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  1. Well, I've officially accepted my offer of admission at UNC! It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone and braving this gruesome process together. I'm wishing you all, no matter where you've ended up, the very best of luck moving forward!
  2. A HUGE congratulations to you!!!
  3. Just a note that they may be the two most prestigious div schools in particular subfields. For instance, in my own subfield of Hebrew Bible/Second Temple Judaism, Harvard is basically considered defunct now, unfortunately. Yale was a lot better off in HB/STJ when I applied three years ago, but it's going to be in flux beginning this fall with the retirement of John Collins and Steven Fraade.
  4. I just wanted to chime in and extend a secondary word of caution. While having the opportunity to complete a graduate/doctoral degree at an Ivy League school or comparable institution is wonderful and exciting, it can also be incredibly isolating and disillusioning. I did not have a very supportive advisor and often felt like I had to navigate the twists and turns of academia with no help from anyone. My advice to everyone in this thread would be to pinpoint a professor or advisor who is really interested in YOU and YOUR INTERESTS. You're going to have a hard go of it otherwise. Wishing you al
  5. More than two master's degrees seems crazy to me. You have to ask yourself at which point the academia is just not worth it...there is life outside the ivory tower.
  6. Very sorry to hear! I've been there. It's a cold comfort, but this application cycle was unparalleled in its competitiveness, and your results this cycle don't necessarily speak to your merits as a scholar. I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have a publication in a respected journal. Without knowing much about your academic background, the only advice I can offer is to write a statement of purpose that is focused but not narrow. Be really specific about why you want to attend a particular program, though - make sure there is a direct link between your interests and the interests of faculty membe
  7. All offers of admission for the PhD have already been sent out. I was wait-listed, and the prospective student day is coming up on March 18. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  8. Worrying. This makes me wonder: given how competitive the academic job market is in religious studies - and in general - is one at a disadvantage not having a PhD from an Ivy League school or equivalent institution? Let's say you're up for the same job as a candidate who is equally qualified as you, the only difference being that they received their PhD from an Ivy League school - will you be passed up in favor of them? I hope this isn't an elitist question - only thinking aloud about my future prospects...
  9. I hope everyone here has been doing well, as nerve-racking as the last few months have been. Personally, I feel very drained by the pandemic application process (and the pandemic in general!). The mental and emotional labor that goes into applying to doctoral programs under these circumstances, and even under normal circumstances, is a lot - maybe even too much. That being said, I'm really grateful for the support of this community and hopeful that I'll be able to read your work and see you at conferences in the not-so-distant future.
  10. I'm afraid I don't have any information in that regard, but I just wanted to say that you disrupted nothing and that I hope you hear some news soon! You may have better luck finding out something in the Fall 2021 MTS thread. Wishing you all the best!
  11. Does anyone want to claim that Harvard rejection? Curious whether you were told informally or received a status update.
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