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  1. Hey Isaac! I'll send you a message.
  2. This is such a cool thread. Gosh. I've picked up Nahuatl classes; wanna pick up French and German too Just signed up for my first Danza Azteca class (I start today) I perfected my sugar cookie recipe Weight lifting Improv/stand-up Watching baseball (Thank you baby Jesus for baseball season!)
  3. Congratulations! How exciting! I wish you well on your journey.
  4. I figured the first part (book review) but wasn't too sure what else I'd be able to ask for. Obviously(?), within the law.
  5. So, I made my decision. This means that I wrote to professors/departments to tell them I won't be moving forward with them. Many of them ended their email with "and if there is anything you ever need just let me know". ... What does this entail? Like, anything? I guess just a recommendation letter for the future?
  6. I went from California to Boston with a suitcase and a backpack. I only took one book and the rest I picked up along the way. Anything snow-related helps.
  7. You're welcome! I think the best way I make a decision is by getting all the information I can. I'll also say that if I had to do it all over again I would. I do not regret going to HDS. I think it allowed me to reach beyond my own ideas of what I was capable of. I came out a bit bruised, my soul was somewhat crushed hahaha, but I came out a better scholar. If not better, then definitely more aware of my own goals and confident about reaching them.
  8. 1) Your concerns are valid. VERY valid. 2) Echoing KungFuKenny and jellyfish7, both schools are top schools within the religious studies world so adding either on your CV will only benefit you. 3) Is HDS worth the $20,000 in my savings or loans? I think that's your decision to make. I took out a small amount when I got there. Full tuition + $8,000 annual stipend was not enough for me to live in Boston. I also had to work off campus during the summer (I did my best to get away from the Harvard bubble as much as I could). 4) As much as I want to praise HDS I can't and I must be
  9. Thank you! It's been about 3 years since i applied for phd programs (first round included rejection letter after rejection letter) so I'm beyond ready to start this new process. ❤️
  10. daaaang. that's a good chunk of money. If I remember correctly I think I made a deposit for HDS. I wanna say $500 also...? Can't remember. yeah. she went with the Div School in Chicago.
  11. I second the Columbia comment. Recently talked to a friend who said they asked for a 3k deposit to save a seat in the cohort! Maybe I read the numbers wrong but she emphasized that part.
  12. I heard from them March 10. Rejection. Did you hear back?
  13. Oh! Whoops! I was accepted to Univ of Denver for Religious Studies and UCLA for Chicanx Studies. I committed to UCLA 🙈
  14. I feel you. It's been a tough year. I took myself off the wait-list at UIC.
  15. Thank you! I'm happy even though I had to reject two other schools, so it was bittersweet. I have a BA in Religious Studies, minor in history, and a Master of Theological Studies. Taking the Religious Studies route for the PhD would have been the ideal trajectory but after talking to faculty and grad students I realized that adding the PhD in Chicanx Studies from UCLA would only open up job opportunities within the humanities.
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