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  1. Does anyone know what is the content of the LOR generic form ?
  2. Does anyone know when the contest opens this year ?
  3. You don't understand. I never said I wanted an happy person. I said I wanted someone that will make me happy. That means, that person might have struggles and imperfections but can still make me happy simply because I accept them as they are.
  4. I never said I wanted an happy person. I said I wanted someone who will make me happy. There's a difference here. If you have low standards, that's your problem to be honest.
  5. I just want to mention that I feel much much much better this Month. Other very positive things have happened in my life. 2020 has been a very intense year for both (positive and negative) but the positive is taking over).
  6. Yes, I have Black university professors in my community that I am asking for advice. I have coffee with one of them next week. On top of the emotional burden, I am overwhelmed by all kind of requests from well-meaning White people who want to become better allies. They all ask me to be part of their committee, for advice, to write articles, etc. All Black people I know who are in academia or are activists are dealing with this. It's very intense. I got an extra semester to complete my comprehensive exam. I think I will be okay.
  7. I am not dating anyone right now. I started this thread multiple years ago. I tend to disagree with you to a certain extent. Being confident, assertive, independant (and I am) AND wanting companionship are not two mutually exclusive things. Both can coexist within a person. If I was desperate, I would have dated anyone at just any cost. I do not and I never did. Which is why I have been single for so long. I have enough self-confidence to walk away if someone is being disrespectful towards me. And I had to do that on multiple occasions, unfortunately. I know you said this are just ge
  8. 1. My make-up good really good today (I did it myself!) 2- I cooked a great meat and cheese macaroni. 3. The weather outside was lovely. 4. I felt less anxious today.
  9. I am not waiting for men to ask me out. I do first steps too and am very comfortable doing so. There is always something that gets in the way, unfortunately. I am still single and will probably remain so. To be honest, I have given up. I don't want to do this anymore
  10. I signed my first ever book contract last week with a major publishing house.
  11. Yes, it would be my third time applying this year. But each time I have applied, I have made it more far in the process, and my application file is a lot more solid this time around, so I will be applying again. I'm a second year PhD student.
  12. I got the formal letter. If anyone wants to connect, I'd love to.
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