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  1. The Positivity Thread

    Managed to spend the last two days without feeling too depressed. Today is a good day.
  2. The Positivity Thread

    I finished my readings for the day! And I am going to take part in a really cool project tomorrow morning with a group of young girls who are working on leadership of WOC.
  3. Love, Academia and Success

    I agree and that's already an option for me.
  4. The Positivity Thread

    I learned that I am going to do an intervention on tv at the end of this month on mental health and mental illness. I'm a bit nervous but excited at the same time.
  5. Love, Academia and Success

    I've been talking more consistently with 3 men but haven't had a date with any of them yet.
  6. Managing anxiety of students

    Hello, I was speaking with a professor a few days ago, and she mentionned that her undergraduate students are more anxious than ever before, especially when it comes to grades. Like she said that 5 years before now, it wasn't as bad. How as a TA do you manage students who appear to be wayyy to anxious about their grades? And is this something that you've noticed yourselves as TAs in your students?
  7. The Positivity Thread

    I am drinking a chai latte with honey. Hmmmm.
  8. The Positivity Thread

    I learned this week that I am going to be featured in a book. I went window-shopping for glasses with my sister and my mother today. I am happy to be back to school this week.
  9. Is it realistic?

    If you read above, I said that I just got confused because IRB isn't called IRB in my uni. Yes, I will do Ethics and had planned to do so all along. Thank you.
  10. Is it realistic?

    We planned one hour to one hour and a half, one interview per participant. I will be using a qualitative phemenological approach to inquiry hence why we plan on having approximately 10 participants (but it all depends when information will be saturated but it will be around 10).
  11. Is it realistic?

    I now remember why I don't like Internet forums. I am never able to be fully understood + the language barrier makes it worse. And it's true that most of you are commenting without having the full picture. I shouldn't have asked it here.
  12. Is it realistic?

    I am just asking if it's realistic to do it in the time frame that I am planning myself to do (which is 2 years full-time or 4 semesters full-time). Maybe I shouldn't have asked the question here, because you guys are asking me questions about steps that I have already figured out with my advisor since last year. I'm sorry for the confusion and making you all waste your time. I don't want to explain my entire research proposal here, but it's all already been figured out (the methods of recruitement, the framework, the methodology, the software I am going to use for transcribing and analyzing data, etc are elements that I know already).
  13. Is it realistic?

    I thought that you meant something else by IRB. Yes, I have to do Ethics Board of course. (sorry, I am a francophone so I don't know how these boards are called in English all the time and depending on the country). For all of your follow-up questions, I have the answers to all of those. It's already been thought out and discussed with my advisor. I have applied for SSHRC last year (and got funded for the first year of my program) and FRSQC, (for next year, am waiting for the answer) so my research proposal is pretty solid and clear (but still flexible and workable for a qualitative study).
  14. Is it realistic?

    I also ask my advisor. I speak regularly with her, but I like having other perspectives too and using this forum as well.
  15. Is it realistic?

    Makes sense. I don't mind graduating one extra semester than what I orginally thought. Thanks for your input and perspective. Really appreciated!