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  1. I just want to mention that I feel much much much better this Month. Other very positive things have happened in my life. 2020 has been a very intense year for both (positive and negative) but the positive is taking over).
  2. Yes, I have Black university professors in my community that I am asking for advice. I have coffee with one of them next week. On top of the emotional burden, I am overwhelmed by all kind of requests from well-meaning White people who want to become better allies. They all ask me to be part of their committee, for advice, to write articles, etc. All Black people I know who are in academia or are activists are dealing with this. It's very intense. I got an extra semester to complete my comprehensive exam. I think I will be okay.
  3. I am not dating anyone right now. I started this thread multiple years ago. I tend to disagree with you to a certain extent. Being confident, assertive, independant (and I am) AND wanting companionship are not two mutually exclusive things. Both can coexist within a person. If I was desperate, I would have dated anyone at just any cost. I do not and I never did. Which is why I have been single for so long. I have enough self-confidence to walk away if someone is being disrespectful towards me. And I had to do that on multiple occasions, unfortunately. I know you said this are just ge
  4. 1. My make-up good really good today (I did it myself!) 2- I cooked a great meat and cheese macaroni. 3. The weather outside was lovely. 4. I felt less anxious today.
  5. I am not waiting for men to ask me out. I do first steps too and am very comfortable doing so. There is always something that gets in the way, unfortunately. I am still single and will probably remain so. To be honest, I have given up. I don't want to do this anymore
  6. I signed my first ever book contract last week with a major publishing house.
  7. Yes, it would be my third time applying this year. But each time I have applied, I have made it more far in the process, and my application file is a lot more solid this time around, so I will be applying again. I'm a second year PhD student.
  8. I got the formal letter. If anyone wants to connect, I'd love to.
  9. I know there is still time, but I am doing a VRS opportunity in the United States in September 2021. Really scared that it may not happen if the pandemic is not under control in Canada and the US by then.
  10. Yes. This. And most of the time, they've never been convicted for it. Sexual violence is almost entirely decriminalized in America/Canada when you look at the numbers. The people who are actually dangereous are not always the ones most people would think of !
  11. It depends on the type of crime, the circumstances and my general feeling around the person. Otherwise, I don't care. Unless there's an immediate/direct threat to people's safety, it's none of my business.
  12. Actually, I did not fail. I used the wrong term because at the time, I felt like I had failed. I was told that I had major revisions basically. If I did not address those revisions the second time around, then I would have failed for real. It felt like I had failed because I am a type A student. Even now, for my doctoral coursework, I only got A+ in all four of my courses. I do realize now that there were a lot of external factors to me as to why that happened. Someone could fail their dissertation if they don't do the work or if it the person doesn't show enough critical thinking
  13. I am currently working on my application. Anyone else?
  14. Hello, is anyone here applying for the Trudeau Scholarship this year for 2021-2024?
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