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    early social cognition, theory of mind, pretend play and its impact on children's cognitive development, first language acquisition, interdisciplinary connections across domains of development (particularly language development/social development), impact of language use on child/infant visual perception
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  1. If you have questions about Cornell let me know!
  2. Wow your semester went late!
  3. Hello! Would it be possible to add this kind of feature? I don't log on to GradCafe as often anymore, but still would like to know when someone sends me a private message.
  4. Oh no. I've been off GradCafe for a while. Is Adelaide gone??
  5. Hey you sound like me! I just got my Psychology BS a week ago! Where are you headed?
  6. Okay good, these replies are making me feel a lot better because I read on some other question and answer sites that professors got mad when grad students took off a few days (!) in the summer to see family, and I was really counting on summer to be able to see my family and participate in family vacation. I completely expect to have to work independently on research stuff during the summer, but it seems like a bit much to expect grad students to be in the lab 24/7 when they're not even getting paid...
  7. Oh my goodness I love this thread! I will be living on my own for the first time in August and I'm super nervous about it.
  8. I'm on a 9 month stipend in a Developmental Psychology PhD program which means I'm technically not paid in the summer. How have others in similar situations spent their summers? Is it typically a more relaxed time? Will I have an opportunity to go home and visit family?
  9. I graduated from undergrad today!!!!
  10. I agree and being from the south, I was a bit worried about driving in the snow anyway. And @Sigaba, that is a brilliant idea that would be very cathartic.
  11. Yes I am, and maybe the town in general would have been okay, but I don't have a spot at my apartment complex and we aren't allowed to park in the neighborhood, so that doesn't really leave me with a lot of options because paying for and dumping my car in a parking garage somewhere else and then still needing to take the bus back to my apartment doesn't make a whole lot of sense unfortunately. 😕 I do begrudgingly understand the reasoning behind this tactic, but what really gets me is that I was sitting right in front of the leasing manager talking about my car and wanting to be able to take it/park it and he never mentioned anything about buying a pass. I actually only found out about this because I RANDOMLY checked their website. Otherwise I would have shown up there in my car in August. Anyway yes, I will be forced to be green or whatever and take the bus/walk/~sled~ down the hill into town. I am clearly still very upset about this lol.
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