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  1. I have strong leadership experience. That's what got me Vanier as a first year PhD student with zero publications. But I still feel like Trudeau is much more competitive, despite believing I am a good fit. We'll see.
  2. I have a feeling that I have good chances of being forwarded to the national competition by my university, but I am very unsure about actually getting that scholarship. My hopes are not really high. It's so competitive. I wish they could give it to me based on my potential as a public scholar, because I do have a lot of potential, but I need to show/prove it to them. Worst case, I reapply next year, but it would be my third time trying...:(
  3. Impostor syndrome is a real thing for a lot of PhD and graduate students. Don't panic if you do not understand everything at first. It's absolutely normal. A lot of the things we learn at this stage implies years of reflection and understanding. Your understanding of concepts, realities, topics will mature and evolve with you. Don't panic if you do not get it at first, it has nothing to do with you being stupid or not deserving of being a grad student.
  4. Hello, I think I can answer this. I did all my university studies in SW though. However, I think it doesn't hurt to have an interdisciplinary profile. Many of my colleagues at the university I attend and professors have interdisciplinary profiles. I am constantly being told that it is currently easier to get a job in academia in the field of social work right now. That is, most social workers don't do PhDs. It's a pratical profession, so most people who choose that path are not inclined to pursue PhDs at first. Plus, not all Schools of Social Work across Canada have PhD programs. So in the next couple of years, they'll want to develop some more. And they'll want more people with PhDs in Social Work. I would not take that situation for granted though, because it's probably going to get as competitive as other disciplines, but the omen are quite good right now. I know a couple of people who graduated with their PhDs who got hired as a profs before finishing their doctoral thesis, just to give you an idea. They completed their thesis after getting hired. My feeling is that Sociology and Political Science are wayyyy more competitive fields than Social Work for prof positions. You would need to ask more people to get diverse perspective on this, but personally speaking, although I am doing everything i can to increase my chances to get a tenure-track position, I am being told that the omen are often good in social work for this. I did not attend York university, but heard that their program is quite progressive. Maybe you could contact current PhD students and ask them about their experience in the program. I always do that whenever I have to apply to something, and people often are very happy to share their experience and perspective.
  5. Yeah...sometimes those things can't either make us or break us. When will you know if you've been forwarded? I will know early next week.
  6. Has anyone done this as a PhD Student? What are the pros and cons ? thanks !
  7. Thanks. I am quite nervous. I feel like my values and research project align with Trudeau. I don't know if that makes me competitive, because I don't know who are the other applicants across the country. I have done a lot of reading and research about the Foundation. I feel like I'd be a good "fit". But I have the feeling that my institution may have a different (mis)understanding of what Trudeau is looking for. So it's my university that could make me or break me. II just want to get past the first step. Because I feel the Foundation can better assess if I am a good fit or not. It's just that first step that I am very nervous about. I did not get selected last year, but I got a Vanier. And the selection committee for Vanier and Trudeau are different peoples at my university.
  8. They responded back. They apologized for the delay, but will review my paper by April now 😕 Wow it's quite long. I have to get used to this.
  9. I got two As for my classes last term. But I have this same feeling of overwhelmedness at the beginning of every semester as well lol. But I do feel grateful for being able to do this. Sometimes, I just sit and tell myself how grateful I am because I really am passionnate about the things I do.
  10. What is a typical Banting fellow's profile?
  11. So my internal deadline was today. Fingers crossed. I need to let go now.
  12. So this spring, I will be starting my comprehensive exam for my doctoral degree. I'm in the social sciences. How do people actually organize their notes and readings considering the huge amount of information that I am going to be reading? What is your system to keep track of it all? Because I am unsure how I will go about this. I do have Zotero, I have reading notes (but for each individual article or paper I read for class), but I am not sure how I will be able to actually see the big picture and common themes of everything I will read. I do not have my comps questions yet, but I have started an annotated bibliography of books, articles that I have came across in the last weeks (and will keep adding references to it) that is related to my doctoral topic.
  13. Okay, well...in September, I have submitted a paper to an academic journal as a first-author. Not the most prestigious journal, but a good journal for someone who had just finished her master's degree. The person of the journal said they would get back to me with a decision (accepted, rejected, etc.) on December 16th. I have never heard back from them. Should I email them? Is there a chance that they may have forgotten about me?
  14. I will do a student exchange at uPenn. How friendly is the city of people of color?
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