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  1. Hello, what's the expectation for number of publications for social workers doctoral candidates?
  2. Hello, is it me or the Trudeau's selection process is very opaque ?
  3. I passed the written portion. I have the presentation left 😉
  4. Nope! I think it's because I am on vacation and my supervisor too. I'm sure he has the results, maybe he doesn't want to bother me during my vacations. Let's hope I pass!
  5. This paper did not get accepted. I took it back and managed to produce an entire new draft that I'm prouder of.
  6. Hello how difficult is it to get this scholarship? I'm considering applying next year
  7. Hello, I submitted my comprehensive exam (written portion) this week. I am both nervous and relieved. Let's hope I pass and will be allowed to go to oral defense!
  8. Good luck on your defense! I'm submitting the written portion of my exam in about a week. I'm excited! It was such a difficult process especially in the midst of a pandemic!
  9. Hello, I have decided to do an article-based thesis. It's going to help me to get published.
  10. Hello, anyone going to be a grad student at uPenn next year ?
  11. Hello, Best websites for call for papers/call for abstracts in the social sciences ? thanks
  12. writing poetry or creatively, singing, playing guitar, listening to music, walking in the woods
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