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  1. If you have ambitions of the sort you mention, I recommend that you work on an aspect of your application that will make you stand out somehow. As you yourself, and the other post above indicates this as well, your GRE scores - quantitative AND verbal - are too low. And I might add that your GPAs are decent, but entirely non-impressive and these will likely place you in the lower range among applicants. So at present moment, you are in the lower range on two key indicators, which is why I urge you to find a way to improve your application. An obvious way to do this is to do very well on the GREs (in the 165 range on both sections), noting that your GPAs likely will not change much by the time you apply for admission. Of course there is always a chance you can get in with lower scores (people have done it), but they are very, very, slim. My intention here is not to be discouraging, but to give you realistic expectations of what is required to gain admission to a top program. The good news are - you can do it. Most application deadlines are 3-4 months away so you have plenty of time to improve your GREs and ultimately fulfill your dreams.
  2. did you ever hear back? hope it was good news!
  3. When is the visit? If you went already - how did it go?
  4. Thanks for all this. I've been on the tipping point between UVA and another school , so this is very helpful. But as a theorist, this is of course disappointing to hear. At least some of the things you've mentioned were echoed in e-mail correspondences I have had myself with current grad students. This makes my decision going forward easier. I wonder if other people feel the same way or disagree, or if the activity in these forums have just died down now later in the admission process.
  5. For the people who went to UVa for the visiting days/admitted student event, do you mind sharing your experience? I'm theory but was unable to attend. In particular I am hoping to hear more about 1. the overall impression of the department, its students, professors, and facilities, 2. did grad students seem content at UVa?, 3. summer funding opportunities, 4. job prospects after UVa, and other things of that nature. Any information would be tremendously helpful.
  6. Is anyone headed to UVA for the visit? I am not able to make it myself and was hoping people - and especially theorists - could tell me about the experience there.
  7. What can possibly be the reason that Davis has not sent out rejections after now 5 weeks? People have been accepted and rejected at roughly the same time all previous years... Is there still hope that people may be waitlisted if they have not heard anything yet? Apparently the visiting days were 3 weeks ago so it seems odd imo.
  8. is anyone rejected from the NYU or UC Davis PhD programs?
  9. Yeah it's the waitlist I'm wondering about. Or maybe they're not having a waitlist at all, but will simply admit new students after currently admitted students have visited and turned down the offers they have received. Maybe
  10. Did anyone receive a rejection from UC Davis? My application is still pending it seems...
  11. I would, and this is just my preference, not go for the visit at all and instead give up my spot such that those waitlisted might receive offers.
  12. Is anyone accepted or waitlisted for UVA theory?
  13. Is anyone accepted or waitlisted for UVA theory?
  14. Hello everyone. This thread is meant as a place to share experiences as people go and visit the programs they have been admitted to. What is good about the program? And bad? Which departments are you deciding between after the visits?
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