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  1. I appreciate the encouragement and information provided by everybody here. To follow-up, I’ve decided to accept Yale’s offer and begin their MARc this fall. Best wishes to all still making their decisions and/or waiting for results!
  2. @rin__iris I lived in Spokane for a few years until 2019 and really enjoyed my experience, so I'll try to answer your questions. The main thing to keep in mind is that Spokane is smaller than a city and larger than a town, and you'll find modest qualities of each. Most people I encountered were down-to-earth. Just like any place, you can often find like-minded people if you're keen to look for them. Cost of living is very reasonable but has been on the rise because the city is experiencing a boom with folks from CA and western WA moving in. Medical and tech are the big industries, with the res
  3. Thanks for your description. That's also my understanding, in principle. I just wasn't sure if there was a difference in practice, considering how a sizable number of PhD scholars arrived there via an MDiv. My goal is neither formal ministry nor academia, but somewhere in the middle, so either M* could possibly push me that direction.
  4. Near-full tuition scholarship from Yale (94%). Just when I thought I was Duke-bound, here I am reassessing my direction. All said, I'm very grateful. Following on Joey's coattail, I'd love to hear thoughts on how Yale (MARc) ranks for PhD prep compared to Duke (MDiv).
  5. Congrats! Make that two. Funding emails will be out this afternoon.
  6. Anyone hear from Yale yet? MAR results are supposed to be out today.
  7. That's what I've heard, too. I was offered an 80% tuition scholarship from PTS (MDiv) and a generous 100% tuition scholarship from Boston U (MTS). We'll see what Yale (MARc) decides this Monday. I'm torn about my decision because 1. Duke and YDS have leading scholars in my area of interest (ecological theology & ethics) but will probably offer me the least funding, and 2. PTS and BU offered the most funding but have a relatively unknown and/or fledgling presence in that topic.
  8. I asked for more from Duke Divinity based on advice from others. Duke's response was essentially "Here is our list of external scholarships." I know their field education pays $8k-10k per round and I'm thrilled to have been offered a 50% tuition scholarship, but I'm still surprised at Duke's lack of funding compared to, well, many other schools. By the way, congrats to all who are hearing back from Chicago and elsewhere!
  9. Duke just called to congratulate me on being accepted to their MDiv and offered a 50% tuition scholarship! For those wondering, Duke's admissions team is calling accepted applicants today and will send acceptance emails in the afternoon. I'm over the moon right now!
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Pleeeease be tomorrow...
  11. That's fantastic news! Your wait is over ha. Sounds like BU has just been trickling out that scholarship info (they called me last week). @MaryHildegard What attracts you to BU over your other options?
  12. Congrats to all who are hearing good news from their programs! Accepted into BU's MTS in Ecological Theology & Ethics program with a full tuition scholarship from their video interviews. What an interesting process that was! Also accepted into PTS's MDiv program and haven't yet heard on funding. Waiting to hear from YDS's MA in Religion & Ecology and Duke Divinity's MDiv (conc. in Faith, Food, & Environmental Justice).
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