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  1. Adelaide9216

    Vanier 2019-2020

    Anyone else applying this summer?
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you guys knew if it is possible to submit a Social Work Ph.D. thesis in French at UofT for instance (or other Canadian School of Social Work across Canada except for Quebec). In Quebec, students can submit their work in English if they make a request for it first. So I was wondering if there is the equivalent elsewhere in the country. Right now, my plan is to go to UofOttawa but the language barrier thing hinders me from applying to UofT.
  3. That is very fair. Maybe I was overly sensitive. I couldn't wrap my head around how I felt about it. I basically responded that I wanted to study that topic because I had interest in it for a long time and had seen potential to become an ally, but that answer wasn't valid enough to her at the end of the day.
  4. Adelaide9216

    The Positivity Thread

    New hairstyle.
  5. Adelaide9216

    Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Really? Why?
  6. Adelaide9216

    Travelling while being female

    Wow, August is coming closer and I am getting nervous about travelling on my own to France. I'm afraid I'll get lost, mostly. (I never took the plane on my own as ridiculous as it sounds and I have never been to France). Plus, I have to admit that the terrorist menace is making me nervous as well.
  7. Adelaide9216

    How hard it writing?

    I also enjoy writing. (in French!)
  8. Adelaide9216

    FRQSC (Quebec) 2018/2019

    They are going to give out the answers on April 30, it says on their website.
  9. Adelaide9216

    Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Yeah, and Vanier is the most prestigious doctoral scholarship in Canada, so I would definetely make it a priority instead of the ones you've mentionned!
  10. Adelaide9216

    FRQSC (Quebec) 2018/2019

  11. Adelaide9216

    The Positivity Thread

    I got elected to the board of an organization that works for youth in my city. Plus, I started seeing a psychologist tonight (again). But I think this time around, it'll be good for me.
  12. https://electricliterature.com/how-applying-to-grad-school-becomes-a-display-of-trauma-for-people-of-color-7bccd68103bb Has anyone else experienced what's being described in this article? A few weeks ago, I got asked by another woman of color sitting on my graduate committe at university "Why aren't you doing research on black women since you're a black woman yourself?" And after thinking about it, it bothered me because I have other research interests than studying my own community and my own experiences.
  13. Adelaide9216

    The Positivity Thread

    Someone talked about my community involvemnt on tv.
  14. Adelaide9216

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    My understanding is that you gotta be a US resident to apply to those programs? (I live in Canada).
  15. Adelaide9216

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    Do you know if you can apply to Fullbright to pursue doctoral studies in a francophone country?

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