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  1. Have you ever made a positive contribution to this forum or has it always been like this?
  2. Totally agree with Smug here. You have a good profile and would be competitive for a top program - even with the lowerish quant score
  3. I'd add UCSD to that list, and agree with everything else said above.
  4. I'll just add that I remember you had another offer at another really competitive program, which confirms to me that you must be one of those very rare outliers who had comparably (to most) weak GRE scores while there must have been something in your application that made you amazing basically.
  5. I will say this; if you are applying with a degree from a select few foreign top-universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, SNU, and a few others I will encourage you not to submit your scores. Schools like LSE and SNU place a very high number of students in US phd programs and US adcoms will know what to look for when they receive applications from students with that background. That means that even without a GRE score adcomes will know what a competitive student looks like from those programs. If one the other hand you are applying from an unknown non-US university, and this seems to
  6. Can you say more about how you are bullied? If you are (which I do not doubt) there are important ways in which you must proceed. It really matters how you move forward. Also note that this forum is public so maybe you would like to hide your identity if you have not already. Or you can send me a personal message and I promise to give you advise.
  7. My advise is not to engage with this guy, he's a troll. He shows up once in a while just to be rude and upset people. It's just not worth it.
  8. I did say "But no one knows how much the GRE weighed to begin with" and all I am saying is that it will weigh even less this time.
  9. It sounds like you know more about this than myself. You are probably right that the take-at-home test is made a safe from cheating as possible, but I don't think that challenges the idea that people could still cheat easily if they wanted to. You took the test; do you believe that it would have been impossible to cheat on it? And if it is not signaled anywhere on the test that it was taken at home, I simply can not think that the GRE will play a major role in admissions at least in the United States, which means a hard admission cycle for students without US degrees and outside the US. But no
  10. I am simply observing that very many programs do not require the GRE score for the next admission cycle, and probably many other programs will follow in the coming months. The test really is useless now; anyone who is willing to cheat can cheat with ease. Cheating is as impossible as anything can be at a real testing center. When you take the GRE at a center your finger prints are taken, you need to bring official identification with you, you cannot leave the building, you are monitored by cameras at all time, when you take a break between sections you will be examined with a metal detector in
  11. Hi NewFrequency. One thing I'd say is that most universities have a 2.0 or 3.0 GPA institutional requirement for incoming grad students' undergraduate degrees. If you fall a little below 3.0 you may, unfortunately, be excluded from a lot of programs on that basis alone. Your background a very unusual with really outstanding GRE scores and a very low GPA for a graduate program. If you spent two years on pre-med, I take it that you have only done coursework in the social sciences through your junior and senior year. And you have two Cs in political science courses. Students are not required
  12. One question; did you take the GREs this year? Unfortunately the GRE from this year is kinda useless if you took it this year and many programs will not require the test for their applicants for the 2021 cycle. If you got that score at a test center you are golden since adcoms will actually consider your score, which they wont do for many other applicants.
  13. You're competitive for any program anywhere. If you make a great SOP and have an awesome writing sample there is no reason why you wouldn't get into a top-10 program. I'd not apply outside the top-15 if I was you, so your list is great.
  14. The short answer is that all of these schools are within your range. They are all good programs, but they seem to be well-suited to your interests, and identifying such a good range of schools is an accomplishment in itself. So good job on that. If you really published two papers during your undergrad then that is impressive and that really will make you stand out as a great candidate. Very few people have one publication out of their undergrad, and no one has two. In fact I'd recommend that you add a few top 10 programs to your list. You will have a chance with your current GRE scores, but if
  15. You'll need at least two courses in calculus (most people have three), a course in linear algebra, and as much statistics as possible. These are the absolute minimum requirements. Most successful applicants have real analysis also and differential equations. Without this you simply will not make it through the basic coursework - there really is no way around it.
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