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  1. Hello, out of curiosity, what are the professors at the School of Social Work at Columbia who specializes in sexual violence against women?
  2. Hello, I am unsure that anyone here will be able to help, is it possible for you to discuss that with your advisor?
  3. My orientation is on early September! I’ll dress casual and bring notebook and pen
  4. any resources or tips for doctoral exams ? (comprehensive exam)?
  5. We should have a Discord chat room for PhD social work students!
  6. I actually thanked the examiner in my acknowledgements! My thesis is much stronger in terms of quality now and I am proud of my work.
  7. THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT! I learned a lot from this experience even if it was difficult and I will be able to carry that knowledge on to my PhD studies
  9. Still no news. I'm waiting until 4:30pm today and tomorrow, my supervisor and I will be contacting the ombudsman, the dean, etc. I am eating ice cream to deal with the stress lol
  10. I completed the first draft of another op-ed. Yay! Plus I submitted one paper for scientific publication this week.
  11. It’s not the university, it’s the examiner! She s external to my university. The university has sent her multiple emails too. yes there is an ombudsperson, I will email them as well.
  12. I really hope the examiner submitted her report yesterday, and my university will see it on Monday. that's my hope. If on Monday I still get no news, I will do what you've just said. But I've already sent multiple emails to the departement, even sent to them a recommended letter by mail to stress on the importance of the situation. I cannot contact the examiner directly (conflict of interest). The university has also contacted the examiner multiple times in order for her to submit it on time. It's on the examiner's side. My family and I are considering going further than that (they're liable like you've said) if my lose my admission offer and scholarship because of the examiner. I am advocating for myself, but there's not much I can do at the moment. I will let monday come and if by the end of the day, I get no news, I am emailing the Dean.
  13. I actually don’t have until the end of the month. I have to submit the Final version of my thesis by Aug. 15 in order to graduate on time.
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