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  1. Thanks, that's helpful. I'm not sure why I did so poorly on the quantitative section of the GRE, so hopefully I'll be able to improve it a decent amount when I take it again in August. Since I will just be starting my Theory of Analysis class by the time applications are due, do you think that will affect my application, or will they basically assume I will perform well based on past performance in other classes? I'm guessing it's something I should probably just address in my SoP's.
  2. Thanks for your reply! That makes sense. However, I will be applying to programs at the same time that I'll be taking my analysis course. Do you think that would be a big deal when it comes to admissions? Also, I have looked into some biostatistics programs but not much. I'll be sure to do some more research on those. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. I will be a senior this upcoming semester and am trying to finalize where I will apply (and where I have a decent chance of getting accepted) for Stats PhD programs (open possibly to Biostats as well). I'm mostly interested in doing research in bayesian statistics / machine learning, but that could change. Thanks for your input! Undergrad Institution: mid-sized private school (~ top 100 math department) Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Math GPA: Current 4.0 Type of Student: Domestic male GRE General Test: Q:160 (I'm retaking the GRE in August to hopefully get around the 165+ range) V: 157 W: 5.0 Applying to: Statistics PhD Research Experience: will be doing research beginning in a week with a Stats professor using bayesian methods, working with environmental data. Will continue doing research for the remainder of my undergrad education. Letters of Recommendation: Nobody super well known, but 2 strong ones (1 from research I'll be doing with him) and 1 decent one Math/Statistics Grades: Calc 1-2 (A), Probability and Inference 1 (A), Probability and Inference 2 (A), Regression (A), Intro & Applied R Programming (A), SAS programming (A), Linear Algebra (A), Linux/Unix Shell programming (A), Intro to Python (A), Analysis of Variance (A), Planning on taking: Calc 3 (taking this summer, should get an A), Fundamentals of Mathematics(proofs, taking this fall), Theory of Analysis 1 (taking after this upcoming semester), Bayesian Statistics (this fall), Data science methods (this fall) Planning on Applying to: Texas A&M (I'm probably reaching for this one), University of Missouri, University of Georgia, Florida State University, Arizona State University What are my chances of getting into some of these schools, and what are some other schools I should look at? Thanks for your help!
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