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  1. Reply from UCLA Biostats ... hate the waiting game... You will receive and email with official notification of our decision on your UCLA Biostat application from UCLA Graduate Division once the review of your application is complete.
  2. Has anyone started to call to ask about their admission status? Is it the appropriate time yet? I am just calling the administrative assistant of the department, I guess it wouldn't really affect my application right?
  3. First off, congratulations to your acceptance! Based on what you wrote, I would say that BU is a better choice. Search up the names of the professors and see where they come from, their reputation and their research. Also having a degree in BU and a professional network in Boston is much more advantageous because Boston has A LOT of consulting companies AND also a lot of large hospitals and research center that allows you to do biostatistical research if you want to.
  4. Did anyone hear from UCLA's Biostats PhD program? They seem to be very quiet this year and not many international students reported the results either...
  5. Does anyone know if UCLA has sent out offers/waitlist/rejections for Biostats PhD yet? As for the other schools, is it too early to email to ask them about admission status or if you got onto the waitlists?
  6. Did you only apply to top tier schools? I would say you still have 90% chance to get into at least one school in the month of February.
  7. For me it looks like my recommendation letter, past research experience and personal statement that stood out I suppose. My GRE Q score was low, grades were pretty good, and no grad courses done.
  8. Sorry I should have been more clear. I think the wave is just those who got off the waitlist. Our department is relative small (though increasing), but they might have sent out most of their offers in one go (late Jan / early Feb). Last year, I was one of the 35 accepted students out of over 400 applicants.
  9. If your fall grades are impressive, sure do! Otherwise, it's better not to.
  10. I heard that they were Master's students. I am sure that is not the official visit, the official visit day is usually late February, which was mine last year. Your chances are decreasing but believe in yourself! Let me know how it goes, or PM me when you have a result!
  11. I also saw a few acceptances to Harvard Biostats. I am starting to sweat XD Past years looks like rejections are sent out right after acceptance. But then there also seems to be a short second wave of acceptance and rejections in early March.
  12. Yes they have. Some have even visited our department this past Thursday.
  13. I am an international student from Canada and I am very curious about the international admission updates, since most of the people here are domestic applicants. I remember seeing a link to the Chinese forum last year, could someone link me there? Thanks in advance!
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