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  1. Hello, I am starting to feel overwhelmed (end of my first semester as a PhD student). I have two papers to write. I have a book chapter to turn in as a co-author (I was invited to contribute to a book that's exactly related to my doctoral work, I could not say no). I also have my research assistantship.
  2. Media interview tomorrow morning! I'm so anxious but I said yes!
  3. I submitted my Trudeau scholarship application tonight.
  4. Application submitted tonight.
  5. So, despite the fact that I am going through another shitty week in my love life (as usual), here are the positive things career-wise: - will publish an op-ed exactly on my research topic and will get paid for it, - i have won another community award -i was invited to speak at a national conference that's exactly related to my doctoral work. i'm nervous because I don't have original data, but i said yes because they really wanted my expertise. -i was invited as a co-author to be part of a book that's exactly related to my research work, also got paid for that.
  6. They said it's okay if my topic does not relate to that theme. I still have technical issues (one extra referree that needs to be deleted and for some reason, I have two applications drafts in the portal...) They are not responding back, I hope it won't affect my ability to apply.
  7. The semester is almost over. I'm really greatful for being able to pursue a Ph.D. Really grateful. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well so far.
  8. I may apply. There is a strong likelihood that I will be in the US for a research internship.
  9. My sister was telling this woman that I am doing a PhD. The woman replied back that I will never find a man. yikes. I wasn’t there when it happened but my sister - who is very proud of me - felt very puzzled by this woman’s comment.
  10. I am quite dissapointed by this year's theme. The cycle of leadership training this year has "Technology and ethics" as a theme, in relation to health care, bioethics and artificial intelligence. My work does not relate to that theme. But it does relate to one of the main themes of the Foundation. I wonder if this will make me disqualify if I want to apply to Trudeau. Wow.
  11. Between your master's and a Ph.D. degree?
  12. No. I know multiple people around me who wrote books without PhDs. They tended to be books geared towards the general public (non-fiction essays on a specific topic), most of them had master's degrees.
  13. It's for people in the social sciences and humanities! I don't think I'll get this award, but I am going to try anyways. Yes, there's a public policy incline to the research projects they fund! They want research that will have impact on society and outside of academia. Thanks for the good luck
  14. Working on my research proposal. Significantly different from last years' application for other scholarships I could not just do copy-paste. It's a tough process. I hope it'll be worth it.
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