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  1. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Resubmitted tonight! Fingers crossed now!
  2. Adelaide9216

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Hello does any of you know when the direct deposits are usually made for Vanier? Should I expect it to come on the 1st of each month in my bank account or a little before or a few days after?
  3. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Just got the comments from the third professor: also thinks I should pass this time and believes the first report was very severe. ill keep you posted, I am submitting on Monday.
  4. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I will thanks for the support! I really hope I pass. It's a difficult experience but I learned a lot from it!
  5. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Just some news: I am resubmitting this week. Two of the three professors gave me their comments already, and they both said they would be highly surprised if I fail again. I hope the examiner will feel the same way! I still have a few changes to make but nothing major in their opinion.
  6. Adelaide9216

    Fulbright 2020-21

    Hello, I would like to apply but from Canada to pursue one semester of research abroad. Everywhere it says they fund people for nine months. Is it possible to be funded for a semester only (so less than nine months)?
  7. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Hello, just wanted to give some news to those who were worried about me: I am okay. My mental state is good, despite the circumstances. I do a lot of self-care. I want to thank those of you who have shown empathy towards me and remembered that I am a human being (instead of being paternalistic and judgmental or tried to "Dr Phil'ed" me on the Internet in assuming that I should not do a Ph.D which is a big LOL to me). My supervisor said that if the external examiner fails me again, we're going to appeal for sure. I feel better though because I know that I have a "recourse" or an option if something turns bad again. The news came out that I got the scholarship. I have received multiple hundreds of messages of congratulations. Not all of those people know about my thesis failure, but I feel encouraged by these people who actually know me IRL and are confident in my ability to succeed. I also have a third professor who has accepted to read and comment the revised version of my thesis, before we send it off to evaluation again. I feel less anxious than I did a month ago. I am going to do the best that I can, just like I have always done, and I know that in the event that something happens again, my whole department is ready to defend me in the case of an appeal (again, these are professors that have known me for years and are confident in my ability to succeed in academia). I also want to mention that I won't be coming here as much as I used to, because this place is not healthy for me. If you want to keep in touch, just PM me.
  8. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I AM focusing on my thesis. How many times am I going to say this for God’s sake? I am doing what I am supposed to do and have been since day 1. and Which path are you talking about?? This sounds very paternalistic.
  9. Adelaide9216

    Deleting my accoutn

    Hello, I want to delete my account. Thanks
  10. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Yes but you don’t know me. You guys are putting stuff into my mouth that I have never said or even thought. You’re also misinterpreting my desire to succeed in academia. Whos the admin of this forum? I don’t want to keep on posting here. I’m tired of having to explain who I am.
  11. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    This is totally not true. I want to strive to be a better academic and researcher and I take criticism well 99% of the time. You truly do not know me. PS I know how the publication system works. I had one article rejected recently. I did not fret about it and worked happily on doing revisions.
  12. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I just want to delete my account at this point. I’m so tired of having everything I say being misunderstood or misinterpreted.
  13. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Again you are putting words into my mouth. The bad intentions regarding the external examiner are not coming from me and were never my first thought, I still assume the good faith of the examiner. Look, the reason why I looked for support here is that I am the only student in my masters program who took a thesis option. I am looking for support wherever I can find it because I don’t have access to a peer support network at school and none of my friends or family are in academia. I do admit that I regret talking about my situation here. There are a lot of words put in my mouth. Plus, There are a lot of details that you people don’t have about what happened and even if you did, there are still people who would misinterpret my intent or feelings regarding what happened.
  14. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Look you don’t know my background or the reasons why my family and friends said this.
  15. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Wow I never said anything like you’re mentioning whatsoever. Where have I mentioned that my work was perfect???? And PS you clearly don’t know me. You’re extremely judgemental. I am not spending my time blaming people, I AM working on my thesis and have been since day 1. Leave me alone. You don’t know the details of what happened and you do not know me.

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