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  1. Just wondering if people have any particular insight into how good this programme is. In particular I'm curious as to how being part of the business school affects it (as opposed to the graduate school of arts and sciences or similar like most universities).
  2. There's been so few posts it's quite hard to say. 3 interviews late january, one rejection 4th february and 3 acceptances last week really isn't much to extrapolate on given how many people will apply (and presumably a lot of the applicants use gradcafe going by other universities' results).
  3. As the deadline for Columbia Stats PhD was a lot later than many other universities (14th January) should we expect them to be much later in deciding?
  4. I definitely don't think a Canadian or European masters would be seen as a step down. America has a lot of the top ranked universities, but a high ranking one in France should be seen as just as good as a similarly ranked one in the States. For example, Université PSL and the Sorbonne are both ranked in the top 30 in the world for maths, and in the top 40 for stats by QS. A masters at either of these would certainly not be seen as a weakness, especially since they are all taught through French. One thing to note is a separate Statistics department is less common in France, so most of the rel
  5. No prob haha we're all a bit anxious. If you do end up emailing let me know what they say!
  6. @Lilly187 I imagine they give a few offers to their top candidates first, and see how many of those accept before they give more offers. Given how many people are applying to grad school this year and how funding might be lower, they are probably being careful to not end up with too many students. My best guess is it's not a great sign to not hear anything yet as it means I wasn't one of their very top candidates, but it's not terrible either - I haven't been rejected yet, so holding out hope. A graduate admissions committee member did an AMA on reddit a few weeks ago and he said for PhD
  7. Anyone know anything about the posters saying they have interviews for Harvard Stats PhD? Results from previous years never mention interviews.
  8. Yeah I would agree with the previous poster, as long as you don't massively screw things up you should be very competitive for any top PhD programme.
  9. If you can take real analysis earlier that'd be great, but I wouldn't delay applying - as long as you're taking it while you apply, it will appear on your transcript. You may as well give it a go and apply for fall 22, and if it doesn't work out you can still apply for fall 23. This being said, if you do get the option to take real analysis in the spring or summer that would be advisable.
  10. Not sure how important it is for final decisions but if you name a specific faculty member, that person can decide to interview you informally even if there isn't a formal interview from the admissions committee
  11. Do you mind sharing which subfield you are interested in researching?
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