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  1. It's reading week, I did nothing in terms of school-work and RAship, so I feel guilty.
  2. Still single. I enjoy spending time on my own though, I just wish I had a partner as well.
  3. November 15th, 2019 is the launch date of the contest, just saw it on the website.
  4. Hopefully on Monday (last day of September). We'll see. Who's applying?
  5. My department decided to nominate me for a convocation leadership award !
  6. I'm feeling a little blue, anxious and lonely today.
  7. I read electronically. Otherwise, with the number of articles and papers I have to read, it would easily become non-manageable and non-effective (at least for me).
  8. Good to know! I did not know about Google Scholar alerts. thanks!
  9. There's a larger Discord chatroom for Graduate Students that I found through Reddit. Here's the link, it's very active, there are virtual writing sessions in it as well.
  10. I'm so sorry this happened to you. :(
  11. Almost a month since I moved for my PhD studies, and all I can say is that I am really happy and enjoying it so far.
  12. Hello, I have a membership with ToC Journals alerts. However, I don't get that many emails... is there a way to have journal articles alerts specific to our area of research with SAGE Publications for instance (or other major publications websites for scientific articles)?
  13. Any news? It appears the contest has not opened yet...
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