harvard in the strictest sense. I encounter this going to PTS - which is even further removed from PU than HDS is from Harvard. The one point I will slightly disagree with is how an HDS degree might be perceived outside of academia. In my experience, people who don’t know better would prefer to believe you went to Harvard full stop, rather than a less competitive subset of the university. It makes for a better story if the recruiter can say they hired a Harvard grad. Still, I haven’t even graduated yet so take this with a grain of salt. Im primarily relying on my years in the corporate world before going to seminary.
  2. @sktlab PTS is in a bit of a lockdown as everything is switching to an online format for the rest of the semester. I’ve also heard that non essential staff have been asked to work from home - all of which could delay admissions decisions.
  3. I am assuming ThD - I will try to find out.
  4. I know of one Duke NT phd acceptance who is waiting to hear back from another program - in case someone here is on the waitlist for that sub field. My understanding is that if they are accepted at another program, they will decline the Duke offer.
  5. @NTGal If you are on the waitlist, you should hear back pretty soon (1 week or so).
  6. Yes, but not at the same time. Also, not sure if every concentration is required.
  7. This is a nit picky question: is it more likely that they check your social media before or after an interview? As in, does the social media screening process affect your ability to get an interview? Or would it come after the interview? I ask because, with such a common name, I don’t know how they would determine which social profile is mine without first seeing me in person/on skype.
  8. @xypathos What if your name is "ungoogleable" - as in, it is so common, they would have great difficulty determining whether they have found the right person? Is this good/bad? Before graduate school, I worked in digital marketing where one's personal brand/online presence was heavily scrutinized - one of many reasons I fled that industry - so I'm hoping I don't have to begin the work of creating an online persona in order to get into a PhD program.
  9. @PonderingPerson400 I know one PhD candidate who is currently working on his dissertation, and while he has a background in religious ethics - I don't believe he or his faculty advisory committee is explicitly analytic/continental or really anything. I definitely can't speak for all of their students, but his dissertation would just as easily fit into a Religion & Society or even Patristics concentration. Hope this helps.
  10. For those waiting on Biblical Studies decisions from PTS, I've been told interviews are happening this week and next week, and decisions will be released Feb. 21 - with waitlist notifications coming a bit sooner.
  11. @NTGal Admissions to PTS's PhD programs vary widely between disciplines and within the same disciplines from year to year. I've heard of some students still in their M* program being asked by faculty to apply for PhD studies when they graduate. Their experience is going to be far different from someone who has never attended/met their faculty person. For NT - who do you want to work with? That would help determine what you might expect.
  12. @NTGal Sorry - I should have prefaced by saying that I'm in my second year of an MDiv at Princeton Seminary. So a lot of the core requirements (practical theology/ethics/homiletics) aren't directly related to Biblical Studies, but might still fall under the umbrella of religious studies. This is why I'm not sure whether there is any benefit to taking these classes for letter grades, or alternatively any harm in taking them pass/fail.
  13. I have a somewhat random question. As someone who has decided to pursue a NT Phd, does it matter if I take classes pass/fail outside of NT? That is - is it better to "guard" my GPA by eliminating the risk of lower grades in classes outside of NT (by taking classes pass/fail instead of for a letter grade), or is it better to try and score well in every class, regardless of discipline?
  14. JDD

    Post M.Div - MTS

    @xypathos Thanks, as always. I guess I’m just trying to make the best of a weird situation. Adding a second degree appears to be common - perhaps due to some being declined to a PhD program on their first round of applications. If not the MTS, what other degree might be useful? I’m primarily interested in a NT/Early Christianity PhD.
  15. JDD

    Post M.Div - MTS

    For personal reasons, I won’t be able to pursue a PhD after completing my M.Div for at least 3 years. During that time, I would like to do everything possible to improve my chances of being admitted to a TT PhD program. I am wondering if an MTS from a place like Harvard is worth completing. Looking at recently admitted NT PhD students to TT programs, I realize a second M* degree is becoming somewhat normal - if not expected. So the question is, if I were admitted to HDS MTS with reasonable financial aid, would it the best use of my time in the intervening 3 years before I could apply to PhD programs? Note: I single out Harvard solely because I will likely be in Boston during the 3 years, but if I were somewhere else with a MTS, the question remains the same
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