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  1. Love, Academia and Success

    I also want to add that I am constantly socializing. Really. I am involved in many different projects and I meet new people all. the. time. Yet, nobody seems interested in me. Or if it is the case, they are already involved in another relationship. I feel so discouraged. I feel trapped because I have seriously tried everything.
  2. What would you have done?

    You know, I've experienced severe depression as a child and teenager. Now that I am an adult, I'm a striver. Whenever I want to do something, I just do it because I've realized that life is really short and that I may not have the opportunity to do the things I want to do in the future. I don't take my current state for granted. So I try to do things that make me happy. It's the biggest lesson I've learned from the most difficult experience of my life and I am grateful for that. Life is short. Inevitably, I get noticed for the things I do. It's okay, I want to spread hope. But I always try to put forward that I have struggled and that I am no superhuman. I don't want people to think that my life is perfect. I don't want people to be envious or feel bad because they can't do the things I do. I don't want them to compare themselves to me. Everyone is unique and that's okay. I'm very open about the mental health issues I still continue to live with. But some people still seem to feel insecure around me while I don't want to be seen as "different" or "better" than anyone else. My classmates seem to be intimidated by who I am, so I always push myself to be open about my insecurities and my past so people can feel that I am just like them. But it doesn't always work. People tell me regularly that they envy me or that they've heard of other people being envious of me and I just hate to hear that. I hate when people say that I am a "star" because I feel like it creates a distance or a wall between me and everyone else. Just because I do talks and media interviews every once in a while, doesn't mean that I am "better" than anyone else. I'm just like everyone. And I have insecurities too. That's why I empathize with this woman even though I feel that she wants to make me feel guilty for simply being who I am.
  3. FRQSC (Quebec) 2018/2019

    I can't believe that we will hear back from them only in April. Wow.
  4. What if SOP research interests change later on??

    I agree. It's expected that your subject may change along the way. There is nothing wrong with that. It may actually show that you're flexible, thinking about what's being done out there and adapting to it all. But if you stay with the same research topic, there's nothing wrong with that too.
  5. What would you have done?

    I also find her childish. Especially considering the fact that she appears to be much older than I am. But at the same time, I empathize with her. But I think I won't respond to her. Best option.
  6. Hello, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this online forum. There is a very high quality of information in here and people are very friendly, helpful and open. Amazing resource. I often feel alone as a graduate student and I feel like I could be friends with many of you. I often tell my classmates about this forum as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge regarding graduate school.
  7. What would you have done?

    I have actually never met her in person. I don't consider her as a friend. She used to be someone who was following my work and some of the stuff I do. A few months ago, she got upset with me because I did not like her FB page back. That's what I find strange. I never know what to do when I get messages from people who are visibly distressed. I already talk a lot about trauma at school and in other parts of my life, and I feel like I don't want to deal with it on FB as well.
  8. SSRC 2018

    Oh I see. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. What would you have done?

    Someone on social media wrote me a private FB message saying that she basically doesn't want to hear anymore from me because I am "shining too bright". She wants more "low-profile" people around her because she feels like a failure since she feels like she can't achieve the things I have achieved in my life. It wasn't a mean message, more a sad one. I literally do not know what to say or even if I should respond to this. I know it has nothing to do with me at the end of the day and it's mostly due to her own fears and insecurities (and I totally empathize with that). I'm not here to please everyone anyway. But it's just very sad. What would you have done in that case? For now, I think I won't respond..
  10. Love, Academia and Success

    I am definitely open to dating out. I've noticed, over the years, that when men of other backgrounds come toward me, it is to have an "exotic experience" and not to have me as a real partner in a real relationship. I've had men that I had disclosed the feelings I had for them responding back to me saying things like "you're really beautiful and I would like to see how it feels like to fuck a black girl" basically. Or, I've been rejected by white men who had romantic feelings towards me but were afraid of what other people would think of us. One of them is someone I loved for four years. He's now married and has a kid with a white girl. That's why I feel kinda depressed over this because it has happened to me through my entire life. I feel like there's no escape one way or the other. I also tried dating websites. For the last four years. I can't count the number of dates I had, and I've encountered these situations a lot or I just wouldn't feel like it could work so I gave up entirely on trying that. I also tried in the last six-seven months to not attempt anything at all to find a partner, in the hopes that someone would come towards me. Nobody came towards me. I feel like people are literally afraid of me. But I am a very nice person and I am well appreciated in my community. But for romantic stuff, I NEVER have boys asking me out, it's always me doing the first steps. I just don't know what to do anymore. I try to focus on school and work otherwise, I'll just keep thinking about how terrified I am of never having children and have a family. (and having a family is not even something I mention when I date because I don't want to put pressure). I just feel like I am doomed in this aspect. I truly find this very difficult to accept and to deal with. Makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. People tell me that it isn't the case though. But I don't know what to do. I just wish I knew how it felt like to love someone who loves me back.
  11. How to produce an annotated bibliography

    wow, that's amazing! Thank you so much!!!!
  12. Love, Academia and Success

    It's not worth it if you're never experiencing the positive aspects of it.
  13. Love, Academia and Success

    It,s not reciprocal. Just like I had assumed. I hate this. I hate being in love, everytime it just destroys my whole spirit
  14. Love, Academia and Success

    I just told a man with whom I've been friends for the last four years that I have feelings for him. I haven't gotten his answer back, but I'm sure it won't be the one I am hoping for. I'm so ridiculous, I don't even know why I put myself through this, everytime it's the same negative result no matter who I declare myself to. I'm sure this is going to ruin our friendship, on top of it. I'm an idiot. I hate this
  15. popular things you hate

    I am on Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with it. But I get somewhat anxious every time I post a more political or personal post. I have more than a 1000 friends on FB and I always feel stupid almost when I post something and only a small number of people likes it or shares it. How silly is that?