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  1. Unfortunate, PTS came out with some decisions and my portal hasn't changed since submitting my application and completing my interview back in January. Would love to hear anything back as I need to respond to VDS very shortly and I would not like to feel like I threw $70 down the drain. Insanely unfortunate this was my dream school when I was younger, but now looking forward to VDS!! thank you for reading my sad quarantined thoughts.
  2. @JDD oh goodness, I didn't know they had switched for the rest of the semester. hope everyone here and there are staying healthy!
  3. Anyone hear back from the PTS masters program yet?
  4. Hoping PTS will do the same today 😕. I called two weeks ago to request an expedited decision before 3/1 and they said they would have one but no news since then. Not looking great.
  5. Good luck to everyone waiting and hoping to hear back this week!
  6. Yeah, it's been hard to gauge around when they notify applicants. Good luck to you and hope they release at the same time. To all on the east coast, is it safe to assume past 5pm (2pm PST), offices are closed and I shouldn't expect a decision beyond that?
  7. Hear anything yet? Prospective M.Div student here, I applied back in November, and had everything submitted in December, but no news yet either. Had a wonderful interview in January.
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