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  1. Adelaide9216

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Contest opens this week.
  2. Adelaide9216

    Cv/resume question

    Are you Canadian? If so, you can include that in your Canadian Common CV. I've definetely included my media interviews on it, there is a section for that. (btw, congrats!)
  3. Adelaide9216

    Lifehacks & Study Tools

    I agree. Sleep is also helpful when you deal with anxiety (like me). I always feel like today is a brand new day after having a good night of sleep. Everything becomes more doable and manageable because I had like 8 hours to not think or do anything at all. if you struggle with insomnia, maybe you should get help for that because it's fundamental to be able to sleep well in order to function.
  4. Adelaide9216

    "Academic productivity"

    I agree with everything that was said before, but I also think that academic productivity entails leadership and extracurricular activities done prior to your Ph.D program that are not necessarily linked to school in a direct manner. Especially for scholarships, it shows that you're a "whole" future researcher kind of. But it's true that this type of pressure to excel at so many levels is bad for people's mental health.
  5. I kinda feel the same way. So far, I find my MSW quite easy. The only thing that I find challenging is not having the research process go exactly as planned. But I am trying to get opportunities to challenge myself, I got a fellowship for the health and social Policy instiute at my uni to do work on my MSW research topic next year + I applied to be a TA as well while working on my dissertation. I've also tried to be a member of research groups to meet other researchers and know about the opportunities to present in my field (for example, I am going to a conference in France this summer). But I agree with you, overwall to me, my MSW is easier than my BSW and I kinda hear a lot of people say the same thing around me.
  6. Also, I Wonder, how "expert" do I need to sound during my presentation? I feel like everyone at the conference will already know what I will be talking about but since it's an international conference and there will be people from different countries, maybe my assumption is wrong. I don't know if I should do a kind of "my topic 101" type of presentation...
  7. Adelaide9216

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

  8. Adelaide9216

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    For me, it's truly an entire stranger who did it. I went to the police station again today to report it. At least, I've lost zero money, the bank refunded me back right away.
  9. Adelaide9216

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I've submitted my lit review chapiter (1st chapter) of my MSW thesis to my supervisor and I am nervous to hear her comments on it.
  10. Adelaide9216

    If I knew then what I know now (Officially Grads version)

    Out of curiosity, your tips for succeeding at a comprehensive exam in the social sciences?
  11. Yes, and I think it is very common especially among people (women for instance) who tend to be over-achievers (which is usual in grad school in my opinion). You're not alone.
  12. Adelaide9216

    The Positivity Thread

    same things happens to me too! We're way too hard on ourselves, we need to be more confident about your abilities :) congrats!
  13. Adelaide9216

    How did you find TheGradCafe?

    I believe it was a Google search. Now I talk a lot about this forum to my peers at the master's level.
  14. Adelaide9216

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Someone had access to my bank account. So instead of doing all the work I was supposed to do today, I had to make a thousand phonecalls, go to the bank, bring my computer to clean it up and go to the police station. FML
  15. Adelaide9216

    University of Ottawa - Fall 2019

    Hello, anyone applying to UOttawa for Fall 2019?

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