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  1. Yes! I also forgot to mention that I had contacted past one past recipient of the award in my field and she helped me so much with my application. She was a stranger, but she took the time to call me and to revise multiple versions of my application when I did not even ask it (I was just asking for basic advice). I don’t think I would’ve got the award without her. People are often more than happy to help in these circumstances so don’t hesitate to ask for help. also begin working on your application early. I was a bit intense, I began working on my application 8 months before the deadline because I was applying as a masters student. I knew I had to work and think harder to produce something that would make sense. But I felt in my core that I had the potential to get this award which is why I invested so much time and energy into my application. And I did get the award in the end. you don’t have to start 8 months early, but start early and commit to it. Especially if you have people telling you you’d be a good fit for this award.
  2. 1. I got a perfect grade for my last oral presentation and paper. It gives me motivation to finish the last paper of this term. I've also made a lot of progress today on that paper, so I am happy about that.
  3. I hate that these scholarships create these types of feelings within people. We all do hard work, and we all should get the money we need to study and produce research. I reiterate that you should re-apply next year. It's happened to me multiple times to win fellowships/awards the third or second time I tried. And if I did not get it the first time, it's an opportunity to strengthen my application for next time (which can be a blessing in disguise). And it's happened to be multiple times to think I wouldn't get a scholarship, and to be positively surprised. You must never let your insecurities get in the way of at least trying. If a door is open for you to try, then try. Try as long as you're eligible/allowed to do it. That's literally my mantra. I hate when people close doors for themselves out of insecurity. Try, ask for advice, or support, etc. But try, because you literally never know. But to be honest, I often feel embarassed that my entire departement knows I got this scholarship (because it's public and announced everywhere) while I know many students who are struggling financially. I don't feel comfortable with that. I don't feel more "deserving" or any other student. Some people in my departement have dependents, or are taking care of older parents, or whatever, and I just don't feel like this system is fair and it creates this sense of competition that I don't feel comfortable with. Academia can be so toxic sometimes with these things. I just don't sit comfortably with that, and it seems like "it's the game", and that's the way it is and I don't know how we could change that from the inside. Anyways. I also barely made the cut when I got the award, but I think it is because I am a first year PhD student, so I did not really care about my ranking. I did not have any academic publications, but I had a lot of other things to compensate for that I guess. But if I had apply at another year, maybe I wouldn't have got the award. Who knows. Yes, there are criteria and stuff, but it depends on who is evaluating and the applicant pool from one year to another.
  4. - I've advanced to the next stage of the fellowship I have applied to! Got the news today! - I finished one assignment for this term. I've got one left! - I managed to do a couple of hours of work on my research assistantship. - I was able to figure a plan out for my last assignement and I'm happy to have written 500 words when I did not know where to begin at all. Now 6500 words left! Haha
  5. Conferences organizing are not enough For leadership. (Vanier recipient from last year speaking). You need to have an impact outside of academia to score highly on that criteria. And it’s a critical one. Conference organizing would help you on the research potential score. you don’t have to re-invent the world, I did not and I did not start my own company or anything like that. But I was involved in my community for a decade and in different significant leadership projects. i recommend looking at their criteria and the example given on the Vanier website, it gives an idea of what they’re looking for in terms of leadership criteria.
  6. You were so close!!! Try again next year. It all depends on the pool of applicants from one year to another!
  7. Yes, last year, I had my scores and ranking in my letter.
  8. I am aiming for three. There are different components to my doctoral thesis project, that I could easily split into three different articles.
  9. Last year, they send me an email inviting me to look at my results in the portal (ResearchNet). But the results weren't in the email, you really had to log in into the portal to see them. I received my answer on the first Monday of April in the afternoon (around 3pm) last year.
  10. What do you mean you got grilled in your area of work and why you wanted the scholarship? Better luck next year, we'll try again!
  11. I started meditating two weeks ago, and I am surprised about how much it has helped me. Every day, around 8pm, I take 30 minutes to reflect on how I feel, why I feel the way I do, and I meditate and do vizualization exercices with an app. My mental state has changed in the space of a couple of days. I'm quite impressed.
  12. I had received the email in the afternoon last year.
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